HAWKS Mission is; support the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution, promote the policies and programs of the National Rifle Association Inc., educate the citizens of East Texas on laws, regulations and responsibilities of gun ownership and promote youth and adult education in firearm safety, assist local law enforcement in any way possible, create community involvement by hosting functions related to gun ownership, finally, support the Winnsboro Gun Club and create camaraderie with fellow members.



To Become a Member of HAWKS You Must

Be a current member in good standing of the NRA

Have a current Texas Handgun License or from a state with Riciprocity with Texas (not required for Law Enforcement)

You must be recommended or sponsored by a current member of HAWKS

You must furnish a signed HAWKS membership application

Our official mailing address is HAWKS, P.O.Box 1032, Winnsboro, TX. 75494. 


Who are the HAWKS?

HAWKS is a recruiter for and a strong supporter of the National Rifle Association.  We believe that without the NRA we would not have the rights of law abiding citizens, to own and carry a firearm, which we now enjoy.  Being a recruiter for the NRA, members of HAWKS receive a reduced rate of $30.00 (one year membership) to join the NRA, which, affords a rebate to the HAWKS Gun Club of East Texas.

We have a business meeting  on the first Thursday evening of every month, starting at 5:30 pm. in the community room at the Pine Street Baptist Church, 611 W Pine St, Winnsboro, TX 75494. We schedule a 30 to 40 minute presentation at each meeting lending to interests of the club members, including members of law enforcement, fire arms experts, members of the judicial system and various civic groups.  In addition, members vote on issues that come before the membership.  Complimentary refreshments are provided during the meeting.  Guests and prospective members are always welcome. Organization activities include range shoots, tactical instructions, tournaments, with emphasis on gun safety.  We enjoy poker nights, gun shows, an annual awards banquet, fishing tournaments.  Our responsibility to the community includes “eyes and ears” supporting local police departments for downtown events, helping with community projects such as assisting with the Winnsboro Animal Shelter.  A senior student is awarded a scholarship presented to the school of his or her choice to be used for assistance with their higher education, and we co-host several youth rim fire events and firearm safety education.

How HAWKS function

Our yearly dues are $36.00, payable in August of each year, with the amount pro-rata if application is made after September 1st.  Our club receives a rebate from the NRA for each new member and renewal submitted through us, in addition we have promotional shirts we sell at events, however, the lion’s share of our revenue is attained through three gun raffles every year, promoting very high quality guns. For a description of the guns and pictures please see the home page. The money derived from the raffle goes 100% to support our our scholarship fund.  We, also, accept donations which are applied directly to our charitable functions.  As the club grows, additional charities may be added to our list of benefactors.


The elected Board of Directors recommends you consult the Website often, as it contains information vital to the daily function of the club. 


Since the requirements to qualify for a Texas LTC is constantly in a state of flux, we encourage you to go to the Texas Department of Public Safety website for current regulations and requirements.   htt://www.txdps.state.tx.us/. You will need to fill out an application for a LTC for the State of Texas, and submit it with a credit card payment for $40.00.    APPLICANTS MUST APPLY ON LINE AT THE TEXAS DEPARTMENT FO PUBLIC SAFETY WEBSITE, listed above.

 Please read the Texas License to Carry Laws and the FAQs on the site to ensure your eligibility prior to applying.  Instructors can no longer furnish applications to students.  All original applicants are required to submit fingerprints to TXDPS as part of the complete LTC application.  Fingerprints may be obtained, after the application is paid forand appointment is made.

 Note:  The firearm you use to qualify with, on the range may be any caliber. The Proficiency Demonstration with a handgun consists of shooting fifty (50) rounds of ammunition at a B-27 silhouette target at three (3) yards, seven (7) yards and fifteen (15) yards. 



HAWKS SAFETY RULES —   Always follow the rules of the range you are using.

  • NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES are allowed on any range Property.  You should not enter a range after drinking or taking drugs that may impair your safe handling of firearms.
  • Firing of fully automatic or Class III weapons are prohibited.
  • GENERAL GUN SAFETY;  Be aware of what others are doing and where they are. 
  • Do NOT go forward of the firing line until it  is safe and everyone acknowledges that it is safe.


  • Eye and ear protection is mandatory on all ranges for all shooters, range officials and spectators when shooting is in progress.
  • Do not shoot bottles, cans or any breakable targets on any range.  Do not shoot any range equipment.
  • All ranges are under the control of the Range Master.  This includes the firing line position and cease-fire breaks.  The first shooter on the range is the default Range Master if no club designated Range Master is present.
  • Make sure that the range you wish to use is safe.  Any unsafe condition must be reported to a Range Master.
  • The muzzle of all rifles and handguns must remain parallel to the ground at all times while loading or shooting.  We do not want any possibility of a projectile leaving the range porperty.
  • If a gun doesn’t shoot when you pull trigger, keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction, wait 30 seconds in case of delayed firing, and then unload the gun, carefully.  If you need assistance hold up your free arm while facing down range to ask the range officer for help, while keeping your firearm pointed DOWN RANGE.
  • Accidential  discharge, dropping a firearm, not keeping the gun pointed down range, failure to remove the trigger finger from the trigger guard except when actually firing at a  target, shooter covering himself or others during gun handling and elevating the muzzle above the berms are concerned SERIOUS shooter errors and are violations of range rules.


  • Most ranges operate as a “cold range” at all times;  That means all firearms must be empty, have any magazines removed, and have the action open at all times, except on the firing line.
  • Licensed Concealed Carry firearms excepted as long as they remain concealed.
  • Long guns may be transported cased or uncased with action open and any magazine removed.  Handguns may only be transported via holster with magazine out and the hammer down, or in a shooter’s bag, box, pistol rug or carrying case anywhere on range property.
  • Handguns may NOT be carried exposed in your hand except on the firing line.  During matches or special shooting events, firearm handling or loading may begin only upon instruction from the Range Officer.



RANGE SPECIFIC RULES:  Observe the proper commands for the range.  If you need to go down range request that the Range Master (RM) issue a “cease fire” command when most of the shooters are at a convenient time to stop shooting.  Upon the RM’s determination that all firearms are safe and secure the RM will issue the command “All shooters stand up, move back behind the Shooting Line”.  Only when everyone is behind the line will the command “CLEAR TO GO DOWN RANGE” will be issued.  Do not handle firearms while anyone is  down range.  Do not evern approach the shooting bench while people are down range.

Do not make inappropriate comments about shooting or guns while someone is down range.  When everyone has returned to the line, the Range Master will ask “IS EVERYONE BACK?”  If so, the Range Master will issue a “CLEAR TO FIRE”! before any handling of firearms.

Rapid fire automatic weapons are not allowed on most ranges to protect target frames and to reduce the chance of a projectile leaving the property.  An exception to the rapid fire limitation is granted only to a scheduled organized event, such as a class, AND if all shooting is under the direction of an instructor or event Range Master.

Spectators must remain behind shooting stations at all times.

FIREAREM MALFUNCTION  In the event of any unsafe condition, CEASE FIRING IMMEDIATELY!!!  Examples of unsafe firearm malfunctions:  Hammer follows slide to battery.  Firearm fires more than once for each trigger pull of the trigger.  Revolver excessive lead spitting.  Any mechanical malfunctions of a gun.  Do Not use the firearm again until it has been repaired and returned to a safe condition.

DANGEROUS AMMUNITION  Ammunition ruled unsafe by a Range Officer should not be fired.  This will include excessive pressure, split cases, rejected jams, and squib rounds that fail to exit the muzzle.  Bullets that are stuck in the barrel must be removed under the supervision of a Range Officer or Match Director (if during a match), otherwise, in a safe  area and direction so as not to endanger others.  The use of any ammunition that damages match equipment is prohibited.

Any shooter noticing a safety violation must, politely, inform the individual of the rule being violated and ask them to conform to safety rules.  If a serious violation, the Range Officer should be notified of the name.  If the violator continues to disobey posted safety rules, a member may make a complaint to the Board for appropriate penalties.  Penalties may include  loss of range  privileges or expulsion form Club membership.  Enforcement authority and responsibility are assigned to the Board of Directors.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS  The club is governed by a Board of Directors which has the authority to add, amend or modify any of these rules.  Notice of rule changes will be disseminated for each member’s acknowledgement.  Any questions regarding Club rules or any unsafe conditions of the range should be brought to the attention of the Board.