Paul Fletcher won shells and a tri-pod, Ken Watts won shells and a $50 gift certificate,  Al Andersen won shells and a $50 gift certificate, John Bordas won shells and a $50 gift certificate.  The second group started with a $200 certificate from Burns to Ron Smith, Mike Briggs received an oil change, shells and a $50 certificate, 3 $50 certificates went to James Dugger, Ken Pescod won a $200 certificate, Greg Bova got shells, a $50 certificate and an oil change, Wayne Scott won a $150 certificate from Village, Wendall Hildebrandt claimed the third $200 certificate from Burns, while Larry Murphy got a $50 certificate, oil change and shells, the final $150 certificate went to Chuck (Chuckles) Knox and finally the last $200 certificate went to Ron Miranda. 




Top row (left to right) Chuck Knox, Greg Bova, James Dugger, Pail Fletcher, Ken Pescod. Second row (left to right) Ken Watts, Mike Briggs, Ron Miranda. Ron Smith, Wayne Scott. Last row Wendall Hildebrandt. Not pictured yet are Al Anderson, John Bordas, and Larry Murphy.