November, 2013

I Have a Problem…No, it’s not my weight, not my hip, not my face  t’s discussing our financial position in front of God and everybody. Let me explain… We, the directors, decided to pull our financial and roster page from the newsletter and website for privacy, safety and none-of-anybody’s-other-than-ours business reasons. And yet we ask Dave “the financial wizard” to bear his and the club’s financial soul in front of guests, people seeking monetary assistance, and maybe the cleaning lady just passing by.   My concern is that since we understand people love to talk, especially about other people, what would keep someone seeking assistance from telling her best friend and someone else needing assistance, “oh, send a request to the HAWKS, they have money to give away, I know, they gave their financial position out at their last meeting which I attended”. Get the picture?

God, I hate to think of having a meeting and not having Dave up there with his magnanimous personality up there popping one quip after another.

November Business Meeting

We arrived at the bank to find no electricity, no lights, no heat, no meeting. While standing out front deciding to activate plan “B” Dave pulled up and the lights went on, “no harm, no foul”.

Wayne opened the meeting in normal fashion, welcoming members and guests, including Lavonna Hitz, Glenna Andersen, Roger Farr, Gordon Cooper, David Isbell and Ruben Purcell and a gentleman from Mt. Vernon who was a WWII vet. whose name I did not get. He then moved into the concerns for our shut-ins with the disturbing news that one of our favorites, Hardy Hamm has been diagnosed with an aneurism on the brain. All of the concerns have been added to the “Prayer Page”.

Wayne finally read a thank you note from Lavonnia Hitz for our contribution to finish the flooring in the Mercy Mansion which will house two recovering women.

Dave was next to update the members on our financial condition and before Dave was permitted to sit down, Doug Grantham presented the club, through Dave, with a check for $1,000 for our involvement and assistance in the gun shows, this year.

Ron was next and promised to be brief so everyone could get home to see the Oregon vs. Stanford game…he lied. After honoring the request NOT to read the previous month’s minutes he brought the opportunity to serve the Winnsboro Animal Shelter and fulfill on a promise we had made a year ago. It was brought to our attention that ALCO had 10 x 10.5 dog runs on sale for $189 and after a few comments from Ron Smith, chairman of the committee to run the project and guest Ruben Purcell Animal Control Officer, a motion by Paul Bennett, seconded by Paul Fletcher that the club add an additional $456 to the already proposed $300 and purchase 4 of the runs for the shelter. The vote was called for and passed by all members present. Ron then explained the Main St. project of “Christmas Walk” to be constructed in the old Red Neck Ranch building and after asking for any memorabilia that could be used as tree decorations pertaining to guns, badges, veterans, law enforcement, and the 2nd. Amendment or HAWKS organization to decorate a Christmas tree that was donated by Ron and Denise along with lights. Finally, Ron announced George Brown was completely responsible for maintaining “Classifieds”, Business Cards and now “Freebies and Links” pages on the website. Please visit these pages often for sales, opportunities and promotions. We are still planning to have our Christmas Party in the HAWKS’ meeting room on Thursday, December 5th at the usual meeting time, including wives and we are asking the members to bring a finger snack or desert.

The Charities Report was given by Wayne as Ken was out of town and reported that all monies for scholarships had been given. Dave then reported that we still had a surplus in the scholarship fund and a new gun raffle was started. Until we voted to commit another amount there would be no scholarship fund in 2014. Bob Williams, immediately moved we commit $4500 be earmarked for scholarships in 2014 and that figure could be moved up or down depending on need and availability, Scott Riddle seconded the motion and the vote was unanimous in favor.

Doug Grantham had pressing business and had to excuse himself, so Wayne gave the group the date for the Spring and Fall Gun Shows in Winnsboro, which will be in March and September, dates are on the website calendar. The only thing left to do was to introduce our evening’s speaker, which Ken Schwab did, admirably.

Gordon Cooper, a member of Texas Law Shield, a Houston based pro-gun law firm that handles ONLY firearm related conflicts where Law Enforcement is involved. Gordon gave us an in depth accounting of situations where law abiding citizens “must shoot” and a few where they may shoot, however, the court will decide if deadly force was necessary. This is an area where discretion must be invoked.   After the presentation Gordon fielded questions, which were many and well taken and even took time to touch on our proposed VOP program with the police, advising we move with caution on the program.

Wayne summed up the meeting by announcing that we are waiting on the blessing from the City Attorney and the City Manager has been contacted and asked to follow up on this.

Note: I just spoke with Nina and to date we have had no response from the City Attorney, however, she said she would contact him and report any progress to us.

Note: As of the writing four dog runs have been purchased and delivered to the shelter for assembly. Ruben will be on vacation next week and said he will arrange to have community service workers or the clients there as soon as he returns to start assembly.

A big “Thank you” goes out to Ron Smith, yes, the other Ron, for taking the bull by the horns, or dog by the collar, if you prefer and getting this project done.

At this point Wayne asked for any new business, and as there was none, asked that we keep Ken Watts, Hardy Hamm, Pam Goodson and Kathy Gutschlag and any other member or family member with health issues in our thoughts and prayers, and a wish for good luck, prosperity and a bright future for our HAWKS Chaplain, member, mason, medical advisor and very good friend, Tom Howard and his wife Rhonda in their new endeavor in El Paso. God bless you both and keep you safe.

With that the meeting for November, 2013 was closed.

Just My Opinion:

Practicing What I Preach

For some time now, I've promoted the use of laser sights on carry guns. I favor the type that uses a pressure switch that automatically activates the laser when you grip the handgun. Just like I don't want to fiddle with a manual safety. I want to be able to draw the gun and shoot. No functions involved except pulling the trigger. I've had a Crimson Trace on a Ruger LCR for some time now and like it very much. However, even using the new Hornady Critical Defense ammo I feel a bit under gunned to use it as my primary carry. I have a push button laser on a full sized Glock .45. Not a good choice for carry, so it stands guard in the house. I wanted a Crimson Trace for my Glock 29SF (10mm Auto), but Crimson Trace does not make them so far. That left me with a problem. The larger calibers I have are a bit too big for good concealed carry. I really only had one choice. Get a laser for my small Glock 26 (9mm). I have never gotten all warm and fuzzy carrying a 9mm either. That is, until Hornady came out with their 9mm +P in Critical Duty. Whether it be Critical Duty or Critical Defense, it is a game changer in the world of ammo. If I lived in an urban environment, I would have opted for the Critical Defense. But, since I live out in the sticks and no neighbor's house in sight, I went for the hotter load. I ordered the sight directly from Crimson Trace, on line. I installed it in about 15 minutes and I'm no hot shot at this sort of thing. It really is pretty easy. Just go slow and follow the instructions. I took it down to the range and tweaked the sight alignment. Again, a pretty simple task. In no time I was putting the shots together well enough to give a Bad Guy a severe tummy ache. They are not designed for target shooting, so don't expect to shoot really tight groups. Think you have a rock steady hold? Kick on a laser and watch the red dot dance around. It's good training to improve your hold.

After shooting the 10mm Auto, the 9mm seemed like shooting a cap gun. Really very pleasant, even with the hot load. I ran a few rounds of Pow'r Ball through it, as well. Another hot load. Simply no big deal in terms of recoil. So now, the Baby Glock is my primary carry piece and I no longer feel under gunned packing a 9mm. There are many reasons to consider a laser for a carry gun. No need to aim in the traditional sense. The bullet goes where the red or green dot appears. That is a really big deal for someone like me who is right handed but left eye dominate. I can't shoot anything with both eyes open. With a laser it is simply point and shoot. Eye dominance has no bearing. For me, I can acquire the target much quicker and that certainly raises my level of confidence. And, we have to admit that older eyes just don't see as well anymore, and there is night blindness to consider. I'm not exactly blind as a bat at night but there is no question in my mind that a laser gets you on target in dim light much faster.

I believe a laser sight is certainly worth considering. But then, that's Just My Opinion.

Happy Shooting     Allen

November Birthdays of HAWKS; Donnie Avant, Nov. 25th; George Brown, Nov. 30th; John Paul Cofer, Nov. 15th; Danny Dorsey, Nov. 27th; Bill Hailey, Nov. 10th; Hardy Hamm, Nov. 15th; Mel Mellenberger, Nov. 11th; Wayne Ruyle, Nov. 8th; Ron Smith, Nov. 28th. The HAWKS wish each and every member a very happy birthday and sincerely hope this is the very best birthday you have ever had or will have.

Year in Review

We have a lot to be very proud of because we have accomplished a lot. We had a very successful Rim Fire tournament, we keep expanding the scope of our website, thanks to one individual, yeah George, we had a great Banquet with a very different face than before, we helped more students than ever before, with plans to do even more expanding to trade schools and vo-techs, in spite of a down economy we helped the Animal Shelter equal what they produced last year at their huge garage sale, we saw our Tactical Program pick up steam in participants, advisors and scenarios, we updated and revised our Pistol Tournament with success and added a Rifle Tournament, we showed up and were counted as eyes and ears at two gun shows, the Fire Arts Market and Halloween Downtown and we came through, again, for our Animal Shelter with the new runs. All of this says nothing for the new members that have joined in this fiscal year. We old timers are very proud of each and every one of you and thank you for all that you do for the club.

Sadly, we lost one member to death, Sheriff Bill Wansley is now the new sheriff in heaven, John Perkins was lost to Wichita Falls, Larry Haynes to New Mexico and Chaplain and Medical Advisor Tom Howard to El Paso, plus several members that did not renew their memberships, but are welcome back anytime. All in all, in the words of that immortal crooner, Frank Sinatra, “it was a very good year”. Every day I travel around Winnsboro, I hear praise for our group and the work we do. Each and every one of us deserve a big pat on the back, I don’t think there’s another group quite like ours.

Please don’t forget the Christmas Party, December 5th at the First National Bank Community Room, for all HAWKS and Lady Hawks.

There will be no business meeting for December, just fun and merriment.

Wishing one a Merry Christmas is not politically incorrect, but encouraged.


News Letter for October 2013

Most of you have heard the old adage, “if you want it to rain, wash your car”,---well the new quote is now, “want it to rain?, schedule a banquet…For the second year in a row, we had to negotiate torrential down pours and crossing a moat at the door, but, once inside it was worth it. The tables were set and covered, Denise Miranda and Susan Glass cut and distributed the flowers to the tables, Lori and her crew arrived just before the skies opened up and it was “game on”. We ordered 120 meals split almost 50/50 and fed 103 people. Miss Demeanor and the Groove Felons cranked up and crooned one smoothie after another. The “tail-feather-shakin’ music didn’t begin until the end of the evening, and even Gary “Skinny” Garner and his daughter, Sammy, got out there and took advantage of the music. The food, as expected was outstanding. We’re planning on doing it again September 13, 2014. We have begun planning for next year and I would welcome any constructive criticism or suggestions.

Congratulations to all the pistol tournament competitors, and the winners and runners up. Some won medals and their names on club plaque, but the real winners were all of us. We bonded, we learned, we experienced and we got closer to our firearms. Very soon we will be doing this with rifle winners. In addition to the medals and plaque, another award, “the most improved shooter” was presented to some guy named Miranda. The present Directors lined up and welcomed the HAWK of the YEAR, a deserving SCOTT RIDDLE…Congratulations Scott! Oh, lest we forget, we made one person very happy and many others sad. Paul Cash, James Cash’s nephew was the recipient of the raffle gun, now; he still must pass an FBI background check to take possession of the prize. Thanks to all the members who stepped up and returned tables and chairs to the stock room.

October Business Meeting Minutes

Wayne opened the meeting promptly at 6:30 explaining we had a lot of ground to cover. After welcoming our 45 members (one new member, Christopher Hood) and 6 guests he expressed concern for Al Andersen and Doug Grantham, both, facing serious health issues (see website Prayer Page) and continued concern for others on our prayer list.

Jimmy led the room in the pledge and Wayne continued with the Invocation, and then introduced our first guest.

Art Walden requested financial assistance for the Winnsboro Food Pantry, the Winnsboro Community Resource Center.

Lavonna Hitz followed with a very short explanation that Morgan Mercy Mansion has remodeled and is not able to finish the flooring portion, needing $117 to finish, but could really use $300.

Dave continued with an abbreviated Financial Statement revealing that we were in good financial condition.

Ron was asked to waive the reading of the September minutes and moved to the response and comments on the Banquet, all were positive, we will repeat next year. He finalized with a report on the two motions passed by the Board to go before the membership, one having two raffles per year and to suspend the idea of adopting families on our own.

Captain Griggs and Cpl. Glore were given time to explain the Volunteer on Patrol proposal to the membership, and proceeded to tie it into the “Downtown patrol Halloween” on October 31st. There was extensive discussion regarding this proposal and in the end the program was favorably viewed by the membership.

John Milligan moved that we accept the invitation of the WPD to partner with them on this project, seconded by Donnie Avant, motion passed.

Paul Fletcher moved that the club purchase the required number of class 3 safety vests, seconded by John Cofer, motion passed.

James Morris suggested we consider purchasing 10 vests to accommodate two squads.

Terry Thompson moved we accept the suggestion, seconded by Jim Ledbetter, motion passed.

Note: It is estimated that the recommended Class III vest would cost $35.00.

Ken followed with his report on our charity work for the balance of the year. After a brief up date and discussion about our effectiveness by selecting needy families on our own our membership made recommendations.

Paul Fletcher moved to partner with the WFD for Christmas and the Blessing Box for Thanksgiving, seconded by Ken Pool, vote passed with one objection.

John Bowling moved that we offer Morgan Mercy Mansion the $300.00 Mrs. Hitz requested to complete the flooring project, seconded by Jim Ledbetter, there was no discussion and motion passed.

Jim Doonan made a brief summation of the Second Amendment Organization and its purpose which is to file law suits against anyone trying to undermine the Second Amendment all the way to the Supreme Court. A $150.00 fee will give the HAWKS life membership in their organization and will provide the club with up to the minute information on its activities. Jim Hasslinger moved that we provide the amount required, seconded by Ken Schwab, motion passed.

Jim Butz announced, under new business, the Winnsboro Gun Club has authorized the purchase of port-a-pottie for use at the Winnsboro Gun Range. He asked that the HAWKS match the purchase to give people using the range the use of a men’s and woman’s. Jim moved for the expenditure of $76.34 p/month, our part, seconded by Scott Riddle, the motion was discussed and it was determined that due to the lack of use it would be better to opt for a second port-a-pottie for special events only. Ken Pool moved to accept the alternative, seconded by Boyd Proctor, motion passed with the understanding that if after a year it would be more economical to purchase one on a permanent basis we would accept Jim’s proposal.

Paul Fletcher announced that he had found a website offering reasonably priced ammo and supplies were good. The site is

Meeting was adjourned.

HAWKS October Birthdays Jim Butz, Oct. 21st; Efton Edwards, Oct 17th; Andy Kelsey, Oct 25th; Ron Miranda, Oct 15th; Duane Rich, Oct 24th; William Rogers, Oct 20th; Ken Schwab, Oct 16th;

The HAWKS sincerely hope you have had or will have the very best Birthday ever, Happy Birthday to one and all.

Just My Opinion

A look at small handguns

One of our members has noticed such an influx of small, concealable handguns that he asked that I make a few comments about them. I think his timing was great, as their popularity is soaring and it is appropriate to comment on the pros and cons of such a gun for concealed carry.

For old Grey Beards it can be a hard or impossible change to consider such a weapon. Those of us brought up on full sized Colt 1911's and beefy .357 Magnums have had a hard time adjusting to guns that fit in a front pocket. Not all that long ago, you had to give up power to pack a small handgun. Not anymore! To go "little" meant packing a mini .22LR, a .25 Auto, a .32 or .380.

I've owned and shot them all except the .32. Just never had any use for it, but know it has its fans (Think James Bond).

If you have followed a few of my articles, you know in the past that I have made disparaging comments about packing anything from 9mm and below.

Modern, top notch ammo and the new guns made to handle it have created a brand new ballgame. It has changed my way of thinking and how I carry at times. Let's take a look at the pros and cons of packing a small handgun.

On the surface, it looks like a "no brainer". Small gun, easy to conceal, usually not as expensive as the "bigger boys". Not as much recoil. Well, the first two comments are accurate. The last two may not be. And, there are considerations far greater than any mentioned so far. To a novice, it may seem a small handgun is the best choice. But, is it? How many of you have owned "snubbies" and found out you couldn't hit the broad side of a barn with them? You can count me in that club over the years with some I have owned. On the flip side, I have owned some dandies, but they were never cheap. And, I had some experience under my belt.

I just cannot recommend a small handgun to someone just introduced to shooting. Forget caliber. You can buy tiny handguns chambered for .45 ACP all day long. Aside from the extreme muzzle blast and muzzle flip you will experience from such a gun you will also find your accuracy will suffer. Drop down to a small, short .22LR and it is most likely your bullseyes will be few and far in between as well. Why? A short sight radius. The distance from the front sight to the rear sight on such a gun may be 2" or less. The slightest movement away from dead center will change your point of impact dramatically. The problem may not lie with the gun. Could be the shooter. Or, both. I have had "snubbies" I was ready to heave into the first body of water I saw. On the other hand, I have had snubbies that could bounce along a Coke can shot after shot. What to do? Well, if you are determined to shoot a snubbie, either revolver or semi-auto (actually a snubbie is defined as a revolver) take the time to bench shoot it enough to determine if the gun is fairly accurate from a solid rest. If it is not, it is not fit to carry. Keep the distance short. Test it from 5 yards or so. If you can't hit beans with it from a solid rest at that distance, forget about dropping the Bad Guy. If you have one that shoots well, I suggest spending a few more bucks and getting a Crimson Trace laser sight. When Ruger came out with their LCR in .38 Special +P and it won the NRA's handgun of the year in 2012, I had to have one. The laser sight works perfectly and it takes the brain work out of aiming in a high stress situation. Grab the gun, the sight comes on, point the red dot on the target and shoot. Game over! They now have it available in .357 Mag. too much recoil? Heck, you can still load it in .38 Special +P. Plus, you can practice with less expensive plain old .38 Special ammo. And, still have a powerful .357 should you decide to move up at a later date. For carry ammo I recommend Hornady Critical Defense. In fact, I recommend that brand in any defensive carry gun, if that caliber is available. Certainly, there are many more great ammo brands to choose from. I have high regard for Buffalo Bore, Cor-Bon, Federal, Double Tap and some Winchester and Remington loads. There are certainly others worth serious consideration. It all boils down to your level of comfort. If you trust a certain brand, then by all means use it.

The member suggested several models of smaller handguns for consideration. All were good, but there are so many to choose from. And, it is not my place to recommend guns that I have not owned or shot. I do recommend the Ruger LCR, but not the LCP. The trigger is lousy. Simply go to the web sites of any major brand you are interested in. Try not to be swayed by how the gun was designed or the materials used to make it. Standard 1911 design is fine with me as are striker fired guns such as a Glock.

I own both. Use both. If the gun is reliable, accurate, easy to field strip and service, then who cares if it has some plastic in it or made out of solid steel.

I will say this. I got to fondle a Colt Defender in 9mm at the gun show. Oh Lordy! I was smitten! If it shoots as well as it fits the hand, it is truly something special. They make it in .45 ACP, as well. In a gun that small and with today's outstanding ammo, I would opt for the 9mm. far less recoil. And, I would have the Crimson Trace laser sight installed. You can check it out at Village Pawn in Sulphur Springs.

No matter the major gun maker, all have excellent small sized handguns for sale. Smith and Wesson now makes all sorts of small revolvers and semi- autos, as does Kimber, Colt, Glock, Taurus, Walther, Sig, CZ, Beretta, Ruger, Browning, Springfield Armory and many, many more.

Lastly, I must point out again that a small handgun is harder to shoot accurately than a larger handgun. The key to best accuracy rests with a good, easy to use, laser sight. If you take the time to select a good gun with a good laser sight, then packing small is a fine option. But then, that's Just My Opinion!        

Happy Shooting     Allen

Volunteers on Patrol

This is a program that has been put in place by many small town police departments that have tight budgets and are under staffed, ours is no exception. The second item on the HAWKS’ CREED states that we, as a group, support Law Enforcement so here is our chance to put our money where our collective mouths are. Plus, it could be fun! When out on the street we will be required to wear safety vests for our own protection and recognition as volunteers helping police. There will be things fat old codgers like me can do and things that will require more dexterity, but no matter how you look at it, it is a way to increase our visibility, in a positive way, in the community and become closer to the people who protect us. The closer we get to finalization the game plan will become clearer and clearer. No matter how small or incidental if you have any ideas any suggestions that could make this a better program please bring it to our attention. We voted and we all agreed to play.

What’s Coming Up

We are very fortunate to have Michele Byington from Texas Law Shield, an attorney with extensive knowledge of the National Firearms Act and has published articles on the Castle Doctrine, Stand Your Ground Laws and other “use of force” laws and justifications. Michele speaks around the state on topics like: “Where You Can and Cannot Take a Firearm”, “The Law of Suppressors, Short Barreled Firearms, and Full Auto”, along with many other firearm related matters. She is a gun owner and works tirelessly to uphold the Second Amendment.

Our Next Social Event

Our next event will be our Christmas Party, which we plan to hold it at the Bank where we hold our business meetings, same as last year. Game plan will be the same, asking each HAWKS’ wife or HAWK to bring a light snack or desert, HAWKS will supply coffee and soft drinks. It will be instead of our business meeting, the first Thursday of December, come one come all. More to follow…



September Newsletter 2013

September Newsletter 2013

August was an exciting month but it has come and gone and now its Banquet month and the unofficial start to a new year.

We had a great pistol tournament and welcomed a new format which produced several new champions in different classes. Our Tactical maneuvers continued to get better and draw in more and more shooters. We are exploring the possibility expanding this program with the help of the Winnsboro Gun Club and putting to use an area adjacent to the skeet range. We have, also, begun exploring the possibility of adding a rifle tournament including Rim Fire, Center Fire, small bore and large bore.

Many HAWKS attended a presentation by Ed Shadbolt and Steve Bowser, both Wood County Constables, at the monthly meeting of Lady Hawks. The Constables had a presentation on the Mexican Drug Cartels and how that element has taken control of Mexico. These two Officers are mainly concerned with the trafficking of illegal drugs and weapons through Wood County in route to more lucrative markets. These officers have undergone training, recently, to know what and how to recognize drug smugglers. It was a most informative presentation with the Constables asking for our help in reporting blatant acts of drug smuggling and noticing the subtle little drug tell-tale hints that all smugglers seem to need to flaunt. As an example, they reported a sea plane landing on Lake Hawkins but it has been able to elude Law Officers for several years. Keep your eyes open.

This is the schedule for the HAWKS speakers, for the end of this year and the first part of next year.

September 5, Chase Glover of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission

October 3, Lt.Col. Bill Rogers (retired)

November 7, Michele Byington of Texas Law Shield attorney and Castle Doctrine Specialist

December 5, Christmas Party

January 9, 2014 Warden Johnson and Major Clark of the Johnston Unit

February 6, Captain Mitch Griggs Winnsboro Police Department, vision for WPD and VOP possibilities

March 6, Ray Hollingsworth discussing proper gun cleaning demo.

Continue to monitor the website, www. CALENDAR page for updates or changes.

Just My Opinion

Is +P Ammo worth It and, why I don't own a gun in .40 S&W

Oh Lordy! Quit heating the tar and ripping up your chicken feather pillows! I'm just giving you my take on this subject.

Let's start with +P ammo. Does it really deliver what you expect in a defensive load? Yeah, I think so. Why? Well, in order to get a hollow point to expand it has to achieve a certain velocity around and above 1000/fps. Combine this speed with a bullet of decent weight; you strive for energy in foot pounds of over 500. I have stated the formula in past articles. Once done, you create hydrostatic shock in whatever you shot. Meaning, you just didn't poke a hole in the attacker. You poked a hole and the energy expanded well beyond the entrance hole. It caused severe trauma for several inches, like the effect of seeing a paint gun blob, only for real. And, that shock causes blood to back flow and screw up the circulatory system and the Bad Guy should drop faster. I know this is a highly technical explanation, but Tom Howard can fill in the blanks.

What do you really get out of the +P ammo. Well, in most loads, like a .45 ACP, you get an average gain of 10%. Not much, you say? Well, enough that I think it is worthwhile. Where the gain is exceptional is in the good old .38 Special. In the modern hot loads, the gain is as much as 30%. Now, can your gun handle it?

Check your manual or go on line to see if your gun has been designed for the hotter loads. If not, you are the judge. If it were me and packing, I would load it in a fairly modern gun just for carry only. Two or three shots should not ruin the gun or you. But, that is Just My Opinion. It is not meant for casual shooting in a less than adequate gun. Now, on to the famous .40 S&W.

I know many of you pack it every day. A great round that cannot be denied. Yet, I don't have one! Why? Being a cheapskate, I wanted two guns in one. So.....I went with a 10mm Auto. Why?

Most common ammo for the 10mm Auto is a reduced load known as the FBI Load. It is usually about 80% of a full load and on par with the .40 S&W. It came about when the FBI started hiring young lawyers and accountants right out of college that never shot a gun in their lives. The recoil of a 10mm Auto is a bit crisp and the new recruits just couldn't handle it enough to qualify. The old hands loved it and dubbed the new round as the .40 Small and Weak. Now, that is a bit unfair, as it is quite comparable to the good old .45 ACP. Still, it ain't no match for a full sized 10mm load. So, I get two guns in one. For play, I load stuff that will still match any .40 S&W. When I pack, I load up the hot stuff to snuff out a charging hog or human villain. Ya gotta love that hydrostatic shock. At least, that's Just My Opinion.

Happy Shooting                     Allen

HAWK’S BIRTHDAYS Alan Andersen, Sept. 25th (day before his surgery); Stephen Boorman, Sept. 10th; Allen Gold, Sept. 26th; Kenneth Goodson, Sept. 10th; His Lordship Douglas Grantham, Sept.22nd; Felix Guerra, Sept. 1st; John Massey, Sept. 16th; Charles McAfee, Sept. 16th; Al Stillman, Sept. 11th; Harold Stone, Sept. 27th; Roger Tune, Sept. 2nd; Michael Windham, Sept. 16th; and Gregg Calloway, Sept. 20th. (Damn that’s a bunch)

The HAWKS want to wish each and every one of you a Very Happy Birthday and many happy returns of the day. We sincerely, hope this has been or will be the best Birthday, ever.

Labor Day Cruise-in Report

Hot! Dang Hot!!! Too Dang Hot!!!   Well---It’s August…

There were Packards, DeSotos and Street Rods, oh my…A plethora of Corvettes and Pony Cars, Pick-ups, ’55 Chevys just too many to remember. The sad reality is that they are a dying breed as is their owners, like MilSurp and Collectors Dragoons, soon only available in photos and in our minds. We went through the water; boy did we go through the water. We gave away bottle after bottle of drinking water that Ozarka had donated along with Williams Stone Co. We had one small cooler with unused water in it left over. Of the people that braved the heat, I heard nothing but good comments on the show and rally, which was held the day before and conducted by Dave Sanders and Al Andersen. Our honorable mayor shed his top hat and gavel to take command of the microphone and supplied the crowd with information, an occasional sponsor ad and the results of the judging.

Next Up… The Fall Gun Show




  1. Ron Smith 1ST Place (97)
  2. David Koch 2nd Place (96)
  3. Bill Rogers 3rd Place (95)
  4. Wayne Scott 4th Place (94)
  5. Bert Edmondson 5th Place (93) tiebreaker
  6. Alan Andersen 6th Place (93) tiebreaker
  7. Dave Sanders 7th Place (93) tiebreaker


  1. John Bowling 1st Place (89)
  2. Chuck Knox 2nd Place (89) tiebreaker
  3. Ken Pool 3rd Place (86) tiebreaker
  4. Gordon Glass 4th Place (86)
  5. Ken Schwab 5th Place (83)
  6. Ray Hollingsworth 6th Place (77)


  1. Gregg Callaway 1st Place (97)
  2. George Brown 2nd Place (94)
  3. Dan Dorsey 3rd Place (90)


  1. Alan Andersen 1ST Place (98)
  2. Bert Edmondson 2nd Place (96)
  3. Ron Smith 3rd Place (95) tie breaker
  4. Bill Rogers 4th Place (94)
  5. Wayne Scott 5th Place (94) tiebreaker
  6. David Koch 6th Place (91) tiebreaker
  7. Terry Thompson 7th Place (85)
  8. Chuck Knox 8th Place (84)
  9. Donnie Avant 9th Place (78)
  10. Dave Sanders 10th Place (77)


  1. Gregg Callaway 1st Place (96)
  2. Ken Schwab 2nd Place (89)
  3. Ken Pool 3rd Place (86)
  4. Gordon Glass 4th Place (86)
  5. Ray Hollingsworth 5th Place (85)
  6. Ron Miranda 6th Place (71)


  1. Gordon Glass 1st Place (87)
  2. Dan2nd Place (81)
  3. John Bowling 3rd Place (66)


  1. Ron Smith 1st Place (96)
  2. Alan Andersen 2nd Place (95.5)
  3. Bert Edmondson 3rd Place (94.5) tiebreaker
  4. Bill Rogers 4th Place (94.5)
  5. Wayne Scott 5th Place (94)
  6. David Koch 6th Place (93.5)
  7. David Sanders 7th Place (85
  8. Terry Thompson Not Qualified for All Around
  9. Donnie Avant Not Qualified for All Around


  1. Gregg Callaway 1st Place (96.5)
  2. Chuck Knox 2nd Place (86.5)
  3. Ken Pool 3rd Place (86) tiebreaker
  4. Ken Schwab 4th Place (86)
  5. Gordon Glass 5th Place (85.5)
  6. Ray Hollingsworth 6th Place (81)


  1. Dan Dorsey1st Place (85.5)
  2. Ron Miranda 2nd Place (78)
  3. John Bowling 3rd Place (77.5)


NOTE: Lady HAWKs placed in Rim Fire, Center Fire, and All Around the same.

  1. Cheryl Smith 1st Place
  2. Nancy 2nd Place
  3. Glenna Andersen 3rd Place

 Minutes of September Meeting

The meeting was opened in the regular fashion and after the pledge and invocation, Wayne asked for continued prayers for Katherine Clark, Suzy Hamm and the family of Mary Ann Miller’s husband Carl who succumbed to a heart attack today. Due to scheduling our normal format was abandoned and Connor Whorff, prospective Eagle Scout made a presentation on his upcoming project which he is looking for funding. Connor’s project involves donations to benefit people will be better able to identify Winnsboro’s emergency services (police and fire departments) and city offices. Illuminating the flags will bring the city into compliance with the U.S. Flag Code. In addition, people will also be able to use the benches in from of the city offices as well. The funds will be used in the construction and installation of the sign and electrical system and to repair benches. Any one or organization donating $500 or more will have names embossed on plaques’ outside City Hall.

Mark McClendon from Village Pawn and Gun presented to the HAWKS a semi-automatic H&N 45 cal. Pistol, 100 rounds of ammo and an Old El Paso custom holster for the club to raffle next year to benefit our scholarship work.

Dave Sanders gave his financial report to the members and explained that the cost for the banquet was still to be paid. On the plus side we are expecting to bring in approximately $2500 coming from the Labor Day Cruise-In.

Ron Miranda was next, a motion was made by Ken Pool to dispense with the reading of last month’s minutes, seconded by Paul Fletcher, vote was unanimous. We have posted the law changes effective September 1, on the website, and if you read them and you’re confused give Doug or Wayne, both CHL instructors, a call. Ron said the banquet is good to go, but emphasized that all members, that have paid their current dues, should fill out and submit the meal selections, as the deadline is September 16th.   IF, and I say if the members like the facilities and the service we will commit for next year, but possibly changing the date so as not to conflict with the local Masonic Family night. In spite of emailing the chance to be a chairman of a committee we have not gotten support for all programs. We especially need a committee to get pricing on building the dog runs we proposed, but have not built. Ken Pool all but volunteered to organize and administer the new Rifle Tournament; I hope we don’t wear him out. He, then, explained the new roster for the fall, and, promptly, had to recall it due to new members and re-ups. It was corrected and will be sent out the next day. If the members have a group mail which goes out to all members, they were advised to remove the former members and only send emails to the corrected list. Dave interjected with a plea to finish up the raffle program; we need all tickets and money in by Wednesday the 11th if possible.

Ken Schwab was called to update progress on our charities. He suggested that we support the Connor Whorff project with a donation. A motion was made and seconded that we give him a $500 donation, motioned passed. All three scholarships have had all paper work submitted and have been paid according to the membership’s will. Comments were interjected on the Car Show, by several members, who said nothing but positive comments were heard.

Gun show presentation was made by Doug Grantham, who said we will have 122 tables inside, and we are only taking gun requests for inside spots. Any additional vendors will be placed outside. The Legends, reenactment group, will handle the “eyes and ears” for the graveyard shift.  Jimmy Chiles finished with a request for volunteers to clean up after the show and pick up outdoor signs; he needed one more volunteer for inside locations.

Wayne announced that Chase Glover had to back out of the program for this evening and Ray Hollingsworth gave us a demonstration on gun cleaning using a demo rifle. He gave us a formula for a swab application, consisting of a product called KROIL, mixed with Shooter’s Choice machinist oil, followed by JB Bore paste. Use an undersized gun brush with a patch wrapped around it. He also recommended using a bore guide to prevent rubbish ending up in your action. He finished by saying the products and techniques can be used on pistols as well as rifles.

Wayne then read the proposed an Agreement between the HAWKS and Chamber of Commerce of Winnsboro, not a contract, for consideration by the HAWKS for approval. Terry Thompson moved that we accept the agreement, seconded by Paul Bennett. Much discussion ensued regarding liability, a specified amount of compensation and whether we should even try to install an agreement at this late date. Robby Robertson moved that we table the agreement to study the agreement and get legal advice as to liability the HAWKS may be vulnerable for, and Ken Pool seconded. James Morris questioned if the amount to be donated to the HAWKS was open ended or a set amount. Doug Grantham offered that there was no way to put an amount as the Chamber has no idea what they will make. Dave said that we have volunteered in the past since this is the major fundraiser for the Chamber and should not change. Additional discussion followed and Ken Goodson called for the Question, ending discussion on the motion, which failed to reach a two thirds majority, which reverted to the motion to table the vote on the agreement and ask the Chamber to consider a specified amount, called volunteers and a liability issue, passed unanimously. Paul Fletcher added that the amount to be specified should be beyond the Chamber’s breakeven point.

The next point of discussion was the standard shirt or uniform. The current shirt with the large logo on the back is very hot and requires a minimum order of 12. Robby Robertson and Terry Thompson volunteered to help Ken Schwab in researching a new shirt. Jim Hasslinger wanted to stay with a logo on the back of the shirt for identification as HAWKS. At this point we are advised to wear something to identify us as HAWKS.

Ken Pool was called on to explain the results of the past tournament, and to discuss the rules for the next tournament.

All results and proposed changes will be emailed and posted on the website.

A committee consisting of Ken Pool chairman, Scott Riddle, Wayne Scott, John Milligan and Ron Smith will study the new rule changes and scoring for future tournaments. Without actually saying it, Ken Pool volunteered to administer the rifle tournament, which he intends to have next month. A committee comprised of Ken Pool chairman, Efton Edwards, and others will work to put this tournament together.

George Brown asked if there was any progress on buying ammo in bulk, several members had run into some small deals but nothing the club would be interested in. Paul Fletcher volunteered to continue to monitor the ammo front and keep the club apprised.

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting and seconded by Doug Grantham, motion passed.

Meeting Adjourned



Minutes for August Meeting

President Wayne opened the meeting by welcoming guests and introduced our newest HAWK, Terry Thompson of Sulphur Springs and former Law Enforcement Officer. S at A Jimmy led us in the pledge and Wayne delivered the Invocation. Wayne turned the meeting over to Treasurer Dave who gave us an in depth financial report explaining we were now back to the financial level when HAWKS of Winnsboro was dissolved. The current report has been sent to the membership via email. A question was asked if we had money for our regular Christmas and Thanksgiving programs which will be up to the Charity Committee, but we do have funds for them. Up to this point 55 members had renewed by paying their dues. Dave explained the Labor Day Rally and asked for volunteers to help at the check points.

V.P. John Milligan was introduced to read, aloud, House Resolution 2858 commending Mayor Tom Howard (our birthday boy) for his many accomplishments during his tour of duty in Winnsboro including being selected Man of the Year by the Winnsboro Chamber of Commerce. Not being without words, Tom responded by applying credit for his success to his association with many men sitting in the room we were in.

Secy. Ron took over and the previous minutes were waived and we moved on to introducing George Brown as the new head of The Website’s Business Page and Classifieds, George is being groomed as the replacement for the current Webmaster, me. The banquet is ready to go and we are now putting together how many of each entrée we will have to order. That number must be delivered by September 16th. Ron announced the Directors have decided to get out of the shirt business as too much time, effort and money are invested with too little return. The existing Gun Control shirts will be discounted down to $10.00 each. Jim Hasslinger mentioned that our banquet date conflicted with a masonic event, therefore, next year before a date is selected we will need to check with the local lodge(s) to see if any conflicts exist since many of our members are masons. An up dated roster was sent out on 7/31 with Terry Thompson as the last member joining. The last item was to introduce the HAWKS COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN forms. An explanation of these forms will be sent to the members via email.

Ken Pool was asked to explain the proposed rifle tournament for 2014. He got into scoring, yardages, types of sights and types and classification of firearms, plus the position you would want to shoot from. This proposal will be put in form and sent to the membership for fine tuning.

Charities Officer Ken reported that the upcoming holiday season would see the same intensity as previously committed and the next year would see more help coming.

RSO Doug took the floor and discussed the upcoming gun show, then proceeded to drop a bomb shell by announcing that the HAWKS would not be expected set up tables but most importantly arrangements have been made so we will not be required to spend all night on “eyes and ears” duty while the hall is closed. Doug did not expound as to what alternatives had been reached but our duties will be confined to day light hours. He then dropped the next shoe which was, after the hardship of the theft of the entire proceeds of the spring show, offered the HAWKS $750.00 as a gift for our services rendered for past work. At the conclusion of the Directors reports, Dave took over and spoke to the members regarding our current financial position and asked the members to thank the Chamber for their generous gift, however, we respectfully decline to accept the offer as this would create a hardship for the Chamber and we really don’t need the money. This was put in the record as a motion by Dave, seconded by Robbie Robertson and approved by the membership. Finally, it was stated that from this day forward any moneys received at the gun show will deposited nightly by two of the Chamber directors.

Jimmy asked that the hours on Friday and Saturday nights which were committed to those hours re commit to other times. We still need HAWKS to provide pickups and T-Post drivers to erect gun show signs.

The floor was cleared and Don Lawson was introduced, he, in turn, introduced about 10 young people, who in unison and individually put on a breath taking karate demonstration. These youngsters would make any parent very proud. At the conclusion of the demonstration a motion was made by Ken Schwab and seconded by Dennis Bowman that the HAWKS donate $200.00 to the KenPo Karate School to help with travel expenses, the motion carried.

Ken Pool reminded everyone that the 2013 pistol tournament was coming up in a matter of days explaining that there would be two sessions, one after coffee on Wednesday the 14th of this month with a follow up shoot beginning around 5:30 pm. the same evening. You may shoot in either, you may shoot rimfire in one and center fire in the other and you may NOT shoot in both. If you have not turned in a series of rimfire and centerfire targets totaling 50 shots at 5 targets each, you may still compete, however you must shoot in (A) class.

The meeting erupted into utter chaos and mayhem and was closed.

It must be noted long time HAWK and good friend to all the members, John Perkins, is leaving the Wood/Franklin County area and will be moving to the Wichita Falls area this month. He will be sorely missed. “Good Luck, John, keep in touch if you can”.


Poll Finds Pro-Gunners More Politically Involved

Posted on August 2, 2013

A recently published poll from the Pew Research Center found that there is "a substantial gap" between those who prioritize gun rights and those who prioritize gun control when it comes to political involvement, with pro-gunners being more politically active and donating more money than their anti-gun counterparts. The poll found that "The biggest difference is in the area of making contributions to activist organizations: 25% of those who prioritize gun rights say they have, at some point, contributed money to an organization that takes a position on the issue, but just 6% of those who prioritize gun control have done so." The poll also found that gun rights supporters are more politically active, with 16 percent of them having contacted a public official to express an opinion on gun policy, compared to just 11 percent of gun control supporters. These findings should come as no surprise to NRA members. Back in May, we reported on the fact that many ignorant and politically motivated observers wrongly attribute NRA's victories in Congress last spring, as well as all of our past successes, to NRA's perceived financial might (which, by the way, is dwarfed by that of billionaire anti-gun zealots like New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg). We noted that financial resources, when spent wisely, are certainly crucial to any organization's success, BUT what makes NRA successful is our extraordinary grassroots efforts--and more specifically, those of our members and volunteers--who typically make the difference between legislative success or failure through--again--their continued political activism. We also referenced a article, which surmised that NRA's success is based on the fact that we "simply execute the basics extremely well. The article's author defines "five reasons the NRA won the recent gun control debate that have nothing to do with politics," including our leadership style, the superior quality of our grassroots base of support, and the knowledge of the gun issue exhibited by our volunteers and members. In other words, most NRA members and Second Amendment supporters are fully engaged in the legislative and political processes. Speaking of polling data, a group called the "Third Way" also weighed-in on gun-related polls recently. The Third Way is a liberal--and among other things, anti-gun-- "think-tank" based in D.C. In fact, according to their online biographies, three founders of Third Way also founded, and/or were high-level executives for, the anti-gun group "Americans for Gun Safety." The Third Way claims to have "analyzed" recent polling data to "understand the political consequences of a vote against the Manchin-Toomey background check bill." (To learn more about Sen. Manchin's proposal, please click here.) Third Way claims their findings show that "Americans are less likely to re-elect Senators who oppose background checks," and that "Americans are pledging to stand by Senators who voted for background checks and help them win re-election." The group's anti-gun bias may have affected how they analyzed background check polling data, but given the activism gap that exists, the question of whether responses recently given to pollsters will result in action at the voting booth more than a year from now remains to be seen. The Pew Research Center's findings suggest it might not.

HAWKS’ Birthdays in August: James Clark, Aug. 3rd; Tom Howard, Aug 1st; Dave Koch, Aug. 10th; Pat Lafferty, Aug. 21st; Russell Leonard, Aug. 26th; Lee Moore, Aug. 21st; J.A. Newton, Aug. 1st; Dan O’Hara, Aug. 6th; John Perkins, Aug. 22nd; Ken Pool, Aug. 3rd; Boyd Proctor, Aug.19th; Ron Pylant, Aug. 21st; Richard Schoeburl, Aug. 22nd; and A.C. Wilkins, Aug. 22nd.

December must be the month for “whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on” zowie…

The HAWKS wish to extend to each and every one of you, a very Happy Birthday and many returns of the day. We sincerely hope this has been or will be the very best Birthday you have ever had or will have. Happy Birthday from the HAWKS…

Trying to answer a member's questions

I received an email from a club member a while ago. He asked that I help define or explain the sometimes bewildering array of cartridge acronyms. He also wanted to know how different handguns operate, such as the difference between a single action and double action. He also wanted to know what makes a pistol that uses a striker different (such as a Glock) than a more conventional system design as found in such guns as a Colt 1911.

At first, I didn't think it would be much of a challenge. But the more I thought about it the more I realized that those questions bore a lot of merit. As I started the note making process it became clear I had some significant research to do before attempting even a short article. I decided to start with bullet types first. Again, I thought this would go fast until I jotted down just the bullet types I have on hand. Then after adding several more, the list just grew. I don't pretend this is a complete list by far. More of a primer as to the most common types. Anyway, here goes:

FMJ: Full Metal Jacket. As it sounds, the bullet (usually a lead type alloy) is surrounded by a metal jacket. Most closely associated with military ammo and civilian practice ammo.

HP:   Hollow Point. A bullet with a hole in the tip. The idea is to make the bullet expand on impact, creating a larger wound cavity than a FMJ. Just keep in mind that the velocity of the bullet must be high enough to create the mushroom effect. It is quite normal for a low powered handgun HP round to fail to open for just this very reason.

SP:     Soft Point. Usually a bullet with a rounded end made of lead. It is made to expand violently. Some hunters might refer to it as a "meat wrecker". Good shot placement is advised. Hit it in the fanny and you will have a lot of trimming to do.

PSP:   Pointed Soft Point. Same as the SP but with a more pointed tip. Compare a .35 Remington round to a .270 Winchester. The .270 will use a PSP.

BTHP: Boat Tail Hollow Point. Boat Tail refers to the design of the back half of the bullet. Boat Tail bullets are often times favored by long range rifle shooters.

JHP: Jacketed Hollow Point. A bullet that has a metal jacket all the way up to where the HP begins.

SJHP: Semi-jacketed Hollow Point: A bullet design that is jacketed about half way then finishes out with lead.

SJSP: Semi-jacketed Soft Point. Same as above, except no hollow point.

RN: A bullet with a simple round nose may or may not be tipped with lead, such as a 6.5mm Carcano round.

LRN: Lead round nose. Think of a common .22 LR load. No hollow point.

LFN: Lead flat nose. An all lead bullet with a flat nose.

JFN: Jacketed flat nose. You get the picture.

CB:   Conical ball. You will find this used in a sub-sonic .22 Short.

And, there are Wad cutters and Semi-wad cutters. An all lead bullet usually used for target shooting.

Many bullets these days have some sort of polymer tip. Far too many to mention. They do everything from stabilizing bullet flight to protecting a HP from clogging up in heavy clothing. In my experience I think they are a great improvement. Depends on your gun.

As I come down to the differences in handgun types, I realized that it would be quite likely that I would miss a critical part of the explanation. I am not a gunsmith and certainly not an expert by any stretch of the imagination. I know what I mean, but others certainly may not. That said, I searched the Web and found a single site that does a very good job of explaining all the questions the member had and then some. Click on this site. It is well worth the read and there are videos, as well

Happy Shooting       Allen

July 2013 Newsletter

Although I missed our July meeting, I was there in spirit. I would have rather been with y’all, because we just wound up the trip from hell. We had two flights from Dallas to Baltimore cancelled and ended up flying into DC’s Reagan, then a 40 minute limo ride (expense we hadn’t planned on) to our hotel, minus our luggage. We arrived there at 2:30 am. via a driver who spoke fluent Pakistani. Our luggage arrived three days later, which meant we had to buy necessities (another expense we hadn’t planned on) just to survive. I informed my other grandkids, if they didn’t get married in Winnsboro, I would not attend.

I think the dues collection is going well. Dave had his “what the hell do I do now” look on Thursday night, and will no doubt be inundated this Wednesday. We are on the downward slide to the end of the year and with the pistol tournament, banquet and, if possible, the dog run project, should just about wind us up. Then the holidays…

Sgt. @ Arms Jimmy said we had 38 smiling faces at the business meeting, which is pretty darn good for vacation season. This number included two guests and a new member. One guest was our speaker Andy Chester, Chief of Police of Winnsboro and the other was a new doctor working in Jared Petty’s clinic offices, Dr. Paul Driver D.O. and assume Tom Howard invited Dr. Dan and hopefully will become a member. We did welcome in Greg Calloway as a new member after a visit to our Wednesday coffee clutch. I was told that the Chief’s presentation was well received, he is a real people person and encouraged “ride alongs” and that he considered the armed citizen as “back-up”. I like him already.

HAWKS July Birthdays: Drew Beams, July 28th; Paul Bennett, July 31st; Gus Gustafson, July 17th;   Clint Hopkins, July 7th; Johnny Kirby, July 3rd; Doug Sager, July 1st.; Bill Sanders, July 15th;

The HAWKS want to wish each and every one of you members a very happy and healthy Birthday to come, and if it has past we, sincerely, hope it was the best birthday, ever.

Just My Opinion

Something a bit different

I know we are a gun club, but now and then I think it is OK to jump off the track a bit. Roll back several hundred years and drop right smack into the Middle Ages. It was a terrible time to live in Europe, the Middle East and the Far East. Everyone wanted to expand their territories and human life didn't count for much. A few rich folks called all the shots and the rest fell into line or were eliminated. Sound familiar? Anyway, the years I'm primarily talking about are from 1350 to 1650 AD. Timeframes are earlier and later in some cases but within those periods were the Crusades, the Roman Empire, the Ottoman Empire, the Scottish Rebellion, the Japanese warlords and the Chinese warlords. There were many more too numerous to mention.

Guns were not invented back then until nearly the end of the period. The weapons of choice were swords and daggers. Yeah, I took an interest and just like my interest in MilSurp rifles, I only wanted just one. Just a simple representative sample of what those guys fought with way back when. Since getting originals are out of the question, I had to look to reproductions, and then do the research to be fairly sure the reproduction was mostly true to the period. My choice was a rather late model Scottish Claymore sword. A refinement from the sword used by William Wallace. Although it mimics the William Wallace sword in size and weight, it was different. His was a sharp two bladed affair with a rather blunt tip. Mine has no sharpened blade, but a nasty pointed tip. Why the change in design? Advanced technology. In Wallace's day protective armor was rather crude and ineffective. It was thin and didn't protect you from the slicing and dicing from a good swordsman. Metals and techniques were improved over the next 100 years or so and the good old sharp sword was bouncing off the breastplates and having minimal effect. What to do? Make a sword designed to inflict blunt force trauma, then sneak the sharp tip under the armor and skewer the enemy. They are heavy enough to break arms, legs and heads. They were swung like a club or bat. Not fancy but very effective. Once I got my mitts on one I was smitten. During that 300 to 400 year period there were seemingly endless designs of swords and daggers. Some were designed to stick you, like a Rapier or slice you up like a tomato, like a two edged Samurai sword especially designed for blind Ninjas. Just like tater chips, I couldn't be satisfied with just one. I ended up with a modest collection that covers most of those land areas and the difference in those designs can be striking. However, all were deadly and effective.

The heyday of the sword came to a fairly sudden end with the use of cannon and musket fire first used by the Turks of the Ottoman Empire. The Chinese invented gunpowder but didn't go beyond firecrackers in those early days. From what I've read, the Turks used a short, wide barreled field cannon. Muskets, I assume, were flintlock. The first battle must have been a doozie. The unsuspecting enemy charges at close range. The Turks light the fuses and scatter body parts in all directions. Game over! An era had ended and warfare would not be the same again. The time of the gun was just beginning. History, to me, is simply marvelous! Of course, that's Just My Opinion.

Happy Shooting (or cutting)     Allen

Minutes for the July Business Meeting

Wayne opened the meeting at 6:30 pm. and welcomed guests Andy Chester and Dr. Paul Driver; Greg Calloway was introduced as a new member---Welcome Greg. Wayne then brought the membership up to speed on several folks listed on the prayer page, including Katherine Clark, Victoria Fletcher and Duane Rich, Gary Garner will have some stomach surgery later this month or the beginning of August.

Jimmy Chiles led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and Tom Howard followed with the Invocation.

Dave the Treasurer was next to give us a detailed report on the current financial status of the club. He included a report on Gun Control shirts and Raffle ticket sales. I was to give a report on the banquet as being on track and that dues were payable from now through August, had I been here.

Ken Schwab, who did not have to go to Oklahoma as previously thought, reported on charities to date.

Doug Grantham said things are in full swing for the September Gun Show and further information will be forth coming as we draw closer to show time.

Tom Howard was given the honor of introducing the new Police Chief, Andy Chester, for Winnsboro, who gave a positive and up-beat projection of how the police department will be doing business.

Wayne followed the presentation by Chief Chester with a report and update on the upcoming Cruise-In, followed by an after action report on our F.A.S.T. program.

Under new business Tom Howard moved that we dedicate the upcoming Banquet in honor of the late Sheriff Bill Wansley, the motion was seconded by Robby Robertson and was unanimously passed by the membership. The Banquet will be “The Second Annual HAWKS’ Award Banquet dedicated to the memory of Sheriff Bill Frank Wansley 1947 to 2013.

Wayne invited all to the next meeting in August when we will see a Karate demonstration, then dismissed the meeting.

What’s going on?

Every time we pick up a newspaper, turn on our TV’s or connect to the internet we hear that another right is in jeopardy. Since the jury of six women did their job and released a man who defended himself with deadly force. It seems strange that every time the black population doesn’t get their way some form of retribution follows, now the Stand Your Ground law is under attack. Our elected officials send letters hold investigations, grill witnesses, which results in nothing, while the liberal left plod along taking the law into their own hands and bending it to suit themselves. From White Water under the Clintons, to WMDs in Iraq, now Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS scandal and illegal citizen surveillance, and NOBODY has been held accountable, NOBODY has gone to jail, NOBODY has been charged with treason. In the movie Ronin, Robert De Niro was asked by Sean Bean if he had ever killed anyone. His retort was “No, but I hurt someone’s feelings, once”. Our government and judicial systems are like liberal parents who continually threaten to spank, but never do, if this continues we will have Obama care, no guns, no border security, and be  broke and enslaved. God the future looks great…

Ready for the Pistol Tournament?

Ken Pool has been working feverishly to get the new format in play. If you plan to compete in your class, you are running out of time to qualify. I am looking forward to competing against those who shoot about the same as I do. (No comment necessary.) You may choose NOT to qualify, and accept the fact you will be competing against Riddle, Smith, Sanders and Scott or you may even choose to stay home and watch The Wizard of Oz on cable.

The following is the Ranking and Classification of the shooters that have turned their Score sheets:

A Class 22 Rim Fire;                            A Class Center Fire;

Scott Riddle                98.2                                         Scott Riddle                98.2                                       

Dave Sanders              97.4                                         Ron Smith                   94

Ron Smith                   96.6                                         Wayne Scott               93

Bert Edmondson         96.0                                        Dave Sanders              91

Wayne Scott               90.0

B Class 22 Rim Fire;                            B Class Center Fire;

Chuck Knox                89.6                                         Ray Hollingsworth       88

Jim Doonan                 87.6                                        Ken Pool                     82

Ken Pool                     86.8                                          Ron Miranda               81

John Bowling              85.8                                         Ken Schwab                81

Ray Hollingsworth     84.4                                       

Ken Schwab                82.8

C Class 22 Rim Fire;                            C Class Center Fire;

Ron Miranda               78.8                                        Dan Dorsey                67

Dan Dorsey                 76.8                                         George Brown             47

George Brown             53.2                                         David Koch                 42

All around Overall average Classification will be awarded from combined scores of August 14 Shoot.


Over the weekend, we came four votes away from the United States Senate giving our Constitutional rights over to the United Nations. In a 53-46 vote, the senate narrowly passed a measure that will stop the United States from entering into the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty.

The Statement of Purpose from the bill read: To uphold Second Amendment rights and prevent the United States from entering into the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty. The U.N. Small Arms Treaty, which has been championed by the Obama Administration, would have effectively placed a global ban on the import and export of small firearms. The ban would have affected all private gun owners in the U.S., and had language that would have implemented an international gun registry on all private guns and ammo.

Astonishingly, 46 of our United States Senators were willing to give away our Constitutional rights to a foreign power.

Here are the 46 senators that voted to give your rights to the U.N.

Baldwin (D-WI) Baucus (D-MT) Bennet (D-CO) Blumenthal (D-CT) Boxer (D-CA) Brown (D-OH) Cantwell (D-WA) Cardin (D-MD) Carper (D-DE) Casey (D-PA) Coons (D-DE) Cowan (D-MA) Durbin (D-IL) Feinstein (D-CA) Franken (D-MN) Gillibrand (D-NY) Harkin (D-IA) Hirono (D-HI) Johnson (D-SD) Kaine (D-VA) King (I-ME) Klobuchar (D-MN) Landrieu (D-LA) Leahy (D-VT) Levin (D-MI) McCaskill (D-MO) Menendez (D-NJ) Merkley (D-OR) Mikulski (D-MD) Murphy (D-CT) Murray (D-WA) Nelson (D-FL) Reed (D-RI) Reid (D-NV) Rockefeller (D-WV) Sanders (I-VT) Schatz (D-HI) Schumer (D-NY) Shaheen (D-NH) Stabenow (D-MI) Udall (D-CO) Udall (D-NM) Warner (D-VA) Warren (D-MA) Whitehouse (D-RI) Wyden (D-OR

 This needs to go viral. These Senators voted to let the UN take our guns. They need to lose the election. We have been betrayed. 46 Senators voted to give your 2nd Amendment Constitutional Rights to the U.N.

HAWKS Gun Club host Handgun Familiarization And Safety Training (FAST) Class at Cardon Hall in Winnsboro

Saturday June 15th the HAWKS Gun Club of Winnsboro hosted an all-day Familiarization And Safety Training (FAST) Class for people interested in learning more about handling firearms safely. The group numbered 25 participants including individual, hands-on, training instructors from the HAWKS Gun Club. All of the instructors were certified to teach safe handling and shooting techniques.

The course was designed for absolute beginners in the world of firearms and self-defense and for all others seeking to renew or build their knowledge of firearm safety.

The Class consisted of full day of very thorough basic safety considerations for those desiring to possess firearms in their homes for protection. The students were requested to bring their own firearms in order to get help with their own explicit weapons.

Basic safe storage, cleaning, safe handling of firearms and also shooting techniques were presented to a very attentive audience. A discussion of when and where to use a firearm for personal defense and some information on the laws involving Texas firearm laws were highlighted 

After the classroom instruction, the class adjourned to the Winnsboro Shooting Range and the students were introduced to good live firing and range practices using live ammunition.

The following four basic rules were presented and stressed throughout the course:

  1. All guns are always loaded.
  2. Never let the gun muzzle cover anything you don't want to destroy.
  3. Keep your finger off the trigger until the sights are on the target.
  4. Be sure of your target and what is back of your target.

Lunch was provided by the Double C Steakhouse.




Did you ever feel like you owed a politician an apology?   I do. I got an email, the other day, Conceal and Carry group, headed up by Dudley Brown, stating that the Texas Legislature did not pass any of the proposed pro-gun legislation. So I shot a letter off to Rick Perry demanding that he do his job and sign the damn legislation. Yesterday I received an NRA Legislative Alert that the Governor has signed into law three pieces of pro-gun legislation that will become law in September. Hopefully Governor Perry will keep his pen handy and his arm warm and keep signing those NRA backed bills, awaiting his endorsement.

I should have known that a “red” state as great as Texas would not let the gun owners down, in spite of the “hand-out minorities” in the major cities. I will write an apology letter to Gov. Rick. Any state that is trying to woo gun manufacturers as Texas is, certainly wouldn’t pass a bunch of anti-gun legislation, in spite of all the bleeding heart, miss guided liberals.

God, how I wish Obama and his thugs would just go away and America could get back to being America.

Minutes for June Business Meeting

We had 44 in attendance including guests, including Lady Hawks and perhaps a future Lady Hawk, Ralene Ruyle who was more than welcome.

The Pledge and Invocation was followed by Dave’s Treasurer’s report, included was a request for NRA dues, and sales on patches, caps, shirts, decals and logo shirts and finished with a report on our raffle gun sales. Ron began his Secretary’s report with a statement commending our State Legislature and our Governor on passing three important pieces of NRA backed legislation, SB 299, SB 864 and HB 1421. This was followed up with a report on the Banquet and reported on the menus being offered. This was followed with a report on the Garage Sale proceeds which amounted to around $6,000 with a carryover of $1200. I did not mention the Dog Run update which has been stalled and finally announced that we had decided on June 20th for Poker Night.

Jim Butz gave the group a report on a Public Firearms Competition Proposal to benefit young shooters.

John Milligan was called on to introduce our guest speaker of the night, Franklin County District Attorney Will Ramsey, who spoke on the Castle Doctrine. How it would work for you and how it would work against you if you were called upon to shoot. Ramsey, a gun owner, himself was very in tuned to our needs as shooters and gun enthusiasts.

Wayne discussed the Cruise–In partnership and it’s progress and finished up with a final plea for coaches for the F.A.S.T. Program coming up this coming weekend.

Before ending the meeting, Char Doonan was called on to bring us up to date on the Wood County Commissioner’s Court regarding resolutions concerning Protecting and Defending the Constitutional Rights to Keep and Bear Arms. Both resolutions passed on the first ballots.

The June Business Meeting was adjourned.

June Birthdays: Jimmy Chiles, Jun. 15th; Michael Jaynes, Jun. 9th; T.R. Mills, Jun. 22nd; Wayne Scott, Jun. 23rd; Ken Watts, Jun. 17th;

The HAWKS want to wish each and every one of you a very Happy Birthday and many many happy returns. We sincerely hope you have had or will have the best Birthday you’ve ever had or will have.


We are only a few days away from our F.A.S.T. Program and anticipation is mounting. We will discuss every gun from a KEL TEC and the SIG P-238 to any number of 1911 ACPs and all the ammo it takes to feed them and the cleaning and service of them, while not forgetting Revolvers, Rifles and Shot Guns. We will be shown the proper way to holster a gun, to stand and shoot, to clear malfunctions, to get someone’s heart started, to distinguish which bullet works best in what gun, and to, constantly, be on guard and use our collective heads. It will be pounded in until you see it in your sleep, all guns are always loaded, never point the muzzle at anything you don’t wish to shoot, keep your finger OFF the trigger until it’s time to squeeze it and finally, be aware of what’s behind your intended target.

If your wife or one of your kids likes to shoot, want a gun or hope to get their CHL this may be the best Thirty five bucks you ever spent. After taking this course, they may decide that the CHL is not what they really want, saving you $170.00 plus another hundred for the class.

If you know anyone who should, but have not signed up yet, promote this program to the heavens. It may be the best money and time ever spent.



This past weekend may be one of Texas' finest and most productive...

The NRA held its national meeting and convention in Houston this past week end.  While many of our members were attending seminars, exhibits and speeches by many Pro-Gun advocates, unbeknownst to them the Texas Legislature was passing one pro-gun and NRA backed bill after another.  According to a Legislative Alert sent via email by the NRA, "Most bills passed overwhelmingly, in spite of repeated attempts by anti-gun members of the minority party to kill some of these measures by raising parliamentary "points of order" against them for alleged violation of House rules."  This is a direct slap in the face to those traitorous Washington Obamaites who are doing everything with or without adhering to any rules to circumvent or destroy the Second Amendment to our Constitution, which we hold so dearly.

Senate Bill 299/House Bill 1304:  protects against charges of unlawful carry for the inadvertent or accidental display of a handgun by a CHL

Senate Bill 864/House Bill 47:  Reduces the number of classroom training hours for original and renewal CHLs from 10-15 hours to 4-6 hours.

House Bill 508:  imposes civil fines on state agencies, cities or counties which improperly post 30:06 signs.  (This bill now moves to the Senate for their approval)

House Bill 972: eliminates the criminal prohibition on the possession of firearms on public or private college campuses for Texas CHL holders.  (This bill now moves to the Senate for consideration)

House Bill 48: Streamlines the process for renewals by eliminating continuing education and handgun proficiency demonstration requirements.  (This bill now moves to the Senate for approval)

House Bill 485: would reduce fees for veterans discharged honorably after one year of service as well as reserve and part-time peace officers to $25.00.  A House floor amendment would include TDCJ correctional officers and members of the Texas Military Forces.  (This bill now moves to the Senate for approval)

House Bill 698:  would require DPS to establish procedures for the submission of fingerprints by CHL applicants who live in counties with populations of less than 46,000 and do not live within 25 miles of a designated facility capable of processing them digitally or electronically.  (This bill now moves to the Senate for approval)

House Bill 1076:   would prohibit any state agency or agency employee form enforcing a federal statute or regulation on firearms or firearm accessories that does not exist under Texas state law.  (This bill now moves to the Senate for approval)  This bill would prevent any of the new Federal Gun "grabbing" bills from affecting Texas residents.

House Bill 1349:  prohibits DPS from requesting or requiring that an applicant's social security number be disclosed during the process of obtaining an original or renewal CHL.  (This bill now moves on to the Senate for approval)

House Bill 1421:  would allow firearms seized by law enforcement in connection with a crime, and not returnable to a rightful owner, to be sold at a public sale to federal firearms licensed dealers rather than be destroyed.  (This bill now moves to the Senate for approval)

HAWKS BIRTHDAYS FOR MAY: Our Patriarch James Cash, May 3rd. Ray Hollingsworth, May 2nd. Terry Wright, May 25th and our favorite Ritchie's waitress Krista, May 3rd.

The HAWKS sincerely hope you all have had or will have the very best Birthday, ever...Happy Birthday

May Business Meeting Minutes

Wayne opened the meeting at 6:30 pm. with a welcome to guests and expressed a concern for Hardy Hamm, Dennis Bowman and Doug Grantham's daughter, in Houston, who all have health issues.  After the pledge and the invocation Dave gave the Treasurer's report along with the update on patches, caps, logo shirts and gun control shirts and finished with a report on gun raffle sales.

Ron followed with a request that the previous minutes be accepted as printed in the newsletter, which was moved and seconded, then approved.  Ron followed with a report on the NRA backed bills that passed the House in Texas, the members were asked once more to be available for storage transport on Monday preparing for the garage sale.  No changes have been made to the website; however, George Brown was introduced to explain the changes current and proposed for the Classified Page.

Ken was called on for a report on the Scholarships and gave the members a choice of using up all of the available monies and giving it to four students or taking a bit more of the reserve and helping three students.  The membership voted for the three students.  Michael Jaynes was called on to offer a presentation on Camp I-Hope, a camp for children cancer survivors to continue to fight and to get their lives back in order.  The membership agreed to donate $600.00 to sponsor an event for the camp's final evening.

Ken Pool was next, and discussed the Tuesday Tac Shoot which on had six participants.  He called for suggestions on a time and date for the next shoot and it was determined that May 16th at 6pm. would give shooters enough time to get off work and get to the range to shoot since it stays light so long.  He then reported on the final rimfire and announced the 2014 schedule of the last Saturdays in March, April and May, and made a plea for continued support from the members, Lady Hawks and WGC.  The coaches are very important to the success of this program and experienced shooters are needed.  And it's a lot of fun and satisfaction.

Jimmy Chiles gave a short fall gun show report in Doug Grantham's absence, giving the dates of September 14th and 15th for the show.  This sparked a question from Chuck Knox as to how much money has been recovered from the unfortunate incident after the last show.  Tom Howard, Chamber President, addressed that question saying only $240 of the reported $9100 has been recovered plus purchased contraband from the lads, who allegedly stole the money.  Tom said the case would be sometime before punishments were handed down and restitution, if any could be made.

Ken Schwab had the honor of introducing our speaker for the evening, Mayor to be Tom Howard, who in turn introduced his two guests, Russ Daman with Armento’s Program Aviation as Manager and Jay Hitchcock, also with Air Methods as Regional Field Logistics Manager.  Both men gave their backgrounds and current job descriptions and responsibilities and how Trinity Mother Francis Care Facilities has drawn Winnsboro into the 21st Century in response time to care centers from Oklahoma to Palestine.  Tom proceeded, in his own subdued way to show us how, why and what to look for during a choking or stop breathing presentation and how to treat it and how not to treat it.  Tom is not only an asset to TMF Hospital, but the City of Winnsboro, the Chamber of Commerce and the HAWKS.

Wayne closed the meeting with a briefing on the upcoming F.A.S.T. event.

Garage Sale is in Full Swing

 Ruben Purcell, Tommy Carden and Denise Miranda, and a cast of thousands are putting together a Super Garage Sale to benefit the Winnsboro Animal Shelter.  It reminds you of gun show days, tables and tables of merchandise for sale at bargain prices.  Be sure to bring your wife on down to the Civic Center and buy back some of the stuff she donated.  There will be a silent auction, too, on Saturday and winning bids will be announced.  (I've seen some stuff and will do my share).  Denise and the Garage Sale Brigade will be accepting donated items, no clothes, through Wednesday afternoon.

While at the set up for the garage sale Wayne discussed having the clients on hand the 24th and 25th to begin construction on the dog runs at the shelter.  We are short some material and commitments from individuals and due to a bad tooth and a trip we may be short our leader on this project.  I have been trying to get underway before the stinky hot weather sets in but I may fall short.  We have a lot of troops that are not in the best of health and that age thing keeps creeping up on all of us.  Damn I hate gettin' old.

A week of fun and frolic, lifting, dragging, sweating, selling.  The sale should have brought in a little over six thousand dollars. Hoo Ray!!!  It was a combined effort, friends, family, neighbors and HAWKS AND LADY HAWKS all pitched in with their best efforts.  The shelter is very grateful.  I especially want to thank Jimmy Chiles, Mel Mellenberger, who handled the sausage/drink sales and all the lads and lassies that carried heavy stuff to people's cars.  Just think, all you happy tired people, in about 360 days we get to start this merry-go-round all over again.  Thanks to all of you.


We had 34 members and 3 guests at the May meeting, and at the May 8th annual meeting of the Winnsboro Gun Club meeting a vote was taken and it was passed that the membership would be frozen at 425, with that being said, Allen Tuell, Secretary/Treasurer said that there is an expected attrition rate of 17% each year that would make room for new members.


Ken Pool and the whole gang hit a grand slam homer with the last rimfire tourney on March 31st.  The weather was so bad I called him a 7 AM to see if we were going to even have a shoot.  Then we were facing a holiday weekend, in Easter and were convinced there would be NO ONE in attendance...WRONG!!! Nineteen eager and enthusiastic shooters showed up, including two of my Grandsons.  Once again, the shooters were focused, safe, and had fun.  We had a great shoot!!! I don't know how we're going to better the March shoot, April 27th.


Insight Into The Ammo Shortage

In a nutshell...there is no easy fix. Let's examine the problems and see what you can try to get what you "think" you need.

By understanding the Law of Supply and Demand it is easy to see that the demand has outstripped the supply. So...the price goes up and the availability goes down. But, the issues are not really all that simple. To make a cartridge, it takes several players. The case maker, the primer maker, the powder maker and the bullet maker and even the package maker. Once all assembled, then the ammo maker can ply his trade. If just one of the team fails to deliver, then the whole process stops. Is it the fault of a single player? Not likely. Let's look at their situation. It takes raw metals such as copper to produce brass and other fancy metals and alloys to make bullets. Mines and factories can only produce so much. When the demand exceeds the supply the production cannot keep up in the short term.

Make no mistake. I do think "price gouging" is in the mix. I do not know who is responsible. But, the upswing in prices seems grossly unreasonable. Be it gas, beef or chicken wings. If a shortage or possible restriction is perceived, then the price goes up...and... usually stays there for quite some time.

Never pass up an opportunity to buy ammo you "really" need that is offered at a reasonable price. If you "really" don't need it, give someone else a chance to score. Once the demand settles down, so will the prices. For "run of the mill" ammo, check with the local suppliers first. If that fails, then your best friend is the Internet. Along with the average stuff, you can find almost any premium ammo you can name. Trouble is (at least for now) they are usually sold out, too.   From what I see, Internet offerings are dismal at best. But we have to learn how to work within the system. In the past I have pointed out several internet suppliers. It is an easy search process, so I won't repeat myself. I will say that I use MidwayUSA the most. Shipping is super-fast and their prices are as good as or better than you will find most anywhere.   When you search for their items they will be marked (available), (out of stock, backorders accepted), (out of stock, no backorders) or (coming soon). You can press the "notify" button and by giving them your email address they will tell you when the item is available. Ken Poole gave me a tip I did not know. MidwayUSA sends out the "notify" list at 8am every morning. This means check your email at that time if possible. Do not hesitate to order as soon as you see it. This is not the time to wait until the cows are milked and the hogs are slopped. First come, first served. You aren't the only one wanting this item. One of my Notify Me items is not expected until sometime in May. It can be a long wait and still no guarantee you will get it. In times like this I just don't shoot as much. I certainly don't waste my good defensive or hunting ammo. I play with my .22's and reload cheap .38 Special wad cutters. It is also a good time to shoot those rounds you know darn well you probably will never use on game or varmints. It takes the fun right out of it to know you just sent a dollar or more downrange every time you pull the trigger. I don't drive as much these days due to high gas prices and cannot shoot as much due to high ammo prices. That said, it's Just My Opinion that we will be dealing with these inflated price tags and scarce products for some time to come.

Happy Shooting     Allen




Bill Jones' article on the Gun Show

If any of you have not read the glowing report in the Winnsboro News of April 4th it made much better reading than the article about the Chamber theft.  Bill hit it right on the head, especially when it came to his account of the HAWKS and the Lady Hawks.  We really appreciate when someone of Bill's stature in the community acknowledges our organization and our mission.  Just when you think no one gives a big pa-tootie, an article like this hits the paper.  It was also appreciated that he gave credit to the "Vista Gals" who got the whole thing rolling.

The paragraphs that covered the HAWKS and Lady Hawks will, certainly, be a shot in the arm for helping further our raffle, which benefits our scholarship fund. 

Finally, Bill expounded on pre-war Germany and what happened to that society when gun control meant something other than "using both hands".

Thanks Bill

HAWKS' BIRTHDAYS for April: Paul Fletcher, Apr. 14:  Jim Hasslinger, Apr. 20;  Brett Miller, Apr. 18;  Allen Tuell, Apr. 17;  Rodney Walls, Apr. 23;  Bill Wansley, Apr. 15; Don Nowell, Apr. 11.  A very Happy Birthday to one and all, may you have the best dang birthday ever and many many more.


Like the old saying goes "back by popular demand" but we are making preparations to offer F.A.S.T or Familiarization And Safety Training.  We promoted this program in 2011 and it was extremely successful with 25 participants.  This year we are shooting for 50 shooters.  You've purchased a firearm, you've stocked up on ammo, you've handled it, fondled, dry fired it, loaded and unloaded it, but do you really know the item that can save your life? 

This is what F.A.S.T. is all about, familiarizing you with the firearm you just purchased, followed by the training to handle the firearm legally, safely and effectively.  When must you shoot?  What happens after you shoot?  What do you do if you walk into a situation where someone has been shot?  

Minutes from the April Business Meeting

The meeting opened with the call to order by our President and a request for prayers for all of our shut-ins and any family or friends of HAWKS. (Please refer to our Prayer List on the website)   Wayne addressed the change in our meeting schedule from May 2nd. to May 9th. so as not to conflict with the National NRA Convention in Houston.  Wayne finished with the Invocation in Tom Howard's absence, and then left for another meeting.  Ken Schwab led the room in the pledge.  Dave Sanders gave a detailed report on our current financial position which was sent via email to the members and fielded questions regarding scholarships.  He indicated we were way ahead on our gun raffle sales, but stressed to continue raising the bar, and we have gun control shirts that need to be sold. 

Secretary Miranda accepted a nomination by Ken Pool that he dispense with the reading of last month’s minutes, the motion was seconded by Dave Sanders and the vote was unanimous to accept.  Ron proceeded with a report on the two new webpages, the Business Cards and WGC Range Rules for reference.  A plea went out to all for "stuff" for the Animal Shelter garage sale in May; we only have one storage unity 3/4 full at this time.  Ron reported the dirt work at the Shelter was complete and now we can proceed with the construction of the runs.  Ken Schwab returned to the podium with a charities report.



March Madness

Is it just my imagination or am I busier than I was when I worked for a living? We’re into March and not a moment too soon. It’ll be a hundred and ten in the shade before we know it and there is a lot to do before that happens. We’re (the HAWKS) are staring a spring gun show, probably the most important one ever, in the face with much anticipation. I think buying will be brisk, if there’s anything to sell, especially ammo. If you can purchase your own Allen Gold, John Milligan, Doug Sager or Rick Henson we’d all make wise decisions when it comes to purchasing what we need. We are going to build two dog runs for the shelter and that project begins Monday the 10th with lining up dirt to be hauled in to level the ground between existing and projected runs. In May the biggest garage sale ever will take place to provide funds for the Animal Shelter for the coming year. If that ain’t enough to get you to break a sweat, the members voted to partner with Winnsboro’s Main Street in hosting the Labor Day Cruise-In which was started by Main St. then taken over by the Rotary Club. This project will provide additional funds for the HAWKS to use towards an additional scholarship or other worthwhile charities. We’ve adopted new patches for our shirts instead of the huge target on our backs and Ken Pool is like our version of the Pied Piper with his Rimfire brigade. This program is turning out to be super successful. Also, when the HAWKS step out to strut a bit, we are proud to include our little sister alongside of us. Yup… Lady Hawks!!! It’s becoming difficult to function without them. They’re small in number (so far) but mighty in the help they lend. If you are a woman with a CHL and an NRA membership you might give these folks a look-see.

I know I speak for all the Directors of HAWKS when I say we are proud of where we’ve been, proud of where we’re headed and proud to be associated with a great group of guys and gals. I’ve only attended one Thursday night meeting that I regretted and we needn’t get into that.

Minutes from our March 2013 business meeting

Wayne opened the meeting with a call for constant concern for our members and their families that are dealing with health concerns, especially James Clark’s wife Katheryn and former Wood County Sheriff Bill Wansley. He followed up with a welcome to guests Lewis Roach and Greg Mills. Jimmy followed with the Pledge to the flag and Mayor Tom’s Invocation.

Treasurer Dave brought the group up to speed on the club’s financial position and was warmly applauded when he announced that the raffle gun was covered and we were well ahead of last year’s sales. Wayne explained how the club benefitted by NRA sales and renewals, with a ten dollar rebate with every one year membership or renewal with the figure declining with the addition of additional year commitments. Then Dave continued announcing sales on patches, caps, decals, bumper stickers and gun control shirts. We are hoping shirt and bumper sticker sales will be brisk at the upcoming gun show since there will be very little ammo available.

As Secretary / Webmaster Ron took the podium Ken Pool moved that the previous minutes be accepted as written in the February newsletter, seconded by Tom Howard and unanimously passed by the membership, Ron breathed a sigh of relief. Ron, then, introduced the most recent members including John Bowling, Michael Jaynes, George Foster Jr., Mickey Swindell and the rejoining of Larry Haynes. How I missed Bill Sanders I’ll never know. A thousand apologies, Bill!!! Ron moved on to the introduction of the updates to the website, the BUSINESS PAGE, which will list business cards of HAWKS and friends of HAWKS owned businesses, FREEBIES and LINKS (sounds like breakfast) which will have sweepstakes from gun manufacturers and links to other websites, PRAYER PAGE which is getting a lot of hits, lately, and CLASSIFIEDS, which George Brown will monitor. Please visit all our pages often and patronize those that support us. The Shelter Garage Sale was next up and a sign-up sheet was circulated and a call for salable items to be donated. Our storage unit is 122 (right behind McDonalds in the first row, very end unit) Al Andersen, Denise Miranda and Rubin Purcell all have keys. We will need pick-ups and trailers on Monday May 13th to transport donations from the storage unit to the Civic Center. Volunteers from the Johnston Unit will be on hand to do the heavy lifting, both loading and unloading; all we have to do is drive. Set up and pricing will be the 13th, 14th and 15th with the sale commencing on the 16th, 17th and 18th, I will email the sign-up sheets to all. Before Ron ran out of steam, he passed around a drawing of the intended construction of two new dog runs at the shelter. I spoke with Nina Browning on Friday and she will ask Johnny Lanier to build dirt mounds to equalize the height of the existing and the proposed runs. Again we will see the manual help from the Johnston Unit and will basically supervise the construction of the runs. We would like to complete this job in April.

In Ken Schwab’s absence, Wayne gave the charities report and on behalf of Sheriff Paul Fletcher, he asked for assistance for a destitute family in Mt. Vernon Wayne Scott moved that we donate $250.00 Ken Pool seconded and the motion carried. Dennis Bowman asked that we assist his Great Grand Son paralyzed in a car wreck in California to aid in the purchase of a special bicycle so his mother and friends can get him outside instead of lying for hours on end in a bed. Jimmy Chiles moved we donate $250.00 for this worthy cause, James Morris seconded and the motion carried.

Up next was Ken Pool, who reported on the recent tactical shoot Wednesday afternoon. Ken switched to rimfire and reported that we had an extremely good and safe shoot, with nine participants. In spite of the freezing weather everyone had a good time. Jimmy passed around the sign-up sheet for the gun show and discussed the different assignments while adjusting some of the times.

Bert Edmondson was introduced and gave a stirring account of the annual trek to the Viet Nam war’s memorial wall with the names of over 58,000 names of fallen heroes. We were shown a ten minute video on the massive movement of thousands of motorcycles to and through Washington, D.C. It must be noted that the resume of the speaker took almost as long as the presentation, Bert has had one active history. We are fortunate and proud to have a person of Bert Edmondson’s background and caliber consider the HAWKS for association. Thanks Bert.

It was time to ask for a vote on the partnering with Main Street on the Labor Day Cruise-In. Wayne covered all the background on the meetings we have had and passed around copies of the agreement between Main Street and the HAWKS for the membership to approve. After an explanation and discussion a motion was made by Hardy Hamm and seconded by Scott Riddle, the vote was unanimously in favor of going ahead with the project.

Under New Business, Scott Riddle announced the Lady Hawks were having a raffle for a $200.00 gift card to Bass Pro Shops, tickets are $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00. See Scott or any of the Lady Hawks for tickets, and I think Scott said the drawing was to be at the gun show.

Next month the soon to be Mayor of Winnsboro, Tom Howard will be the guest speaker and will be discussing CPR and choking and how to react to either situation. We will be discussing and analyzing the gun show, hopefully, all the would be buyers will find something to buy.

HAWKS’ MARCH BIRTHDAYS: Danny Fisher, Mar. 16th; Gordon Glass, Mar. 5th;

The HAWKS hope both of you have had or will have the very best Birthday ever, and hope you celebrate many many more.  Happy Birthday from the HAWKS.

Just My Opinion

The tragic and violent acts of the last few weeks has given the Anti-Gunners a platform to spew their nonsense and distort the facts.  Not one of us wishes these acts continue.  However, it simply must be recognized that no matter how restrictive our laws are written and passed, there will always be a violent fringe group that will thumb their noses at those laws and continue to pursue an evil course.  Be it with a knife, club or gasoline a determined person (no matter how deranged) will find a way.  I can already see a shifting among those politicians that we used to consider being on "our side".  They smell an advantage and are jumping on board.  But, let's face facts.  Do you really believe that restricting the sale or ownership of high capacity magazines will reduce these horrible deeds?  Without doubt, millions are already on the street, in the market place or in the homes of honest gun owners.  Do you really believe that the crooks and kooks will simply turn in those magazines or guns if asked by our Government?  You know better!  And, so does Obama.  He, as others before him, pray on the minds of the ignorant and hopes he keeps them fooled long enough to survive another term.  Restricting our 2nd Amendment rights is not the answer.  The answer is to enforce the laws already on the books and stop protecting the violence prone mentally ill.  The answer is to incarcerate and treat these folks with government funding.  Many families may do nothing to report such a person as they feel they may face the financial cost of their care.  That should never happen.  If we can afford (which we can't) to pour money into countries that really hate our guts, then we need to divert at least part of that funding to help our own.  Will it happen?  I doubt it.  Washington doesn't have the guts to press and resolve these issues.  At least not with the worthless bunch we just elected.  They will continue to tell us what we want to hear and we may continue to be stupid enough to believe them.  Or, we might just wake up and actually hold them accountable.

There will be tough days ahead for those of us who believe that the 2nd Amendment means that every citizen has the right to keep and bear arms.  Lose that right and our nation, as we know it, will be doomed.  Always consider with compassion, but temper your thoughts with logic.  If it doesn't seem right to you, it probably isn't.  But....that's just my opinion.

Still, Just My Opinion

This is very good advice and worth the effort.  As an aside, the most common failure in "quality" auto feed weapons usually filters back to the magazine.  Dirty?  Dented?  Stuffed with ammo for months on end without changing out?  It is a bit boring, but I change out magazines every month.  One month month off.  If it is a somewhat non-essential gun, I don't rack a load into the chamber.  I leave the gun uncocked and no round in the chamber.  I also give my shotguns and tube fed guns a brief rest every month.  I unload them and release the trigger.

Takes the pressure off for a little while.  Same for any loaded gun I have, regardless of what kind of magazine.  My carry guns get a brief respite, but it is better than nothing.  Clean tools work and last longer than dirty and neglected tools.  Guns are really tools.  Take care of them!

Happy Shooting    Allen

Allen Gold


Unfortunately, there are two schools of thought on this subject.  One, tells us that we need to protect ourselves and loved ones even in an institution of medical help, care, and learning.  And the other says why take a chance and run afoul of the law leave your protection locked in the car.  Here is Texas Law Shield's take on the matter for your consideration.

Dear Members:

This article is a refresher on a topic that generates a lot of questions from our members. "Can I legally carry my firearms in a hospital, church, nursing home, or school?" We have written on this topic before, in great detail, but the subject continues to generate innumerable calls and inquiries from our members.

As a result, we have decided to take a different approach. This newsletter will provide the basics in an easy to read, bullet point (no pun intended) format. We've removed all of the lawyerly analysis to get right to the essentials of the issue. For those interested in a further breakdown of these topics, please see our newsletter archive at  

Churches, Hospitals, and Nursing Homes:

-           A CHL holder can legally carry in these places, but must always be vigilant in looking for any proper §30.06 notice. A CHL holder cannot carry if given proper §30.06 notice (sample below).

-          If the hospital is part of an educational institution, the possession of weapons is prohibited by TPC § 46.03(a)(1).

-          Why does this generate so much controversy/confusion? Texas Penal Code §46.035(b)(4)&(6) contain what appears to be a blanket prohibition on carrying in hospitals, nursing homes and churches. Many people (including even law enforcement officers and some CHL instructors) stop the inquiry here and believe that a CHL holder cannot ever carry into these places. However, the very next page in the DPS' booklet on handgun laws contains §46.035(i), which states that the two preceding sections, §46.035(b)(4)&(6), "do not apply if the actor was not given notice under Section 30.06," meaning carrying in these places is compl

Section 30.06," meaning carrying in these places is completely lawful as long as no §30.06 notice is properly given.      


-          It is a violation of the law for a CHL holder (along with everyone else) to take a firearm into a school building.

-          A concealed weapon may be carried by a CHL holder in an automobile, onto the sidewalks, driveways, parking lots and parking garages of a school. A non-CHL may carry concealed in their automobile, in school parking areas, and driveways.

-          A concealed firearm may be carried in a motor vehicle while picking up or dropping off a child at school, or left in a car during a visit to the school. Your right to carry ceases at the "door" of the school, so to speak.

Gun Free School Zones:

Texas Law:

-          CHL holders and other lawful individuals are allowed to carry concealed handguns in their motor vehicles under the laws of TPC Chapter 46. This law does not prohibit them from carrying a concealed weapon within 300 feet of the premises of a school. This law only applies to people who are committing or who have committed a crime with a weapon near a school.

Federal Law:

-          It is a federal crime for a person to possess a firearm which has moved through interstate commerce (which is virtually all of them), on the grounds of or within 1000 feet of a public, parochial, or private school. Basically, as surprising as it may seem, under this federal law, the mere possession of a firearm by the occupant of a motor vehicle while driving past a school or dropping off a child, is a federal crime. However, this is rarely enforced and there are seven broad exceptions to this law:

  1. If the possession is on private property which is not part of the school grounds. This means that a person living within 1000 feet of a school can keep a firearm in their house.
  2. A CHL holder may carry a concealed firearm into a "gun free school zone." There is one big catch, though. A person can only lawfully carry in a school zone located in the state that issued the CHL. Therefore, if a person has a Texas CHL they can only carry through Texas school zones. If that Texas CHL holder is traveling through another state, the exception under federal law does not apply to them and they are in violation of this law. It also means that a Texas resident, who holds a non-resident out-of-state CHL, does not benefit from this exception and is in violation of the law if they take a firearm into a school zone.
  3. If the firearm is not loaded, and is in a locked container, or a locked firearms rack that is on a motor vehicle. This means that if a firearm is unloaded and carried in a locked case, or other type of locked container, such as a glove box or trunk, there is no violation of the federal law.
  4. If the firearm is carried by an individual for use in a program approved by a school in the school zone. This exception covers school sponsored shooting activities, such as the ROTC program.
  5. If the firearm is carried by an individual in accordance with a contract entered into between a school in the school zone and the individual or an employer of the individual. This means that school security guards can carry firearms while on the job.
  6. If the firearm is carried by a law enforcement officer acting in his or her official capacity. This exception covers police officers while on duty only; it does not appear to cover them while they are off duty, even if they are required to carry by state law while off duty.
  7. If the firearm is unloaded and is in the possession of an individual while traversing school property for the purpose of gaining access to public or private lands open to hunting, if the entry on school premises is authorized by school authorities. This means that if a hunter must cross school property to get to a lawful hunting ground, they must have the permission of the school and the firearm must be unloaded.

We hope that this has cleared up any confusion and we are pleased to offer any advice or assistance to any of our members, as part of their Texas Law Shield membership.

Stay Safe,

Edwin Walker

President Texas Law Shield, LLP


 February Business Meeting Minutes

The February meeting started as usual with a welcome to members and guests from Wayne, followed by Jimmy leading us in the pledge and Tom with the Invocation. The usual format was changed with an invitation and presentation by Main St. Manager, Denise Miranda, who briefed the members on a plan to have Main St. partner with HAWKS to manage and run the Labor Day Cruise-In. She asked for us to think about it and attend their meeting next month if we are interested.

Wayne recognized the guests in the house, Louis Roach, John Bowling, Denise Miranda (who just addressed the members), Drew Beams and Art Walden of the Winnsboro Food Pantry. After introductions, Wayne asked for discussion on the Main St. proposal regarding the Cruise-In. Hardy Hamm relieved some concerns by stating the much of the logistical work would be handled by Main St. and our duties would be primarily “day of” responsibilities. Tom Howard added that additional tables had been purchased for the Gun Show, eliminating the need for a lot of strenuous work picking up and delivering tables allowing us to save our strength for the car show. Dennis Bowman commented that the involvement would give HAWKS additional recognition in the city and Jim Hasslinger followed up with the suggestion that all duties and responsibilities be submitted in writing, which the members all felt would be a good idea. The membership seemed to be interested in pursuing an interest in the show; however, no official vote was taken.

Wayne filled in for an absent Treasurer with an abbreviated report. Wayne then filled in for Ken Schwab with a charity report and acknowledged the letter sent by Mr. Walden thanking the HAWKS for its donation. Mr. Walden followed up with a brief description of what the Food Pantry does and who benefits from this organization.

Ron asked if the members would like to have the previous month’s minutes read, but a motion was made by Tom Howard, seconded by Boyd Proctor to accept the minutes for January as listed in the previous newsletter. We then tried to bring the membership up to speed on the website after our meeting with Neal on Tuesday, the 29th. The members were instructed on how to access the various pages. The next item discussed was to ask the membership to be sure to put their correct contact information on the roster, which will NOT be put on the website.   We hope to update and send out to the membership. Ron announced that Sheriff Jim Brown will address the local Tea Party on Monday March 4th at the Quitman library and the TSRA will have a meeting at Holly Hall at Holly Lake Ranch on Monday February 11th. Ron announced that he would administer the Compliance dept., constant reminders will not be sent, but, we will review all memberships in August. Ron, then, stated that no additional progress has been made on the dog run project at the shelter.

A charities report was given for Schwabbie, by Wayne Scott, for those who haven’t seen the paper, the HAWKS got some great press and some well deserving charities got some help. John Milligan made a motion to offer a donation to the Blessing Box, for $250, and seconded by Doug Grantham, membership approved unanimously.   While on the charity subject Hardy Hamm suggested and made a motion that the Charity Committee be given latitude to adjust the number of recipients and their amounts as the situation may require. Ken Pool seconded the motion and the membership voted to accept the motion. Ken Pool moved to amend the previous motion to allow the committee to determine the number of acceptable candidates and make a recommendation as to how much in total monies should be awarded. The only decision left to the membership would be the total amount of money to be earmarked for the scholarship or scholarships. Paul Fletcher seconded the motion and the vote was to approve the amendment. The original motion was voted on and approved.

Ken Pool then reported on the Tactical Shoot program and encouraged everyone to participate. He then, explained the classifications for the pistol tournament and followed that report up with a Rimfire report.

Jimmy explained on how he would handle the sign-up and job assignment for the upcoming gun show, Doug followed up with a report on how the table sales were going and what the HAWKS would be asked to do to assist the Chamber. Doug said the large Gun Show signs would be hung on Monday February 11th and the smaller ones on February 20th. Doug, was then asked by Wayne to report on the possibility of adding bumper stickers to our shirt sales at the gun shows and cruise-in, along with any other event we may participate in, the stickers would be black on yellow, with the slogan; “When guns are outlawed only Outlaws will have guns”, with The HAWKS Gun Club underneath. The vote to proceed was approved, with the selling price to be $2.00 each. Ron added that we should carry extra Gun Show posters and ask store owners and businesses you go into, if they will put up a poster for you, then sell them a raffle ticket.

At this time John Milligan was to introduce Winnsboro Police Chief, Andy Chester, however, he left work early, sick and had to back out. It was time for plan “B”… Wayne answered the question “When must I shoot?   He discussed the ramifications of shooting and not shooting. The program was then, turned over to Scott Riddle, who discussed how to handle a firearm and not handle a firearm. He demonstrated ammunition, loading and unloading, racking and packing, and most importantly, “if you pull it you better be prepared to shoot it!”

Under “new business” Jim Butz announced a charity event this Saturday to benefit a widow from the Johnston Unit, who lost her husband to cancer.

The meeting was closed.

Wood County Sheriff said he will support the Constitution against a fed gun grab

In an article written by Sheriff Brown he stated that “As you heard me state many times during the campaign, I will defend and protect all the peoples’ rights granted by the Constitution of the United States and of the State of Texas. This includes the 2nd. Amendment which is within our “Bill of Rights”

Sheriff Brown continued,” I am very proud to be the Sheriff of Wood County and its Chief Law Enforcement Officer.” “As long as I am in this office I, and my trusted deputies, will not enforce or permit to be enforced any “unconstitutional” regulations or executive orders against our citizens within the borders of Wood County Texas.”

Just My Opinion

Many of the HAWKS have expressed concern over what gun owners in this country may be facing with the decisions being forced upon us by the current administration in Washington, D.C. We are already experiencing the wrath of our government as many speculate that the feds are buying up all available ammo with our tax dollars just to keep law abiding citizens from having it. While the general public are cleaning shelves of every kind of firearm imaginable, it turns out we may have to figure out how to shoot jelly beans out of them. Our own Weapon’s specialist, Allen Gold has thoughts on this subject;   

Just like four years ago...only worse!

Remember the ammo shortages back then? Remember that we really didn't know what was coming next? we do! Not only is ammo in short supply, but we now know for sure that Obama plans to neuter the 2nd Amendment. If indeed, not dismantle it. I wish I could dismiss this as simply a Left Wing platform to appease the funding Liberals. I'm afraid it goes much deeper than that. We, as a country, have changed. We are no longer a Pro-Christian, Northern European majority population. We, as a voting block, have allowed Illegal Aliens and Liberal nut cases to take over the Nation without even firing a shot. We should be ashamed.

That said, it is not too late to fight back. We have to hold our elected officials accountable. First at the Local level and then at the State and Federal levels. Force them to publicly state their positions for the record. And then, hold them to their statements. If they them out!

As it stands now...ammo, guns and related hardware are in short supply. I got up at 2:00am this morning to check my many ammo sources. No, I don't need any. But if I did, I would be dismayed. Time after time the file read: Sold Out. No Reorders. Bring back any memories?

A Lame Duck President has nothing to lose. Nor has his minions. It will

take quick minds and strong action to survive the next 4 years. But, as always, that's Just My Opinion.

Happy Shooting Allen

February Birthdays: Joel Blair, Feb. 20th; Jim Ledbetter, Feb. 6th; Kinda new guy, Darin Penry, Feb. 8th; Ron Smedley, Feb. 8th;

The HAWKS want to wish each and every one of you a terrific Birthday. If you have already enjoyed it, we hope it was the best ever, if it is yet to come, may it be the best you will have. Happy Birthday one and all.

As a Reminder, our bylaws require that we invite only those with a CHL, are members of the NRA and are invited in by a current member, and unwritten but still in force believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, as they were written. Let’s be sure we don’t fall into the old ways of quantity, numbers do not make the organization.   If you have a friend or relative you would like to see become a HAWKS member, by all means bring him in, however, if you are asked for a membership form, ask the prospect to attend a meeting or breakfast, to see if we have a good fit, the prospect for the club and the club for the prospect. Please be sure the Secretary gets the application and dues, that all entries are filled in on the form and that the writing is legible. Much of our business, as you know is done email and we must be able to read it.

Editor’s thoughts:

Suddenly this year is blasting along, Christmas came and went and now we’re heading for spring, Gun shows, Rimfire, Tactical Shoots, Guns and Ammo shortages, Garage sales and what’s next? Are we running too fast, too far, are we out of breath? If we hang together, if we pull in the same direction at the same time, who knows? We might just pull it off, let’s buckle up and enjoy the ride.

See y’all in March on the 7th when our own Bert Edmondson will discuss “The Ride to the Wall”

2012 In Review

Posted on January 9, 2013 by admin

Our First Full Year as HAWKS GUN CLUB OF EAST TEXAS and we accomplished quite a lot.  JANUARY produced the first set of by-laws that would set the course of the new HAWKS, preventing any one individual from using the club for personal gains.  FEBRUARY was our first business meeting using the new format.  MARCH saw the first of two gun shows which was a huge success and Texas Law Shield was introduced to HAWKS.  APRIL saw the beginning of Rimfire which galvanized the shooters and coaches in our group.  MAY saw the HAWKS become instrumental in the success of the biggest garage sale in the city, benefitting the Winnsboro Animal Shelter.  JUNE was the month the HAWKS gave away $10,500 to a young lady to help her get started on the road to life.  JULY was the last and largest attended Rimfire event.  AUGUST we held our first ever election and our pistol tournament with a new venue.  SEPTEMBER was the largest gun show ever in the Winnsboro area and the HAWKS were there, we, also, tried a new location and menu for our Awards Banquet.  In addition, we found we could not agree on A HAWK of the year, so we went with two.  OCTOBER we introduced an intensification of the Tactical Shoot-Around, with more realistic scenarios, and was the beneficiary of a $1,500 gift for all our work helping at the fall gun show.  NOVEMBER brought disappointment for some as a result of the election, but satisfaction from our charities committee on the final selection of how our monies would be spent.  Finally, in DECEMBER we got to see our benevolence in action, by presenting two families with Thanksgiving dinner and one family with four little girls a Christmas to remember, including Santa and Mrs. Clause.  It’s been a good year, one of accomplishments and fun, of learning and sharing, of interaction and comradery.  But better days are ahead, so buckle up.

The January Meeting Minutes

Thirty two members and two guests, Lewis Roach and Cliff Ussery, enjoyed the program professionally done by our own Allen Gold.  Wayne opened the evening by welcoming the above mentioned guest and our retired law enforcement officers.  He called for continuing prayers for our shut-ins.  It was noted that we were operating with two officers off with the flu bug and one attending a funeral in California.  We wish to thank VP John and RSO Doug for not showing up and spreading the germs around.  After a Jimmy led Pledge and a Tom Howard Invocation

Treasurer Dave recapped the Treasurer’s report and then proceeded to explain how and to whom the charity monies have been dispersed and will be delivered.

Wayne has been point on getting quotes on shirts and patches.  The membership approved the patch concept, with the blue shirts to come through with HAWKS and person’s name (optional).  The patches can be sewed on or ironed on where ever the member wants to put it, shoulder, front or not at all was decided on.  The shirt prices remain the same in spite of a cost increase, but the patch will be the members responsibility.  The patches will sell to the members for $3.00 each with sewing costing an average of $5.00.  Wayne explained that this would give everyone flexibility and comfort without having to have the huge target on our backs.  There was much discussion and explanation, but in the end the majority of the members agreed on the new program.

Ron explained that there were no minutes from the last meeting due to the Christmas Party.  Ron told the membership we were getting closer to finishing the website and asked the members if they have seen the Home Page graphics, some had.  Ron, Ken, Jimmy and Wayne will be meeting with Neal Duncan, the web constructor, on Tuesday to get the ball rolling.  A rare Sunday shoot was discussed and details were laid out.  Ron announced a poker night would be held on January 25th, a Friday and all were invited, Miranda’s Man Cave will be the site.  Ron said he would contact the four entities still to receive donations from our Charity Fund.  Finally, Ron explained the gift of the 20 page Legal Brochure from Texas Law Shield, which, with permission, will be posted on the website.  This brochure will answer many questions regarding “being forced to use your firearm”.

Ken Pool was called on to report on another season of Tactical Shoots will be combined with our Pistol Tournament Classification Qualifications and will begin, after coffee on January 16th.  The Tactical Shoot will begin again from the beginning to reacquaint some of the new participants with the shoot they may have missed last year.  Ken explained that many who would like to participate in the HAWKS’ Pistol Tournament will need to get qualified so they will be shooting against competitors on a level playing field.  Three classifications in both Rimfire and Centerfire are planned.  Ken then changed hats and spoke about the need for additional volunteers for the upcoming Rimfire competition to begin next month.  We are anticipating more and more kids with the invitation being extended to more Scout groups and organizations.  Ken has scheduled education sessions and practice for coaches and support personnel.  He expressed a hope that the Lady Hawks and WGC could be counted on for help, as well.  Many of the Lady Hawks were “there for the kids” last year and they will surely be needed next year.  Ken has taken on a “monster task” and needs all the help he can get.

Jimmy Chiles said he is working with Doug Grantham on the sign-up sheet for the Gun Show, scheduled for the middle of March, but is not ready yet.

Before introducing Allen Gold, Wayne and Dave addressed questions regarding the disbursement of charity money since four recipients have still not received money and the 2012 books have been closed.  Dave explained that the check were written on 12/31 and dated same, but just not put in the recipients hands.  This will happen next Wednesday after coffee; all members are invited to attend.  In addition, it was explained that the Christmas budget went over the approved amount by $70.00, however an $80.00 donation was received and earmarked by the donating person that it be used for Christmas, and it was.  The committee was, also, given the flexibility to support one family with four children as opposed to two families.  Wayne explained that we might be imposing too many restrictions on committees by limiting their ability to adjust, required by a situation.  It was suggested that committees be given an amount to spend and a direction and then allowed to adjust as need be.  We will depend on the recommendation made by the various committees that are charged with the responsibility of investigating and determining the recipients, the amount will be determined by a vote of the membership.  It was recommended that we table a decision on this recommendation and vote on it at a later meeting.  Before closing the meeting Al Andersen announced that he would design and make another display box for the Kimber, should we ever get it.  Al, also, recommended that the club adopt a family and monitor their needs over the course of a year; no decision was made on the proposed idea.

After the business of the HAWKS was concluded we were treated to a show-n-tell performance by Allen Gold and his two sidekicks a Russian made .308 caliber (7.62x54mm R Mosin-Nagant rifle with bayonet made in 1932 and a smaller 1936 .26 caliber (6.5×52 mm) Italian Mannlicher-Carcano rifle that was not as coveted as the Mosin-Nagant.  However, both were beautiful works of art, and I’m betting Allen has a few more to keep these guys company.  Allen, not only showed and passed around these weapons and magazines, but went into the history of each and how they were used in the major conflicts.  We are now considering a way to get you MilSurp junkies together for your own clinic.  Maybe John Milligan has an idea.  Thanks Allen for a job well done.  Next month the new Winnsboro Police Chief, Andy Chester, will be our speaker and in March Bert Edmondson will talk on “Rolling Thunder” the ride to the wall.  Consult the “Calendar of Events” for other dates and events coming up this year.  There was only one vote taken, Ken Pool made a motion that we purchase 100 iron/sew on patches, John Cofer seconded and after discussion the motion was passed.