There was no business meeting this month due to the Christmas party, so there are no minutes to be published. We do have several articles that you might enjoy reading.

OPEN CARRY by Ron Miranda

On Saturday, November 14, several members attended the first symposium designed for Law Enforcement and the General Public, to answer questions and discuss the best way to “ease into” the new open carry law effective January 1, 2016. Most of what was discussed during the first half of the presentation was a recap of information provided us by Representative Hughes when he visited the HAWKS and provided on several occasions and in their new book on Texas Gun Laws, by Texas Law Shield.

The main points of this new law is You can carry a hand gun exposed as long as it is holstered in a belt holster or in a shoulder holster and not displayed in a threatening manner. You cannot open carry where a 30.07 sign is displayed, and finally if you are open carrying you must have your CHL or LTC on your person. Another thing was made clear was that if you are asked or presented with written notice that you are not permitted to open carry you are NOT violating the law as long as you leave the person's property or business at their first oral or written request. If you are open carrying and are asked by a magistrate or a Police Officer you must present your CHL or LTC.

The Sheriff's Office said the officer challenge will be explained if you are asked for your carry license. 90% of adult males in the U.S. are right handed which means the chances of your holster and wallet are kept on your right side. When reaching for your wallet to show the officer your license be sure not to give the officer the impression you are going for your gun. Patience and understanding will be paramount on both sides for the first few months as both law enforcement and licensed gun carriers get used to the new law.


“Reasonable gun controls make sense, as do reasonable gun rights. But what is reasonable? Is gun ownership in the United States up or down? Is gun violence in America up or down? The answers should frame this discussion.

Gun ownership in American households declined from 47 percent of households in 1973 to 31% in 2014 per a University of Chicago study. (I, personally, have a problem with those, numbers. For one reason Conceal and carry permits didn't become popular until the 1990s) Firearm homicides in the U.S. declined from 10,129 in 2007 to 8454 in 2013, while the U.S. population increased by 20 million per the FBI.

Gun homicides concentrate in five American cities: Chicago, New York, Detroit, Los Angeles and Philadelphia. Those five cities contain 3 percent of the American population but 20 percent of all gun homicides per the U.S. Census Bureau and the FBI.

Gun homicides concentrate in the demographic of 24-and-younger black and Hispanic males per the Bureau of Justice Statistics.

The cause of most gun violence is the secularization and deconstruction of the traditional family by our government and by our culture. However, if one believes instead that guns are the problem, then look to the facts on the ground, which lead to the necessary conclusion that the most immediate, effective means for reducing gun violence, in America, is to outlaw gun possession by young black and Hispanic males in five American cities.

Let’s go farther. Is this realistic? It makes sense but I doubt if it's doable in today's society and political climate. A friend of mine some years ago said if every person convicted of violent crimes against people, murder, rape, robbery, kidnapping, all the aggravates that go along with them and I would include drug sales, were made punishable by life in prison without parole on the first conviction, after a few generations had passed through, crime would be, virtually eliminated. My friend's views were manifested by his learning that some 85% of crimes in America we caused by repeat offenders and the other 15% was not made to fear the punishment of justice. This practice would be difficult on society for a while but after the generations had worked through two or three cycles prisons would begin to become empty and unnecessary. Doable? Don't place any bets on this program.

A few months ago Bill O'Reily did a piece on why crime is concentrated on and in the black community and lays much of the blame on lack of responsible guidance by the so called father figure. He went on to say that many of the young black children had no idea who their fathers were, let alone be positively influenced by them. Many were left to the rearing by the “street”, so to speak and without guidance and direction soon gave way to violence and crime.

Is there a solution? I doubt it. Because many of the “quick fixes” would be branded cruel and unusual, barbaric, and of course raciest we continue to tolerate riots, lawlessness, lack of responsibility and lowering standards to accommodate. Lord help us if we turn to a gun to keep us safe and secure.01


For the last two months I have been writing a series of articles taken from the pages of US History for the HAWKS newsletter. Many of you may have thought that I have been writing about slavery, but I was not. In today’s modern world, there is no point in writing articles condemning slavery. No sane person could think that it is a good idea, so it should be a dead issue. If the negative moral implications of slavery do not convince a person, then all one need do is look at the parts of the world that practice slavery today. With the exception of the oil rich countries of the Middle East, every nation that practices slavery is an economic disaster area. The oil rich countries will all run out of oil sooner or later, or oil will be replaced by a more economical source of energy, and then they too will return to their former impoverished status.

But if I am not writing about slavery, what am I writing about? In October I wrote about the Dred Scott Decision and how a man was forced to remain in slavery by a bad court decision, even though the laws of the country stated he should have been free. This terrible court decision inflamed the passions of the whole country and helped to precipitate the Civil War. In November I wrote about Anthony Jones and how another bad court decision forced free people into slavery, even though all the laws stated that they were free people. This terrible decision by a judge was the beginning of slavery in the English colonies. I could go on and on about the subject of how improper court decisions have caused terrible problems for this country. Many of these decisions were made in recent years, and I am sure that most of you all already know about many of them. The point of this short series has been to demonstrate that we cannot depend on the court system to protect our freedoms. Although the constitution clearly gives us the right to bear arms, as well as many other important rights and freedoms the government is often ambivalent about protecting them. Thus we must be constantly on guard and ready to cast our votes to change the government whenever necessary.



Hawks minutes 11052015 by Mel Mellenberger

President Paul opened meeting at 1800 with a welcome to our guests. There were 28 members present and 11 visitors (4 scouts) Dr. Whorff and Dr. Petty. Prayer requests for Mr. Cash and Ed Hoyings wife. The pledge and Invocation was led by the scouts. The scouts, along with Dr. Whorff thanked the HAWKS for buying the food and drinks for their qualifying shoot, and furnishing the RSO’s who helped out.

Debra Jerrod gave an excellent presentation on conceal carry and the time element from thinking of protecting to actually drawing gun and how far someone can move in just 6 seconds.

Ron Smith stated the Rim fire is set for 2016 and approved by WGC. Rim fire coaches must be WGC members and training will be set at a later date.

Gilmer raffle was a big success. We just had the drawing for the 3rd gun raffle. Village will sell us a REMINGTON 873 at cost for raffle and comes with a $40.00 mfg. rebate and comes in various calibers.

Nov 7th will be the HAWKS annual awards banquet with open doors at 1730. Dec 3rd will be the CHRISTMAS banquet with eating place to be announced and no meeting for December.

Veterans Day Celebration at AUTUMN WINDS @ 1400 again this year on Nov 11. $75.00 was approved for cake and plaque.

HAWKS was presented with a thank you/APPRECIATION plaque from the AUTUMN TRAILS ASSOC.

Membership voted to give authority to BOARD to issue Christmas donations to our charities and maybe something for local wounded warrior’s family.

Wayne Scott recommended we give out voter’s registration cards at some shows we attend.

Need HAWKS FOR 11/06 1300-1800 and 11/7 9-1600 eyes and ears for Downtown ARTS.


Last month I wrote about the Dred Scott case and promised to discuss the beginnings of slavery in North America so here it is. The North American continent was settled mostly by people from England, Holland, and France; three countries where slavery, although it did exist at that time, was not a very important institution. Why then did slavery become such an important institution that we had to fight a war to end it?

When the North American continent was first settled the immigrants found a vast undeveloped wilderness, but they saw that it had huge potential. As they cleared the forests, plowed the fields, and built houses, they needed people to work the land. At this time there was much political and religious strife in Western Europe particularly England and the economies of the three major countries were depressed so jobs were scarce. Many people wanted to travel to America in hopes of making a better life for themselves, but passage to America by ship was very expensive, and the people who needed the jobs the most could not afford to pay for the passage. In order to solve this problem, a system of servitude was developed. The owner of a large tract of land in America would pay the passage of several people from Europe to America, and the new arrivals would in turn contract to work for the person for a specific number of years. The workers were not considered slaves because their term of servitude had a predetermined expiration date, after which time they were free to do as they pleased. These workers were known as indentured servants.

This brings us to Anthony Johnson. As a young man, Johnson booked passage to America from England as an indentured servant and worked on a plantation. Anthony was very industrious, and thrifty. He served out his contract of indenture and even managed to save a little money along the way. When his contract expired he went to work for a salary and soon saved enough to purchase his own land, and so became a plantation owner. Now it was necessary for him to pay the expensive passage fees to bring in other workers from Europe. These newly imported workers did the same thing Johnson did. They would work out their contracts, buy their own land, and become his competitors. Johnson did not like the expense of having to import new workers so he solved this problem in a very unique way. He just refused to let the contracts expire. Of course the servants did not like the idea of being perpetual servants (otherwise known as slaves) so they sued in court. Johnson, who was by this time a very wealthy man, won the case and was allowed to keep his workers as slaves. Since this decision by the court was contrary to English common law, the English law of contracts, and the prevailing legal precedent of the newly settled America, I suspect that bribery was at play here. Johnson went on to become one of the wealthiest men in Virginia with one of the largest plantations. He named his plantation Angola. If you think this is a strange name for an Englishman to give to his plantation, you are correct. Johnson was originally from the South West African country of Angola, and migrated to England with his parents as a small child. In what may be one of the most ironic incidents in American history, Anthony Johnson was a black man, and the servants that he turned into slaves were white. Part three of this series will be in the December newsletter.


In a special meeting the BOD decided that the Christmas party will be at the Chamber of Commerce Depot on Thursday Dec. 3rd from 6:00 until 9:00. Please bring a covered dish.


Pictures of the gun raffle winners are now on the web, and more should be on there soon.



HAWKS MINUTES 10/01/2015 by Mel Mellenberger

Meeting called to order by VP Bowling. Pledges led by Jimmy Chiles and invocation by Mel.

Treasurer’s report approved as well as minutes of last meeting. Mel made the comment of looking at the “DATES TO REMEMBER” section for future VIPS INFO.

There is a gun show picture on web per George.

Guest speaker CARL ROWE gave a very interesting talk on GET THE PEOPLE ACTIVED ….CONSTITUTION. He gave a web info site: “convention of” for those who wanted MORE info.

VIPS meet at Depot with assigned radio for duty for parade which is at 1600. HAWKS were invited to the AUTUMN TRAILS GRAND BALL.

Prayers needed for Jim H., Skinny and THE MOUTH. Skinny had back surgery and the MOUTH had an episode while we were moving garage sale items from Calico Junction. We filled up one storage space plus part of another.

Guests included speaker and 3 of his 5 children and The High Sheriff of Wood County.

Rifle and pistol competition is over. Ron 1 requested $$$ for prizes for R & P competition and the HAWKS voted up to $150.00.

Izzy has been locked up.

We voted to buy a new tent for the raffle set-up (way to go on selling the past 2 weekends guys) and up to $400.00 to help Boy Scouts with food for their qualification Oct 11. Helpers will be used but you must be an RSO to be on the firing line. We had 1 minute of silence for the Oregon lives lost in shooting.


The changes that we are planning for the HAWKS web page have not been implemented yet due to time constraints. There is a very nice picture from the September gun show in the pictures section.

I was hoping that I would have another article by Ron Miranda but he is not feeling well, and was unable to contribute. We all wish you a speedy recovery Ron. Since Ron is not here I will add an article by me. If no one shoots me, I plan to continue this effort with a series of articles. Perhaps I will entitle it lessons from history.

DRED SCOTT by George Brown

Carl Rowe, the speaker at our last meeting included a brief excerpt on a historic decision by the US Supreme Court known as the Dred Scott Case. Dred Scott was an African American born into slavery in Virginia and later traveled around much of the United States with his owner who was a military officer. During their travels they resided in two northern states which had been declaired Free states by the law of those states. They later returned to Missouri, which was a state that permitted slavery at that time.

Dred Scott’s contention was that since he lived in two Free states for several years, he was now a free man, and sued to obtain his freedom. The case bounced around through state and federal courts for several years, with the decisions favoring first one side and then the other, until it finally reached the US Supreme Court. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of Scott's owner and returned him to her ownership. As Mr. Rowe stated, the decision was based on the belief that Scott was not a citizen, and had no standing to sue. Anyone who wants to read more details about this case can Google Dred Scott and find a wealth of information.

It is worth noting that all of the decisions favoring Scott’s owners which were made by the various courts during this lengthy process ignored current legal president and existing law. Many historians think that this decision by the courts was so outrageous that it inflamed the passions of the entire country and led to the American War Between the States.

One might ask why slavery had become so firmly entrenched in America so that we had to fight a war to end it. After all most of the European countries whose citizens immigrated to America from did not have strong support for the practice of slavery. Next month I will add the second installment of this series and tell you how that happened.



Whats in a Nick Name?

By Ron Miranda

If you have known me for any length of time you, probably, have acquired a “nick” name. Some “nick” names are hurtful and meant to be hurtful, “chubby”, “stupido”, “one eye”, well you get the drift. Some relate to a persons color or place of origin, etc. The ones I really don't like are when a person of color refers to his wife or girl friend as my b-t-h or wh—r and especially law enforcement as pigs or bacon, but we're talking about nick names here not an honorable profession which is under paid and maligned.

My nick names, I hope, are taken as a compliment, affection or admiration, except in my own case. If I were to name myself it would be “Amtrak” referring to my state of health as being a train wreck. Some you've heard and some you haven't like;

“Down Town George Brown” rhymes

“Alpha Dog” Al Andersen All the As

“Plaque Man” Dennis Morey All the plaques he has instituted

“Jimmy Mack” Jimmy Chiles 50s song by the Cherelles

“Waynee” Wayne Scott after Bobby, Dicky, Jimmy or Billy

“Davelope: Dave Sanders someones always handing him an envelope

“Chuckles” Chuck Knox it just works

“Flash” Gordon Glass Flash Gordon, kinda obvious ain't it?

“Douggie Pooh” Doug Sager Eliminate confusion between him and …

“His Lordship” Doug Grantham after a British tv series

“He who shall remain nameless” no comment necessary

If you haven't been named, be on the lookout, around any corner, when you least expect it---ZAP! You've earned a nick name.

HAWK’S MEETING 09/03/2015 MINUTES by Mel Mellenberger

President welcomes guests and new members. There were several health concerns: Jim Hasslinger had 3 disks removed from neck.

Pledge was led by Gary Garner and Brother Cash offered the invocation.

There were 36 HAWKS present and 5 guests and 2 became members. Wendell Hildebrandt checked us out on the internet and Dwain Daughtery is coming back.

Dates to remember: Sept 5- -Cruise in- -Sept 8th 0730 need to replace cruise-in signs with gun show signs- - Sept 26-27 Gun Show-set-up Sept 25. VIPS: Oct 2nd. . Grand Parade Autumn Trails, Oct 16. Trail Ride. .Oct 24th- -Antique car parade. Fishing tourney will be later this month or first part of October. There were too many conflicts for the 12th.

Selling Raffle Tickets: Cruise in, 09122015 Emory, 10102015 Mt Vernon Car Show.

Range report: Whoever lost their bore sight, it was found 80 yards downrange. HAWKS pistol tourney is 09/09/2015 at 0900 with makeup 09/12/2015 from 0900-1300. Rimfire and centerfire using regulation target at 7 yds. Rifle tourney will be 09/16/2015 with makeup following Saturday with same times, 100 yds with 5 shot group. Only one class of shooters.

Web site is having a major fix to stop anyone from hacking (we have not had one). The HAWK’S web site is to be used for HAWKS business only. Use personal e-mail for other matters.

Both reports were accepted from treasurer and secretary.


Guest speaker Bryan Hughes: New open carry law. CHL will be replaced with LTC (license to carry). CHL carriers will not have to go back to school. The new classes LTC will be tweaked from the older CHL classes. DPS will decide shortly on the holster we must use. Leaning toward a retention type holster. A LEO may ask to see your license if he has suspicions about your legally carrying. Campus carry must designate small areas where you cannot carry. Local ISD’s have authority for carrying. Parking lot bill: Can carry on to employer’s parking lot and then discreetly lock it up. Key word here is PREMISIS.


There was a question concerning border security. Texas is spending $800M on border security. DPS troopers in the modified PT boats with quad 30’s will shoot back if fired upon. Border Patrol must retreat if fired upon. Guess who get shot at the most? Yep! There will be a bill introduced to do away with sanctuary cities in TEXAS. Bout time. We have a couple of them very close. It’s all about the money.

HAWKS were invited to attend a ceremony at City Hall at 1100 for 1 minute of silence to honor the TEXAN LEO’s who were murdered recently. Please say a prayer for all LEO’s and families that this senseless killing stop. Please pray for all FIRST RESPONDERS.

WEB REPORT by George Brown

There will be some big changes in the HAWKS web site in the near future. The reason for this is that Neal Duncan’s server was hacked using the WGC classified page as an entry point. The problem has been correct and the WGC site now has a new classified section that is much more secure, both for the members that are selling guns and for and for the server as well. We will soon update the HAWKS web site to the same software, and when we do there will be some changes which will require me to train the members on how to use it. I will have more information for you about that in the next few months.


NEW GUN LAWS -- I received the following emails regarding a NRA alert that I sent out, which concerned two newly proposed federal gun laws. The original email is shown below, followed by several replies. I think Dave makes a valid point, but I am still concerned about the government compiling a list of who has a gun, and where it is kept. An insurance requirement may the entry point for compiling such a list. However, I do realize that such a bill is very unlikely to get through our current congress.

Alert to all HAWKS,

I just received a call from the NRA concerning two bills that are now being considered in congress. HR2283 would ban the sale of online ammunition, and this bill might also have an effect on the classified ad gun sales on our web page. A side effect would be to drive up the price of the ammunition.

The second bill, HR 2546 is even more insidious. This bill would require that all gun owners carry insurance on every gun that they own. As you can imagine, with a different policy for each gun, the cost of the insurance would skyrocket. Furthermore, the insurance companies would be responsible for keeping a record of who has insurance. This record would include who owns every gun and where it is kept. This database could then be accessed by the government if they decide to confiscate all the firearms in the country. I think we all have an interest in stopping this legislation.




George, I talked to my home insurance man and he said everyone who has homeowners insurance should be covered. His words: you carry your homeowners insurance wherever you go just like auto insurance. You are covered no mater whose car you are driving. But, everyone should check with their insurance provider.



Actually HR 2546 has nothing in it about individual firearms. It does call for any person purchasing a firearm has liability insurance. Anyone with a homeowner’s policy already has one that covers liability concerning firearms. No liability policy covers criminal acts and this one wouldn't either. Here's a link to the actual bill which has only been introduced. Like virtually everything in Congress it is unlikely to go anywhere, especially with a Republican majority. In reality this does nothing but require financial responsibility of the gun owner in case of a negligent accident harms someone.

Text - H.R.2546 - 114th Congress (2015-2016): Firearm Risk Protection Act of 2015 | | Library of Congress


Text - H.R.2546 - 114th Congress (2015-2016): Firearm Risk Protection Act of 2015 | | L...

Text for H.R.2546 - 114th Congress (2015-2016): Firearm Risk Protection Act of 2015


View on

Preview by Yahoo


HR 2283 essentially adds the non-face to face sale of ammunition to the same restrictions already in place for firearms. It also adds a reporting requirement to "bulk" purchases of 1000 or more rounds (i.e. 2 bricks of .22s). The way I read it, it would also prohibit non-dealers with a license from selling ammunition. Again, it is only introduced in the Republican Congress and hasn't gone anywhere. If enacted, a virtual impossibility, this bill has by far more impact than HR 2546.

Text - H.R.2283 - 114th Congress (2015-2016): Stop Online Ammunition Sales Act of 2015 | | Library of Congress


Text - H.R.2283 - 114th Congress (2015-2016): Stop Online Ammunition Sales Act of 2015 | Congress.go...

Text for H.R.2283 - 114th Congress (2015-2016): Stop Online Ammunition Sales Act of 2015


View on

Preview by Yahoo


I would encourage all Hawks and all citizens to listen to the NRA, cable news programs, or anyone else regarding proposed legislation but before drawing any conclusions to read the bill themselves.




Individual firearm or in bulk, putting any statutory requirement (financial or otherwise) on the exercise of any Constitutional Right is a dangerous precedent. First, the statutory requirement could be expanded until the Right is choked out. Second, a statute is a lower level kind of Law. When a statute offends the Constitution, the statute must give way, not the other way around. If one were looking for a reason to get to know your Congressional Representative, this would be a good reason, and reminding them how we order our system of Law (See Marbury v. Madison) would not be inappropriate.

Bill Rogers


Both are exceptionally short bills. They aren't the 7000 page variety. Just one page each so it won't take ... long [to read]. What disturbs me is that special interests (like the NRA) and cable "news" (MSNBC and Fox) have effectively dumbed down America to the point where people won't look for themselves and draw their own conclusions. Bill Rogers disagrees with me on the intent of one of these bills and I respect that because as near as I can tell he's drawn his own conclusions after reading them. I wonder what the percentage is of folks who will support or oppose legislation based upon what some group or "news" commentator tells them they should do without looking for themselves. I suspect it's very large. For that reason I would ask that if you include my response that you include Bill's too.




August 2015 Newsletter & Minutes

MINUTES FOR HAWKS Business Meeting

President Paul Fletcher opened the meeting with 37 HAWKS present at 1800 with a welcome to our guests George and Sharon Foster Sr. (who became our newest HAWKS member). Paul asked prayer for a long list of HAWKS and family members. Wayne said take him off because he was feeling OK. The pledge to the American flag led by our local MARINE JIMMIE CHILES and invocation by Bro Cash.

Our guest speaker, MAYOR RANDY PARRISH, was introduced and given the floor. Of the may comments Mayor Randy made was a great compliment to the work the HAWKS have accomplished in our community. The City of Winnsboro was doing well with some expected businesses coming to town.

George investigating a password sign-in to sell items on our web site.

VIPS: Mayor Randy really complimented the HAWKS for their participation. Next duty is Sept 5—Cruise In; and various times during October Autumn Trails.

Annual dues are due now

Committee reports:

Raffle—Mineola car show Sept 26 and Yamboree Oct for 3 days.

Cruise-in—Sept 5th all asked to sign up to help out

HAWKS banquet—Nov 7th---menu to be sent out September

Shooting committee will meet after breakfast Wed Aug 13. Next rim fire will have a more intensive coaches training before next shoot.

Elections: Dave and Mel won first place for Treasurer and secretary by a very narrow margin. Gary Garner elected as Sgt. at arms.

Emergency Call list will be completed as soon as I have all the names of paid up/current members.

Sept 17 Texas Law Shield is sponsoring a seminar on soon to become law, open carry, which will be held in Tyler at the Sharon Shrine Temple, contact Ron M for details. Those wanting to go can form a car pool leaving around 1630ish.

Gary brought up a fishing tournament for anyone interested may Contact him for details.

It was brought up that if you do not work during the gun show, you will be asked to pay the fee to get in. Those working will get a badge for free entry during the gun show.

Food for Thot: What can I/We do to help our membership grow?? Remember, it is our Club and it is what we make of it. Just think of all the fun we could have if we had 50 new members to lessen the work load for all us and we could do more for our community.

WEB REPORT by George Brown

At the meeting I reported that I am working on a different type of password sign in for the classified section of the web page. I have been in contact with Neal Duncan about this issue, and we are researching the various options that we have. I hope to have a report ready for the September business meeting, which will outline our various options. This issue has become more important than I realized when I spoke about it at the meeting, because I found out that the classified section of the WGC web page was hacked and Neal had to shut it down. He is working to repair that problem, and that issue is consuming most of his time now. As soon as he is able we will get together and come up with a solution that offers better protection for the HAWKS web site.


July, 2015 Newsletter & minutes

Well, boys and girls, this will probably be the last newsletter, from me, you will have to slog through. Its been a hell-of-a-ride, but its time for fresh thinking, fresh ideas and perhaps a new direction. Never loose sight of the fact that this is your club and if you want things to happen you have to make it happen, by suggestions, involvement and leadership. I have worked with the six other directors since late in 2011 and have always found them to be open minded and willing to listen, no matter who's sittin' in the chair.

I have always felt our first duty, as HAWKS, was to each other and to have fun and enjoy the fellowship and time together. Next, we owe the community who gives us the facility and ability to have fun while performing a service to the city. We have our pockets lined every time we ride down the streets in a parade, help the little munchkins cross the street on Halloween, see a smile on the face of a vendor at the gun shows and especially see the look of accomplishment on the young shooter's faces at rimfire. We line our pockets with smiles, safety, and satisfaction and if you have never been a part of that feeling you have really short changed yourself. Well Done HAWKS, well done.

I mentioned in a recent email to one and all that some important decisions were made at the July meeting which saw 35 folks attending. We, unanimously, voted to return to the First National Bank for our business meetings and by the time you read this I hope to clear it with the bank, (I spoke with Wilburn and he said “come on home”) . Many of you who contacted me requesting a vote to return to the bank sited many reasons for the return, including a more business atmosphere, better acoustics making hearing better, more centrally located for those living north and east of Winnsboro, less distractions during the meetings like private conversations and walking in and out of the room. I hope this proves out and many of you whom we have not seen in a long time return, if nothing more than to let us know you are still up and moving around. If you have differences with the club or any of the individuals I sincerely hope we can lay them aside and come back together as a cohesive unit. I, for one, wanted to see more shooting and we now have the “Gunslingers” every Wednesday after coffee, the Black Powder shoots on Tuesday, the TAC Shoot on the second and fourth Thursday nights are back, not to mention the silhouette and shot gun events that the WGC sponsors. Add to that the face lift the range is receiving makes that $48.00 investment cheap at half the price and remember that is a family membership, so you can drag Maizzy and the brats along with you.

We have an additional treat for you this issue, Allen Gold took some of those little blue pills and came up with another episode of “Just My Opinion” which will be included in this newsletter, at the end.

Well, I'm goin' dry so I'll be the guy in the back row throwing popcorn at Paul.

Minutes for the July, 2015 meetings

Paul rapped the gavel at 6 pm to open the July meeting and opened with the announcement and acknowledgments of the members and their loved ones who are under the weather and trying to get back to health. Then he introduced our guests, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas, Lowell and Shirley, Dr. Stephen Boyd and Kathy Wilkins and then asked Jimmy Chiles to lead us in the Pledge to the Flag, followed by Jimmy to continue with the Invocation. By request of several members and the board we dispensed with the reciting of the four safety rules of gun handling and Wayne related a safety issue he experienced and corrected. At this point to give Dr. Boyd as much time as possible, Paul went right into the featured speaker and slide presentation. The presentation lasted 30 minutes and went into the Financial report by Dave Sanders, who asked if anyone had any questions regarding it. Having none Paul moved to Jimmy Chiles, who reported on the get well cards and who received them including Suzy Hamm after her surgery and one will be needed for member T.R. Mills who continues with a slow recovery following surgery. Paul, then asked George Brown for the website update, which has been improved to include a page listing future speakers, their topics, a bio and presentation dates. Mel Mellenberger then thanked the group for all the help in painting and finishing the storage Jfacility at the shelter. Ron Miranda addressed the members for the final time thanking all for their help and support and asked that the same consideration to his successor, Mel, be extended. A motion was made by a member and seconded that we return to the First National Bank for our business meetings and the reasons behind the request and with no further discussion the motion carried. (due to a recorder malfunction I was unable to list motions and who made them) Ron, then, explained a series of sign-up sheets to be displayed at the August / Election meeting for the members to volunteer for specific jobs, which will be turned over to incoming Secretary Mel. Jimmy Chiles was asked for a gun show report in Doug's absence and confirmed the dates, of September 18 and 19 and said he would continue to assist Doug with the sign erections and sign-up sheets for volunteers. He continued with a Cruise-In report and request for parking assistance and sign erections for the September 5th event and assistance is still needed in signing up sponsors and procuring door prizes.

Paul made a final plea for any members who would like to serve on the Board of Directors to please inform the Nominating committee as soon as possible. The only voting so far will be for Sgt. At Arms between Gary “Skinny” Garner and Rob Tubbs, both gave a short disertation on why they should be elected SaA. ( Job discriptions of all positions are available in the by-laws) Raffle Committee Chair, James Morris updated the progress on the gun raffle sale and laid out upcoming events in the area where we could sell raffle tickets including car shows and fairs. Ron returned to report on the November 7th HAWKS Awards banquet and said he and several others will meet with Lori Metcalf regarding the menu selections and service procedures, next week. All upcoming events for the remainder of the year can be found on the calendar pages of the HAWKS' website.

Dave was asked to remind one and all that dues are collectable now through the end of August, where as if not paid will result in your removal from voting rights and from the email list, in addition your dues must be current to attend the banquet. Dave has requested that dues be paid by check to aid in bookkeeping, however, cash with a note is perfectly acceptable.

(Dues are still only thirty bucks)(it was agreed the four gun safety rules and pro-rata scale will remain on the monthly Agenda sent by the President)

Doug Grantham arrived and gave his report and thanks from the WPD for the assistance by the VIPS, then asked for help with the Autumn Trails events in October, the Halloween event, the Christmas Parade and said he would confer with the Captain on future events.

The final report was given by Mel Mellenberger, incoming Secretary, on a very necessary Emergency Contact List should a disaster such as struck Van, several months ago, occur in Winnsboro, Quitman or Mt. Vernon. In such an event VIPS will surely be pressed into action and possibly the entire club. Mel will be working on this project including assembly points in the coming weeks. Mel added that Dennis “Plaque Man” Morey has had a plaque designed for the shelter storage area deeming it a HAWKS' project.

Again, I wish to thank all members who helped with the duties of the Secretary and although I am stepping down, poker night will continue.

Just My Opinion reprized

My favorite handgun writer is Pat Sweeny. He writes for Guns and Ammo and the like. He mentioned a formula he uses to determine the Power Rating of a cartridge. Simple as can be. Multiply the velocity by the bullet weight and drop the last 3 digits.
What it does not take into account is the bullet construction, but he is assuming we all are using the new generation bullets and it would be hard to pick a bad one. Another consideration is that less than really good loads don't list their velocity. I never load that stuff for defense. Just for practice. I don't care about their Power Rating. That said, I ran through six different calibers using the loads I would use for defense. They are as follows:

.380 = 90

.38 Special = 150

9mm = 151

.45 ACP = 218

10mm Auto = 235

.44 Mag. = 404

All of these loads are hot. You can get hotter but not by much. You can see why the .380 is not high on my Carry list. The surprise was the .38 compared to the 9mm. Both are premium loads but the .38 is about as hot as it gets. Hence the high score. Also, the .45 rated higher than I expected, but it is a sizzler, too. There are 10mm loads hotter than what I use but the trade off is more recoil and muzzle flip. The load listed will drop any human on the planet. The .44 is beyond a Dirty Harry load. Best suited for big bear defense. It would be fun to smoke a big hog with it.

Anyway, it was a fun exercise and a bit of an eye opener. I didn't work up the data for the .40 S&W. I have a couple but never carry them. I just never did cozy up to that load. It's really hard to beat the good old .45 ACP. Now, get this! The FBI is dropping the .40 and going back to the 9mm. Good Grief!! According to Sweeny it makes sense in that the power is very similar and there is a cost savings. But, he railed at the decision to arm the Agents with such a light load. He thinks the .40 S&W will soon be dead in the water.
Who knows? But I reasoned a long time ago that if I wanted to pack a .40 it would be the 10mm Auto. And, I do at times. If I were an Agent that would be the caliber I would really want. They whine that the new recruits can't qualify with such a load. Well, maybe they should re-evaluate their selection process. If an old geezer like me can handle it without crying surely the young bucks can suck it up and learn to handle it. Really, it ain't that bad!.


Web Report

I have added a feature to the web called Future Speakers. This feature is included on the web so a bio or an introduction to a speaker we will have in the future can be added to the web page.

July Birthdays for HAWKS

Paul Bennett, July 31st; Clint Hopkins, July 7th; Johnny Kirby, July 3rd; Marion “Robby” Robertson, July 10th; Doug “Douggie Pooh” Sager July 1st;

All the HAWKS wants to wish each and every one of you the Happiest Birthday and sincerely hope this has been or will be the best ever.

Finally, HAWKS, please remember it's your club and it is what you make it.

Next month elections and new slate of Directors

Dues are payable now

We will be moving back to the First National Bank, probably September


JUNE 2015 Newsletter

May 23rd. was the final Rimfire and was the least attended, maybe due to weather which has been horrible since Christmas or lack of advertising or apathy or the fact that it was on Memorial Day weekend, take your pick. Ron Smith, our very capable RSO has kinder words than I do, “We had our final Rimfire event for the 2015 year and though the turnout was small, we had good weather and everyone seemed to have a great time. I want to say thanks to each of you for coming out and supporting this event. We couldn't do it without you”. Ron, also, found and introduced a new P.A. system which worked great except for maybe the announcer, who suffered a couple of glitches, but I agree with Ron, it’s always fun to see the kids having a good time and learning things. Maybe next year…

We sold through on the blue raffle tickets, the first 400, and have begun the orange. We have a major car show to work in June in Paris, which should put a dent in the orange ones and we realized close to $1700 on the first batch.

We are having a difficult time scheduling the Banquet as September 19th is the gun show and the 26th is the Masonic Family Night and, of course, the first Saturday night is the Classic Car Cruise-In and October is dedicated to Autumn Trails, a Winnsboro tradition.It looks as though we may end up in November and no matter which weekend we pick we will loose some to deer season.

Dennis and Brenda Morey had to reschedule their annual lawn party to June due to the relentless rains plaguing the month of May. On three---all fingers crossed, 1-2-3!

Our turn out for the June meeting was less than we hoped for and several of the Directors were absent, as well, Schwabbie put the kitchen on wheels that the HAWKS donated to, to good use on Thursday, cooking for many in the town of Van which was devastated in May by a tornado. Not only were members lacking but our speaker, Mr. Brandon Wilks of B & W Gun and Pawn had to cancel at the last minute due the graduation from high school of his daughter. He got confused and thought the meeting was at 9 am. instead of in the evening. We have rescheduled him for September.

Our first and only past President, Wayne Scott, is repairing well and beginning to resemble a human being again. He has a long road back but he will make it, all of the HAWKS have been deeply concerned and offering prayers and hope for Wayne.

HAWKS, I have written many thousands of words to you over the past many years and have enjoyed doing it. If you wish to be instrumental in the direction of the HAWKS please consider becoming an officer/director. Make a difference, this organization will be here long after I’m gone and many of you as well, leave a foot print…

Minutes for Business Meeting June, 2015

Paul opened the meeting at 6 pm. by offering a welcome to members and two (lovely) guests, and then offered concern for Wayne Scott and anyone else still recovering from illness. Paul explained about the mix up which left us devoid of a speaker for the meeting and promised an early evening.

Gary “Skinny” Garner was asked to fill in for Jimmy Chiles in leading the members in the pledge and Mel Mellenberger followed with the Invocation. Since no RSO was present, Ray Hollingsworth lead the group in Jeff Cooper’s rules of safe gun handling.

Paul proceeded by introducing our two guests Miss McKinna Warnick and her mother Mrs. Abbie Warnick from Mineola. McKinna thanked the members for selecting her, gave us all a short background about how her grandfather and father both were shooters and taught her how to respect and appreciate firearms and their uses.

There was no VIPs report as Doug Grantham was absent and no F.A.S.T. update as Ron Smith was not in attendance, either.

Dave was asked to give the Treasurer’s report and asked for questions to which Mel Mellenberger moved that the report be approved as written, seconded by Boyd Proctor. Dave was confused as to how many scholarships were given which was six $1,000 and one special $1,500 scholarship in memory of Dave and Karen Koch’s late son, Jason. Dave said the email he sent our regarding the number of scholarships was incorrect but the report sent to the members was correct. Vote was aye to accept the financial report.

George, HAWKS’ Webmaster said there were no changes to the website but if anyone wished to contact groups he would be glad to handle that. There still might be a glitch with pictures but he is working on that.

Ron, Secretary for HAWKS asked if the members would like last month’s minutes read and a motion was made by Ray Hollingsworth, seconded by Boyd Proctor to accept the May minutes as written in the newsletter, motion carried. Cruise-In report needs sponsors and asked the members to distribute the forms and ask the merchants to take part in the show. The Banquet date has been set at November 7th which is the first day of deer season, the Civic Center is the location, the menu has not been set at this time, entertainment will be Dale Cummings the “C”, who plays 50s stuff, but not until we finish dinner and the awards. We will ask that the awards portion of the evening be shortened a bit, too. Remember to attend the banquet, which is free, you must have paid your 2016 dues, we will start collection in July and the deadline is the last day of August. Ron, then listed the upcoming events that would probably require HAWKS involvement, including the 4th of July parade, the Labor Day Cruise-In, the Fall Gun Show, the Masonic Family Night, Autumn Trails, Halloween Night, December Christmas Parade and HAWKS Christmas Party, the Garage Sale, which made about $5,400 which is less than last year but still respectable and finally, Dennis and Brenda Morey’s Hacienda Lawn Party, please check the calendar on the website for dates and times.

Ron was not available for the Rimfire report; we only had three kids at the event, which may be due to weather, the holiday or apathy, who knows.

Dave Koch thanked the members for thoughts and prayers during his families difficult time and the loss of their son.

Paul announced that with the absence of a speaker he would like to take this time to encourage all members with questions regarding 501 c/3 vs. 501 c/7 please write them down and submit them to George Brown for publishing them on the website, anonymity is quite acceptable, and those questions would be forwarded to Larry Wright for an answer. The deadline is June 11th and a special explanation meeting will be called for in July.

F.A.S.T. was a great time, for 16 students, and all of the presenters did a great job and were well appreciated, and hopefully we can do this again. If you have comments or suggestions please send them to Ron Smith.

Paul made a last minute plea for those interested in running for one of the three available offices please ask someone to get your name to the nominating committee, the job descriptions are in the by-laws.

Raffle committee was reported on by James Morris who reported on the first gun being given to winner and local person Gene Daniels. The Paris car show is covered but any additional help is always welcome. Other venues have been discussed for places to sell tickets, suggestions were Sulphur Springs, Gilmer, and Quitman were discussed and additional discussion was whether the Raffle committee had to get permission to spend necessary monies to continue the raffle. James was asked to attend the next Board of Directors meeting to discuss the financial dos and don’ts concerning spending money.

The Pistol and Rifle tournaments were the next subject, discussed and Paul asked if anyone had suggestions on either tournament, to please contact either Ron Smith (pistol) or John Bowling (rifle) for changes, rules, and dates.

Paul summarized by asking members who had problems with any other member to try to work it out with that individual and if anyone is having a problem with the way the Directors conduct themselves to contact us.

Paul closed the meeting by raffling off two boxes of 22 LRs, containing 325 rounds each, donated by Mark and Jay McClendon of Village Pawn and Gun of Sulphur Springs who donated the ammo to support the Scholarship Fund. Both boxes were bid and won by Dennis Morey for a total of $130, the ammo was returned to be auctioned off, again.

The June meeting was adjourned.


After the last meeting, I was approached by Albert Wilkins who requested that I put a bio of our next speaker on the web page. I thought that this is such a good idea that I should make it a regular feature. So in the future if there are any bios of our speakers available they can be posted. The new feature is called future speakers and is located under the About Us menu. I have also added a FAQ’s section concerning the 501c/3 501c/7 issue where questions concerning the change will be published. This new feature is also located under the About Us menu.


What additional bookkeeping, reports to the IRS, donation valuations, and other paperwork (e.g. End of year donor letters) will be required of our Treasurer? How will 501(c) (3) donations effect our federal tax position? 501(c) (3) applications are closely scrutinized by the IRS, might our application draw attention to our prior years FIT filings?


William Rogers

Regarding changing to a 501c-3 I have a few comments I would like to make. After listening to Larry Wright’s comments, it seems to me that the advantages of changing to a c-3 organization far outweigh the disadvantages. The only real disadvantage I see with the change is that the financial reporting to the government will be more stringent. Since that is the case, I think we need to discuss the matter with our treasurer Dave Sanders since will bear the burden of the extra reporting to the government. If Dave has no objections, I think we should make the change.

At the June meeting, Dave said he has no objections, so if we don’t get any negative information from Larry Wright at our next Q&A meeting, I think we should proceed with the change.

George Brown

This has been a concern of mine from the beginning, the NRA is considered to be one of the largest political groups by the IRS. If we illuminate the NRA from our mission statement and the by laws, do we still maintain our basic premise as a gun club?? Should the members be given the opportunity to review the new statement prior to a vote on becoming a 501c3?

Ron S.

Can we not have the NRA membership listed in the bylaws and requirements, but continue to have it as an unsaid requirement?

James Chiles

Speaking for myself only, I would favor removing references to the NRA in both the bylaws and membership requirments.



Jimmy Chiles, Jun. 15th; Roman Eble, Jun. 28th; Hank Hayes, Jun. 29th; Chuck Knox, Jun. 1st; T.R. Mills, Jun. 22nd; Rob Tubbs, Jun. 30th; and Ken Watts, Jun. 17th. The HAWKS wish to extend a very Happy Birthday to each and every one of you and sincerely hope this has been or will be the best birthday, ever.


May newsletter 2015

I really don’t know where to begin… All that anyone wants to talk about is the dang weather and all the friggin’ rain we’ve had and continue to have. Jim Butz said the other day that it’s been so long since we’ve had a Tac Shoot he has almost forgotten how to run one, due to the rain, Boyd Proctor can’t get to his work shop due to high water and each time James Morris schedules an event for us to sell raffle tickets at, we’ve had to dodge drops and wind. And it gets worse from there…

The whole club mourned the loss of Dave and Karen Koch’s son who passed in Washington State in an accidental encounter with some sleeping medicine. It was a tragic loss for all concerned, especially for his parents and young wife.

Fate has struck a second time for our past President and active member and Director Wayne Scott, who is awaiting surgery on May 11th to unclog arteries. Wayne just went through this procedure 13 years ago. We are all praying with Carla, that all goes well for Wayne, besides being a good friend he is an inspiring leader. Dave Sanders, too, has been dealing with adversity, loosing his step-father and trying to settle his mom, who is so far away. Cindy Sanders has also had health issues and hopefully is recovering. It was just learned that Carla Scott’s mother has, also, suffered a heart attack and is in the same hospital as husband Wayne, please keep both in your prayers.

We are finally off and running on a new format to sell raffle tickets. We are attending events and displaying three guns offering a choice to the lucky ticket holder. The first drawing will be soon as we are selling 400 tickets, drawing for a gun, and starting all over again. We have sold a little over half of the first 400 with several big events coming up. Suddenly Black Powder Shooting has captured the interest of several HAWKS and WGC members alike, hence the term “keep your powder dry”. This dedicated group of smoke eaters meet on Tuesday morning to load and shoot and have a great time. I went by for a peek and Al Andersen had the most beautiful small pair of dueling pistols you’ve ever seen, the “Aaarrr Mates” were everywhere.

Hopefully mother nature will begin to smile on us so we can return to the range or our back yards and start pulling triggers again. At this rate the ammo manufacturers will catch up on the back orders and Walmart will be begging us to buy their bricks.

May’s business meeting minutes

May 7, 2015 6 pm.

Paul opened our meeting in our usual manor, introducing guests, asking for the pledge and invocation followed by announcements and concerns for our sick or ill.

To accommodate a special topic, Paul turned the meeting over to our legal advisor, Larry Wright, who talked on a 501 c/3 vs. a 501 c/7 corporation.


Must file as a not for profit corporation, which means we must have charitable, religious or educational motives or purpose. Which we have.

Must file an information report every four years showing status of officers and directors.

Which we do or will after time period is reached, 11/01/ 2015. This exempts us from a Franchise Tax.

We applied for and received a Tax payer I.D # which is what we operate under.

We had the option to file under 501 c/3 which would have qualified us for grants, we could receive donations and make the donors eligible to deduct the donation from their taxable income, and would NOT have to pay income tax except on income unrelated to charitable purpose, which includes dues, fund raising activities, events proceeds all would be exempt.

Articles of Organization for purposes to qualify for c/3

We could set up a separate corporation as a c/3 similar to the NRA Foundation, however, Larry feels this is unnecessary due to our size (small operation).

Review By Laws to be sure they provide what the IRS requires for an exempt status.

Restrictions are a.) cannot use the organization to make money as with a business. b.)that we have a charitable purpose c.) must have restrictions on where the club’s profits go (cannot operate as a profit organization with the money being distributed amongst individuals)

Must fill out a IRS form 1023, must produce a financial statement

As a c/3 we would command more attention from WEDC and the Wood County Industrial Commission for financial help in the form of grants or low or no interest loans.

He summarized by saying if the corporation filed for loans that ONLY the corporation would be liable for repayment of the loans with NO LIABILITY falling on any individual, unless, that individual choose to guarantee the payback (personal guarantee). Any grants or governmental loans or agency loans would not require personal guarantees by any members or operating officers.

Dennis Morey interjected that the members were against filing for any types of loans, Texas Parks and Wildlife who handles the Pittman Robinson Fund, has been contacted and the NRA and would be regarded higher if we were a c/3 for grants purposes as opposed to a c/7 or carrying a heavy debt load. Larry agreed with this assessment.


Would be a c/3 requires more attention to record keeping and where our sources of income actually come from.

Larry summarized by asking for any and all questions concerning the difference between a c/7 and c/3,

With there being none Lawyer Wright excused himself and left.

Cory Sanders was given the opportunity to introduce himself and as the Chamber of Commerce president, presented the HAWKS with a check for four hundred dollars for their participation in and making the gun show a successful event.

Ron Miranda spoke of the Banquet and asked for recommendations on changing the format, leaving it alone, or doing away with the banquet altogether, also, inviting anyone who would like to take charge of the banquet to do it as the banquet like the webmaster is not confined to the Secretaries’ office but a separate volunteer job. Note: I have had 10 emails to date all basically wanting to keep it the same but to shorten the presentation portion and tone down the music a little. The Animal Shelter Garage Sale was the next topic with move-in day being Monday, the sale starting on Thursday and clean up starting Saturday afternoon, we will be competing against the Rodeo for consumer dollars but the sale will be closing about the time the Rodeo is in full swing. We suggest that you go to the by-laws for job description for each of the director positions that will be available. Dennis and Brenda Morey’s lawn party is scheduled for Sunday afternoon, May 17th bring lawn chairs, a favorite desert if you prefer, adult beverages, sunshine and a smiley face. No grumpy faces allowed!!! Jim Doonan explained, the program about driving the new Ford vehicles in the parade and taking some for test drives which will benefit the rodeo. 2 year pins are available at the back table, and the Cruise-In needs sponsors so if you get into a business ask about becoming a sponsor, levels and rules available from some of the HAWKS and Main St. board. Ron asked for a motion to read or accept last month’s minutes. Motion was made by Ken Pool seconded by Doug Grantham to accept the minutes as written and passed.

Ron Smith was called to report on rimfire, we had 15 shooters on the first and 11 on the second with age gaps of 5 yrs. old to 74 years young. The format for the last shoot will be changed to pit girls against the boys in their age groups for increased competition and to speed the presentation. He then replaced Wayne on F.A.S.T. announcing that due to the low enrollment all HAWKS and wives can attend free of charge, bring your own lunch and will be held on May 30th.

John Bowling our VP. was given the floor as our guest speaker depicting his life in all the various countries he grew up in and lived, both communist and free, through his retirement and settling in Winnboro.

Paul began with a request to help Mel Mellenberger with a flag pole project in a forgotten cemetery, which dates back to the Civil War.

Doug Grantham reported on VIPS activity stating the he has been asked for help by the WPD for the Fourth of July Parade and Autumn Trails events, however, no mention was made of the Labor Day Cruise-In.

James Morris reported on Raffle Ticket Sales and reported that in two events we have sold almost half of the first batch, with a couple of nice events to go. He encouraged the guys to get involved in this project as the same few are manning the table at each event. James also acknowledged Al Andersen’s hard work in designing and building the rack that displays the raffle guns. Plans include setting up at Brookshires, the Animal Shelter garage sale, the Winnsboro Rodeo, and Valley Feed.

James Morris continued on with a discussion regarding changing the Corporation from a 501 c7 to a 501 c3. There were several objections due to several members not understanding the ramifications or down sides. Several members wished to have the drawbacks explored before deciding. A motion was made by James Morris to switch from a C7 to a C3, seconded by Ron Miranda, John Milligan moved to table the motion made by James Morris, seconded by John Bowling and Ken Pool until Larry Wright could clarify the pros and cons of the Corp. change and if we would qualify for C3 status, motion passed.

Paul asked to explore the possibility of sponsoring a blood drive and Paul will explore doing it.

Dennis Morey said the range would be shut down in the morning of May 21st for repairs and that it would not interfere with the Tac Shoot scheduled for that evening.

Doug Grantham announced that the American Legion #340 in Winnsboro would be hosting a pancake breakfast on Saturday May 16th from 6 to 9 am.

Meeting adjourned

Note: since the meeting we have attended four events where we could sell raffle tickets and have with-in 75 tickets sold all the first color group and have realized the cost of the guns and tickets. We have several events scheduled to attend, but need more HAWKS to step up and relieve the ones who have been doing the selling so far. In addition, our past president and organizer of many events, Wayne Scott is hospitalized with a heart attack, but is on the mend.


The web page was down for three days last week due to security updates. These updates occur every two years, so we won’t have another one for a while. The outage would not have lasted as long as it did except for the fact that I was in Dallas when it happened. I reported it to Neal as soon as I returned and he made the necessary repairs immediately.

At the meeting I requested suggestions for a name for the new black powder group. So far, “The Smoke Eaters” and “Smokey and the Bandits” have been suggested. Has anyone got any more suggestions?

Check out the pictures section for some new pictures. Thanks to some superb photography by several HAWKS we have new pictures every few weeks.


Regarding changing to a 501c-3 I have a few comments I would like to make. After listening to Larry Wright’s comments, it seems to me that the advantages of changing to a c-3 organization far outweigh the disadvantages. The only real disadvantage I see with the change is that the financial reporting to the government will be more stringent. Since that is the case, I think we need to discuss the matter with our treasurer Dave Sanders since will bear the burden of the extra reporting to the government. If Dave has no objections, I think we should make the change.

George Brown


Our Patriarch, Mr. James Cash, May 29th; Ray Hollingsworth, May 14th; Ed Hoying, May 21st; Wade Powell, May 22nd; Michael Vega, May 10th; and Johnny Wetzel Jr., May 2nd.

The HAWKS wish each and every one of you the happiest Birthday you have ever had or will have. Happy Birthday and many many more.

DON’T FORGET… The Winnsboro Animal Shelter Garage Sale benefiting the Winnsboro Animal Shelter beginning May 14 -16th. The Winnsboro Rodeo Association’s 55th Annual Rodeo beginning May 13 -16th at Winnsboro Rodeo Arena. The Lawn Party at Brenda and Dennis’ Rancho scheduled for May 17th beginning about 1 pm has been canceled due to wet rainy weather. When it is rescheduled bring lawn chairs, adult beverage if you wish, favorite side dish if you wish, and smiley face, oh and kids if you have em. May 30th, F.A.S.T. program all day, bring sack lunch, all HAWKS and family are free, beginning 8am. Winnsboro Convention Center.

Happy Summer


April Newsletter

March Madness is finally over!!! A very successful Friends of NRA has come and gone along with the first Rimfire, which according to “The Other Ron” was 15 shooters and 14 coaches, but all went well with the youngest shooter being 5 years young. The weather co-operated to the fullest and it never ceases to amaze how well these youngsters absorb the safety rules and obey them. I think all concerned had a great time, especially the coaches, and we were finished by noon.

All of the planning that went into the Friends of NRA paid off, big time. It went like a well-oiled machine without a hitch. The auction went very well thanks to a good job by David Willis, and Liz and many of the items sold for much more than they were worth, but that’s what a charity auction is all about. Rick Henson (Meester Reek) took my place at a $1600 table and won the Kimber, which should have been mine, oh well. Jimmy Doonan won a Henry Rifle, Doug Grantham won the big shooter package and Robbie Robertson got his pick of the table and chose a rifle. James Morris won an ammo can and Donnie Avant won all kinds of stuff, including many bricks of 22s, Ken Pool was a winner of a gun, Angie Hollingsworth won some stuff and Denise Miranda walked away with a gun cleaning kit, finally, John Bowling acquired a rifle. All in all the HAWKS did pretty well with winning all kinds of stuff. Perhaps the only down side to the evening was the brisket, but the rest of the meal lived up to expectations. I’m sure we made a ton of money for the FoNRA, as a matter of fact Ray estimated the take was around 47 grand.

There were other mile stones set in March, one being in an interview with KETK news Gov. Abbott stated after discussing road repairs and closing the borders, that Texas would get open carry and he wouldsign it. Speaking of, it was reported on (only) Fox News. com that Kansas has joined Alaska, Arizona, Vermont and Wyoming as the fifth state to enact Constitutional Carry, which is being considered by Texas. It causes me personal concern that any idiot can legally purchase a gun, I still prefer a background check, but these five states have not turned into the OK corral to my knowledge.

It looks like the palace may be crumbling, the great all time anti-gun Thug and self- confessed liar Harry Reid announced his retirement, now if someone would come up with a pesticide that would eradicate Michael Bloomberg and that know-nothing-about-guns, Diane Frankenstein, maybe some of the lesser anti-gunners would evaporate.

After what seemed an eternity of bad weather, Jim Butz finally got his Tac Shoot up and running again with six shooters the last Thursday of the month and Dennis Morey has his Gunslingers and Black Powder Boyz, dubbed powderheads pulling triggers and having fun, if he can stay out of the hospital. Hey, Hell, he’s doing what he likes…

April Meeting Minutes

Paul opened the meeting in the usual manor with a welcome to new members and guests with a concern for our members and families that are healing form one ailment or another. Jimmy relinquished his leading in the Pledge of Allegiance to new American Citizen, VP John Bowling, followed by the Invocation led by our patriarch James Cash and Ron Smith summed it up with the Cooper’s rules for safe gun handling.

Before the business started Al Andersen presented John Bowling with a signed card, in a presentation box, by most of the members congratulating him on becoming a U.S. Citizen. If that were not enough, Dennis Morey presented John with a beautiful cake which was more than enough to feed the masses.

Dave was asked to give the financial report which, he said, was mailed to the members, he opened it up for questions which he had one. The question was, “does anyone have tickets sold that need to go in the drawing?” Mel moved that the treasurer’s report be accepted as stated, seconded by Jimmy Chiles and the vote passed.

George was next to report on the award that Ray Hollingsworth won for his effort on the Friends of NRA banquet and auction, pictures on the website and that a new group was formed to shoot black powder guns, which will be given it’s own page on the website, no name has been given to the group, as yet.

Dave jumped in with a motion that the March minutes be approved as written in the newsletter, seconded by Doug Grantham and the vote was, immediately, approved. Ron then reported that the storage units for “stuff” for the animal shelter garage sale is filling with #01 being full, #122 almost full and #118 empty, please when dropping stuff off, load as far to the rear as possible and stack as high as you can. He finished by puffing out his chest and bringing to the club’s attention the National Award received by Denise Miranda for the Main Street Program’s “Shop Our Town First”, a campaign to keep business booming in our town instead of running to other larger cities.

Ron (the other Ron) was called for a report on Rimfire, which was a resounding success and boasted 15 shooters and 22 support people running, coaching and watching to see all remained safe---No gun incidents were reported, except a premature firing, on target, due to lack of being able to hear commands. The guy on the bull horn dropped the ball… Five additional target stands are being prepared as well as a second bull horn will be added, meaning we can have up to 20 shooters at one time.

Doug was called on for a Gun Show report which was about like last year’s show with a few different vendors, while Sept. 18 & 19 will be the next show. The admission structure may be changed for the next show to make it less confusing.

Wayne reported that there was a surplus on his table, where members could sell personal guns, which netted the scholarship fund and additional $50, in addition he has built a stand-up rack for rifles allowing for more pistol space. Damn, we’re getting’ organized…

Paul introduced our guests for the evening, Joe Sebedra, our speaker, whose topic was “Preparedness for the Future”, explaining how we can become our own individual FEMA. Randy Olsen, Lincoln Banks and member T.R. Mills school board candidates and Ody Hitt secretary for the T.S.R.A. New members Mike Briggs and Greg Mills were, also, present.

Joe Sebedra then gave his presentation on being a “prepper” and was very interesting especially since we never know when, due to any catastrophe, we may find ourselves very self-sustaining.

Ody Hitt was then, given time to expound on the attributes of the Texas State Rifle Assoc. while they don’t compete against the NRA they promote themselves as a Texas resident necessity to keep us abreast of what is going on in Texas. Doug Grantham moved that we join the TSRA for one year, Seconded by Ron Smith, after a few questions a vote was taken and the motions passed.

Next was the drawing for the Pistol to support the Scholarship fund and as if a lightning bolt struck, member Wade Powell was the proud owner of the beautiful revolver, donated by Paul Fletcher.

Doug was called to report on the upcoming needs for VIPS, which he said he would need 9 VIPS at 7:30 am to man intersections to keep 11 K and 5 K runs on Saturday the 4th. Doug, then, turned to Jimmy for a report on the upcoming Labor Day Classic Cruise-in. The theme would be classic trucks along with the usual classic cars, we will be signing up volunteers next month in addition to lining up vendors and contacting volunteer organizations to help. Paul asked if there would be a rally and depending on Dave’s availability the rally is yet to be decided on.

Wayne returned to talk about F.A.S.T. to be held on May 30th and mentioned that coaches would be needed especially at the range. He asked for members to place fliers where ever they can be placed and information is on the website.

Paul asked that all positions must be filled on the Board of Directors which will be held in August, please contact the Nominating committee with names you would like to see be considered to run, James Morris is the chairman for that committee.

Skinny Garner presented the new raffle package and explained that the committee recommends we purchase a shot gun, a 22 rifle and a 9mm. hand gun and sell 400 tickets, as we have in the past, at that point the winning ticket would be drawn and the winner would choose one of the three guns, selected. After the gun is chosen that gun would be replaced and the raffle would continue. The venue is to have two to three members attend a local event and sit sell the tickets and show the guns available. To get started the committee has asked the members for up to and not exceeding $1500 to purchase the three guns and any necessary tertiary costs in start-up. Doug Grantham moved we be given up to $1500 to start the program, and seconded by Mel Mellenberger, Wayne amended the motion to read that the money come from the General Fund, thus leaving the $6,000 Scholarship intact, Ken Schwab seconded the amendment. Discussion clarified all of the questions, which we many, we then went to vote which passed. (I will ask George to post the entire program on the website, as soon as all costs are tallied)

James Morris briefed the members on whether or not to establish a building fund for the purpose of building our own facilities. Motion was made by James Morris and Jim Hasslinger seconded, vote carried with two nays.

Ron Smith moved that $6,000 be locked in for scholarships this year, seconded by Jim Hasslinger, discussion by John Bowling was to establish an easier way to distribute the amount of applications to the committee for consideration. Vote carried.

Mel was called on to ask for help to paint the container at the shelter and a request would be sent to the members and depending on the weather the painting will be scheduled.

Paul asked the members to pick-up their 2 year pins and if you are interested in working on the Chamber of Commerce there are positions on the board available.

John Milligan spoke on the Rudy Ramos portraying Geronimo performance on the 11th and 12th of April at the Winnsboro Center for the Arts, two performances.

Ray Hollingsworth gave us a wrap-up on the Friends of NRA event and netted $47,000 with a post event meeting at Ritchies on the 13th of April for the committee that worked on the event.


Dennis has started a new black powder group, and as soon as there are pictures of the group they will be on the web. We don’t have a name for the group yet, so we are open to suggestions from the members. “Smokey and the Bandits” has been suggested, as well as “Powderheads” and “Black powder Boyz”. If anyone has any better ideas about what to name the group, please let me know. Also there are several new pictures on the web this month. There is one of Ray receiving his award, some of John receiving his American citizenship, and a few black powder pictures. I hope to have more black powder pictures by next month.

April Birthdays

Pres. Paul Fletcher, Apr. 14th; Jim Hasslinger, Apr. 20th; Brett Miller, Apr.18th; Allen Tuell, Apr.17th.

Looking Ahead

We are only four months away from electing three new Directors from our ranks. These three with the four newly elected from last year will set the course for our ship over the next two years. Hopefully, we will have a full slate of wanna be’s and not have to draft anyone, but keep in mind you may nominate from the floor. You might want to clue in your selection so he doesn’t turn the nomination down and embarrass anyone.

So far, Mel Mellenberger and Skinny Garner have shown a desire to serve, for which we thank them very much.

Sergeant at Arms

Will strive to maintain order and decorum at all meeting and functions, he shall have care for and have custody of attendance records.


Will have custody of all monies belonging to the HAWKS and shall be solely responsible for such monies. He shall deposit all monies in a business bank or trust company. He must be one of the officers that shall sign checks. Any check to exceed $500 must be signed by two officers. The Treasurer shall make certain that all HAWKS meet all requirements of a charitable organization as required by law. He shall make an Annual Financial report suitable for audit, to include a proposed budget with projected income and expenses for the next year. He shall exercise all duties incident to the office of Treasurer.


Shall keep the minutes and records of the HAWKS. It shall be his duties to file any certificate required by statute, federal or state. He shall give and serve all notices to members. He shall be the official custodian of records. He may be one of the officers who may sign checks. He shall present to the membership any communication addressed to him as Secretary of HAWKS. He shall attend to all correspondence and shall exercise all duties incident to the Office of Secretary.

The above is what is required of the offices up for election, however, the current officers take on and perform other unofficial duties which are not required of the office holder.

The Treasurer has gotten involved with the Cruise-In and officiated the Rally, while the Sgt. at Arms assists Doug in coordinating volunteers for the Gun Show and put up and take down of signs. He, also, helps with attendance and the Pledge of Allegiance, distributes the “get well cards, along with other considerations. The Secretary plans and controls the banquet, the Christmas Party and coordinates pick-ups and deliveries for the Garage Sale including the custodial of the storage units. Also shirt and cap sales have fallen to the Secretary. Oh yeah, he has been writing this newsletter, as well.

If you choose not to take on these additional duties, the responsibility falls to the President to establish committees to take them on. It is a large responsibility but can be very rewarding for the person who wants to get involved.

The transition should be fairly easy as the three existing officers are willing to help the newly elected so the transition will be as smooth as possible.

If you have any questions please feel free to call any of us for help.


March News Letter – 2015

Well, once again the state of Arizona has gotten the jump on the rest of the LEGAL gun toting world. Yesterday, March 5th, was a red letter day for gun owners in Arizona as they can carry legally a concealed hand gun in all state public buildings. Hell, that’s one place a law abiding citizen should be packin’ heat. After all those buildings are teaming with bleeding heart liberals that need pro---tectin’, or do they? Maybe we should just let some crazed idiot with a towel wrapped around his head with a bomb and an AK just have his way in those situations. Naw---we ain’t built that way.

George said, at the meeting, last night that to date he had not received any letters to the editor. Come on guys, like belly buttons, we all have an opinion on something with out saying something that would land you in a divorce court. Hey! I have an opinion which is what will occur first, me wetting myself or the gun show get here. I can hardly wait!!!

Our group was sparse, last night, due to the weather, I’ll be bound, but the guys and gal had a good time, cookies or no cookies. I don’t know exactly how many were there but it couldn’t have been more than 20. Wayne and Scott tag teamed in a quick lesson on how to and how not to coach at the upcoming Rimfire events. Like Scott said, if you haven’t done It, and seen the satisfaction on the kid’s faces when they do good, makes it all worth while. If you are not a WGC member there are still ways you can get involved in the events. We need scorers, registrars and attendants, target stand movers and target hangers.

I am grateful to Ruben Purcell, Winnsboro’s Animal Control Officer, who is like a proud papa with his new storage unit. Ruben and Lisa do a hell-of-a great job over there at the shelter and deserve everything the HAWKS can do for them. Ruben said the Valley Feed was ready to send us more dog food but we have so much now that we have to put a “temporary” hold on it, which they said they would. If we can patronize Valley Feed in any manor please do so to show our appreciation for them getting on board with us.

The committees charged with creating the raffle program and the building fund ask

for your patience and understanding until their suggestions are put in the form of a

motion and presented to the membership for a vote. The membership will make the

final decision as to how or if the proposals will be accepted and put into action.

Minutes for march meeting:

Prez Paul opened the meeting addressing our shut-ins and welcoming any and all guests, turning the meeting to Sgt. at Arms Jimmy who led in the pledge. Wayne took over to deliver the invocation followed by Ron Smith and the recitation of the five Range Rules.

Guest Ruben Purcell presented a slide update on the finished storage facility containing food for cats and dogs at the shelter and said that Valley Feed had offered to donate additional food when space became available.

Paul Bennett was then asked to auction a box of 22 LR shells donated by Mark McClendon of Village Pawn & Gun, proceeds to go to the Scholarship fund. They were purchased by Dennis Morey for sixty bucks.

Dave Sanders reported there was very little movement on the treasurer’s report, Mel Mellenberger moved and Paul Bennett seconded that the report be accepted as sent to the members via email, vote passed.

George Brown reported additional pictures have been added to the website and the Letters to the Editor is ready, however, no letters have been received to date.

Mel Mellenberger offered the previous month’s minutes for discussion, Ron Miranda moved and Chuck Knox seconded that the February minutes be accepted as stated in the News Letter, vote passed.

Doug Grantham was not available for a Gun Show report, Jimmy Chiles said he still had slots available to help with the Gun Show and the signup sheet would be posted on the website, or contact Doug to sign up.

Gun Raffle tickets will be due on Wednesday March 18th.

2 year service pins were distributed at this time by Paul and Jimmy Chiles followed by Ray Hollingsworth and a report on the Friends of NRA banquet. There will be a three gun drawing at the gun show and meeting to finalize plans at Ritchie’s on Monday at 6pm.

Wayne was asked to report on Rimfire and asked for coaches, again, to help out. There will be a practice after Wednesday March 11th at the range and is scheduled for tonight.

Paul asked for anyone interested in filling the position of Secretary, Treasurer and Sgt. at Arms to contact James Morris and the nominating committee.

Dennis filled in for James Morris for the Building fund report, and instead announced a “black powder event” on Friday 13th.

Gary “Skinny” Garner reported on what the committee has suggested on how to change the raffle, more details will be available as we solidify the program. The committee recommended that we offer three guns and sell 250 tickets at “different local events” and when the 250 tickets are sold the drawing is held, the winner choosing one of the three guns offered. This is the basis for the program, not the working program.

Paul recommended that the Building Fund committee discussion be tabled until we had a better membership turn-out. Skinny offered a couple ideas that the committee had considered on how to fund this endeavor.

Mel Mellenberger reported that we now have three storage units ( 118, 01 and 122) for garage sale stuff but please when dropping stuff off move it as far back and stack it as high as you can to insure ample room for additional donations. Garage sale will be May 14th through the 16th., with our truck and trailer caravan needed on Monday, May, 11th.

Paul covered the request by the WPD to aid in the an 11k run sponsored by NET health, details on our website, contact Doug Grantham to volunteer.

Paul also covered a request by Christian Entwhistle, who spoke at our Wednesday breakfast on a Sporting Clay Event to fund the newly formed East Texas Crisis Center, to be held in Lindale, and is also on our website, as well.

Wayne explained a request from County Commissioner Russell Acker to help fund the renaming of a section of Highway 154 between Yantas and Sulphur Springs as Sgt. Tanner Higgins. The request was referred to our normal channel on the website.

Paul addressed the Scholarship Committee is always open to anyone who would like to serve on it and how the process worked.

Mel Mellenberger and Dennis Morey were recognized by the membership for work put forth on the Shelter’s storage unit.

Wayne Scott and Scott Riddle conducted a short training class on coaching at the Rimfire event.

The meeting was closed.


Bob Williams was very active last month, and he has furnished us with a lot of very nice pictures of various HAWKS events. They are now all on the web site in the pictures section of the about us menu. Dennis wrote up some information about the gunslinger gang, which includes events, contact information, and trophies. This is located in the Gunslinger Gang section of the About Us menu.


A committee was formed to study and make recommendations on whether to continue with the Raffle in its current format, to make changes in that format or scrap the whole idea. The committee, chaired by James Morris, opted to make changes in the current format but to retain the raffle, since this was the accepted method of funding the Scholarship Program.

The committee agreed that the membership as a whole has had difficulty finding people to sell tickets to and felt attending events around our area to reach more people with fewer HAWKS involved in the sale process. Some sales will, ultimately, drop through the cracks which is the cost of change, however, will in the end, hopefully, produce more sales.

We now have the task of trying to find the best way to display and present the product or products, involving the least amount of expenditure and man hours/miles.

YOUR OPINIONS AND SUGGESTIONS ARE WELCOME, but the membership will, ultimately, decide which path to walk.

Usually Jovial

I think the suggestion of having a table at local events with the gun or guns we are raffling on display is a good idea. At the last car show I sold several tickets using that method, even though the turnout was very sparse due to the bad weather. When the gun is on display, it almost sellsitself.


March Birthdays;

“Flash” Gordon Glass, Mar. 5th.; Mark Huston, Mar. 17th.; Dennis Morey, Mar. 26th.; and Bob Teichrow, Mar. 20th.;

The HAWKS sincerely hope you have had or will have the best Birthday, ever…


February News Letter 2015

“To build or not to build”, “To buy or not to buy” that is the question. That question was asked of the members, all 31 in attendance and two guests who, ultimately, turned in their membership forms.

The range is a dead issue, for now. Ok, maybe not dead but on life support.

Would we like our own range, yes of course, but it will not happen over- night and I think that was what we were expecting or hoping for. Realistically, a meeting facility is more do-able than a range, right now.

Several committees were formed, last night, to see if we wanted to continue selling raffle tickets, another to look into the feasibility of building or buying our own facility. One thing was evident, head shaking in the affirmative indicated that the majority of the members are ready to start working for the members instead of nothing but charities. We are not ready to abandon the Scholarship Program, the Animal Shelter or Toys for Tots at Christmas but a lot of the guys are realizing it’s a lot of fun to pull a trigger and we had a lot of hangers on last night tearing guns apart, cleaning and putting them back together, again.

I visited the latest project at the shelter and it is coming along nicely. Dennis and Bob Williams was there when I arrived, Dennis was preparing to paint and seal the floor and wanted to do the roof but was abandoned by the community service workers he was supposed to have. After the insulation and hvac are installed it is almost ready to receive food. Dennis has busted his a&% on this project and many of you have been able to lend a helping hand. This project will provide storage for food for a very long time to come, helping to maintain the Winnsboro Animal Shelter as the number one shelter in the state.

Our program for our February meeting was terrific. Over half the attendees remained to teach gun cleaning or tear down and reassemble or benefit from the instructions, (I sure did) and even the tear down and reassemble of that retched little Sig P-938 became doable with proper instruction and patience, lots of patience. I, for one, am really pleased and proud that we have as many gun experts in our midst and are willing to share that knowledge with us. I really hope we can do more of that.

Web Report

I made some changes to the business listing in the marketplace section of the web page. Previously there was just a long list of business cards, with no organization at all. In an effort to help viewers find a particular type of business they might be looking for, I have created five categories. They are services, guns, restaurants, banks, and medical. As more cards are added in the future, the number of categories should increase. If anyone wants to suggest new categories, or wants to move his business card to a different category, I am open to suggestions.

Bob Williams has been very active this last month, and has furnished us with many great pictures for the web page. I have added new pictures of the animal shelter container, HAWKS instructing young shooters, the gunslinger gang, breakfast at Ritchie’s, and gun cleaning night at the February meeting. So far there are two in the breakfast at Ritchie’s section, but I hope we can add more to this section.

I too thought the gun cleaning night was a great success, and I certainly hope we can have more of them in the future.

There is no letters to the editor section this month, because I received no letters for publication. This section will be resumed any time I receive letters for publication.

February Business Meeting Minutes

Our meeting was opened using our general format and proceeded to our normal Director’s presentations.

Beginning with George’s updates on the website as Dave was not available to give the Treasurer’s report (it has been emailed to all members). George explained that he was reconstructing the Classified Ads section to make it easier to browse.

Dennis updated the progress on the shelter’s finish out.

Doug gave us a presentation on the upcoming gun show, including the a withdrawal of the Legends of Crossroads to cover the night shift of the show. Doug asked if the HAWKS that previously worked the night shift would do it again. Jimmy Chiles will be coordinating installation of the gun show signs and setting up the volunteer’s schedules.

Wayne was asked for a report on F.A.S.T. and on Rimfire announcing that coaches training would begin next month, however some would like to start at the Wednesday after breakfast shoots. Wayne, then segwayed into promoting the raffle ticket sales and called for each of us spend some time selling at events. He asked for a list of events in the area or us to track events and attend. James Morris volunteered to set up and work the events if someone would track the events. Other ideas were explored to raise money to support our projects. Ron suggested that a committee be established to explore what type of fundraiser be presented to the members.

Doug moved that a committee be formed to explore a type of fundraiser be established and presented to the members. Wayne Ruyle seconded the motion, vote carried.

Paul explained the proposed the three minute rule, per person, per topic.

Ron moved that the “Three Minute Rule” Three minutes per person pro and con be adopted, seconded by Dennis Morey, motion carried. Paul added that if topics to be discussed would be submitted in advance they would be added to the agenda and sent to the members. Paul, also, announced the recognition pins would begin being handed out at next meeting. Paul promoted civility when it comes to discussions with different viewpoints. He then explained the feelings towards our own building and how to fund this endeavor. James Morris moved to form a building fund committee, seconded by Dennis Morey, opposed by Jimmy Miller, Jim Hasslinger asked for clarification on the desires of the end use. It must be noted that Al Andersen began the above motion. Dennis interjected with a change in the format of the banquet, and Ron reminded the members that we are in the middle of a motion. Vote carried with two Nays. James, Gary, Dennis and Doug were added to the Building fund exploratory committee. Paul continued with suggestion that anyone interested in running for office should contact the Nominating Committee and attend the monthly Board of Directors’ meetings, which will be moved to Ritchies Restaurant beginning in March. March’s program will be coach’s training for FAST and Rimfire.

Ray Hollingsworth brought the group up to speed on the Friends of NRA and announced that $12,000.00 in tables have been sold to date. Member and FFL, Brett Miller, who we don’t see often enough, due to job is donating a Ruger 10/22 to the event.

With that the meeting went to the tables for cleaning, teardown and reassemble.


Don Hightower, Feb. 17th; Bob Williams, Feb. 4th; Ladale York, Feb. 17th; Jim Ledbetter, Feb. 6th; New Member John Bentley, Feb. 1st. The HAWKS sincerely wish each and every one of you a very Happy Birthday and hope this is the best one you have ever or will ever have.

We will, very soon, be entering the busy time of the year for HAWKS, there is a lot going on at the animal shelter, Rimfire will be starting the end of March, Friends of NRA banquet and auction and the F.A.S.T. program and, no doubt the TAC Shoot will start up along with the casual shoots on Wednesday after coffee. If you hadn’t planned on getting active with any of these programs you will be missing out on great satisfaction and great fun. Keep in mind that many of our projects benefit kids while securing our Second Amendment Rights.

January, 2015 Newsletter

January brought spirited discussion, beautiful young women and a change to our by-laws. We actually had a vote that was not a unanimous vote, for once. We got to witness how the vote actually works. While choosing of sides pertained to the awarding of years of membership recognition pins suggested by one of the members and to be paid for by the club, was objected to by other members or at least to be purchased by the members receiving them. It was decided that the pins would be available for several years while paying for them only once.

The subject brought out both sides and was argued but after the challenges were laid to rest, the vote was taken and the issue settled. We kissed and made up (figuratively) and moved on.

We will not always agree but it is imperative that we respect and consider the alternatives to any subject. Remember, it was said many years ago that “I may not agree with what you say, but, I will defend to my death, your right to say it”.

I am wondering if we are not taking this range/club house thing a little too seriously. At best it would take years to complete, buy, and build and at many of our ages our biggest concerns are our aches and pains management. However, that might be one way to insure the club will continue to grow with youth. After all it never hurts to dream a little and plan for the future, regardless of its length.

Several members have stepped up and volunteered to replace Ken, Jimmy and myself, which we thank you all very much. It’s time for new blood, new thinking, and new ideas. The process must be completed, though. The members must approve by the vote after the nominating committee has done its job and interviewed everyone interested in the respective positions.

George Brown is installing some new ideas, one being a “letters to the editor” column, sort of like an ongoing survey. George has got some great ideas and they are beginning to surface. Now, if he could only dance…

January Minutes

After the usual opening, Katie Baker and her sister were introduced and they gave us an accounting of Heroes on Water, an International group of volunteers helping veterans find peace of mind by fishing from Kayaks. They left brochures and information on how the program works and how we can contact them.

President Paul asked if the members had any questions for the Treasurer Dave regarding the emailed Treasurer’s report. There were none so Paul turned to Webmaster George Brown, who updated the members on a proposed survey which will evolve into a permanent feature on the website or in the newsletter, letters to the editor.

Paul called on Ron for the Secretaries Report, which, as usual, had no minutes from December to read as there was no meeting. Ron, then announced we have a second storage unit for the treasures that will be donated to the animal shelter’s garage sale, he, then, paid homage to Allen Gold, who would not be continuing with his “Just My Opinion,” he, like many of us are worn out, thanks Allen, your words of wisdom will be missed. Ron finalized with the request for any members using a group email to make sure all the former members and non-members are eliminated from our emails.

Doug Grantham was next with a report on the upcoming Gun Show, to be held on March 14th and 15th at the usual time and place, details will be on the website.

Wayne Scott was next with a report on F.A.S.T. to be held at the Civic Center on May 3oth, details will be on the website.

Dennis Morey was next up to thank all the helpers that replanted the Winnsboro Animal sign which was removed by TDOT. He thanked those who showed up at Autumn Wind Assisted Living home to honor the vets living there. He, then, acknowledged the guys that helped build the Christmas float for the parade. Mel was asked to report on the delivery of the storage unit for keeping food for the animal shelter and acknowledged the donation bin for us by Brookshires.

Paul, then called for new business reporting on the discussion of “years of service” pins to be given to members for years of membership. Dennis explained the pins and years to purchase the pins, floor was opened for discussion. The purchase would be for two year pins and five year pins costing about $600.00 for 100 each. Motion was made by Jim Hasslinger and seconded by Doug Grantham to purchase the two and five year pins. There was discussion both pro and con for looking into buying less amounts and not buying them at all or having the members pay for their own. Vote was taken to approve the purchase of recognition pins with two or three dissensions.

Paul affirmed the three standing charities are Toys for Tots, The Winnsboro Animal Shelter and the Scholarship Fund. Any request for any of these charities will come straight to the membership for adjustment or an up or down vote. All others must go to the Charity Committee for a back ground check before going to the members.

Paul gave the floor back to Ron and asked the members to consider a change in the by-laws to rectify an oversight. Three of the Board of Directors would have to serve a three year term year after year while the balance serve two years. James Hasslinger moved and John Milligan seconded that the by-laws be amended to read all Directors would serve two year terms with four being elected on even years and the three remaining would be elected on odd years, motion passed.

Paul announced the February meeting would be a mass participation on cleaning various guns with the members bringing dirty guns (UNLOADED) with cleaning supplies and something to cover the tables to prevent stains.

Ray was called on for a report on the Friends of NRA banquet and auction, to date $3100.00 worth of tables have been sold. There will be a planning meeting Monday night at 6 pm. January 12, 2015 at Ritchies Restaurant. In addition there will be an ongoing raffle for the Gun Show with a Rifle, Hand gun and cooler.

Paul finalized by addressing a possible dissension in the club by calling any of the officers or sending them to George under the new Letters to the Editor column.

Dennis was given additional time to address the possibility of building a new gun range with the help and guidance of the NRA. All aspects of the design, build, financing and liability will be discussed in depth at a future time.

James Morris spoke about the desires of many in the club to buy property and build a meeting place of our own and not to be dependent on other building owners. This would enable our club or individuals to host all kinds of fun events.

Before closing the meeting Gary “Skinny” Garner was given the opportunity to talk, commenting on attending the Board of Directors meeting and encouraged all to do just that. He then explained the rules or lack of rules governing the “Gunslingers events” that have been organized for us to be able to shoot more, for fun, without sacrificing safety.

Mr. James Cash, the HAWK’S patriarch, closed the meeting with a parting prayer.

HAWKS January Birthdays

John Bowling, Jan. 5th; Jim Doonan, Jan. 13th; Ken Harrison, Jan. 20th; Rick Henson, Jan. 6th; James Hollowell, Jan. 10th; Dale Koslucher, Jan 30th; John Milligan, Jan. 10th; James Morris, Jan. 17th; Ken Pescod, Jan. 18th; Ken Pregeant, Jan. 2nd; Scott Riddle, Jan. 6th.

The HAWKS wish each and every one of you the very best Birthday you have ever had or will have…Happy Birthday.

The Final Edition of “Just My Opinion”

Springfield Amory XDs 4.0 Update (.45 ACP)

I usually don’t care to revisit something I’ve commented on before, but in this case it may be worth the effort. I gave it Hi-Fives long after the “real” gun writers/reviewers put in their two cents worth. They nailed it in my opinion and I just followed suit. I’ve put a modest amount of rounds through it to date. Several brands of commercial ammo as well as my reloads. One really annoying thing never changed. It shot a bit low and to the left. No matter what I fed it. By a bit, I mean around 4” or so low and left. Not really enough to matter if I shot a BG but enough to make me want to improve the placement. The first impulse is to blame the sights. I felt that was the wrong approach as I never read an article that faulted the sights. When I get stuck I hit the internet and see if others have had the same experience. Well yes, some did. Changing out the back strap to the supplied smaller one helped a little. But not all that much. Others reported the same. The gun comes with a 5 and 7 round magazine. I wanted to stick with the 5 rounder as that is what I would use when I carry. That said, I bought a 2nd 5 rounder as well as little finger extensions. Once installed I felt I had a much better grip on the gun and it concealed just fine. But, I still shot low and left no matter what ammo I used. I went back to the basics and addressed my form, sight alignment, breathing control and trigger technique. I did improve quite a bit but I’m still not satisfied.

All this shooting was getting into my pocket using commercial ammo so out came the reloading equipment and I got to work. I can reload for 9 bucks a box and that really helps. I used Rainier 200 gr. Plated lead bullets. They are cheap and work pretty good for the most part. I don’t believe they are all perfectly formed as I have shaved a little lead at times during the seating and crimping phase. I’m using a new set of Hornady dies. A three piece set that requires no lubrication of the cases. They work great but I was not thrilled with the instructions regarding set-up and some of the cross sectional pictures do not match which confused me. Once I figured it out, all was well.

I loaded 30 rounds. 15 using Bullseye powder and 15 using Unique. The Unique shot a much better group, so I settled on that for future reloads. I actually got better groups than using commercial ammo. But still, low and to the left. I reloaded several more rounds and continued banging away. The weather pushed me indoors so I continued to reload and have 175 rounds ready to go.

I subscribe to the GunsAmerica newsletter (free). They review all sorts of new guns and send out emails quite often. As luck would have it, they sent out their archived reviews of 2014 all at once for everything they have tested. Sure enough, David Higginbotham had written an extensive review of this pistol. It is several pages long and very detailed. My mouth dropped open when I read his experiences were the same as mine. This low and left business is not experienced by all shooters by any means. Just some. That said, his conclusions were the same as mine. The gun is thin. Very thin. So the way it feels in the hand is quite a bit different than one with a thicker grip. I, and he, think that this relates to a trigger control issue. At his writing he was still experimenting and so am I. The gun is simply too good to set aside. It has all the features one could want in a carry gun. Remember, it still shoots good enough as is to drop a BG but I won’t win any range contests. Not that I would anyway! I’ll get it figured out before long, but of course that’s Just My Opinion. Happy Shooting Allen

Web Report

To start off the New Year, we are adding a new feature to the web page. It will be a letters to the editor section, which is designed to give every HAWK a chance to express his opinion about the club, and suggest any changes for improving the club. The old features that you like such as the hunter’s corner, the marketplace, and the pictures section will still be there. A few days ago I sent out a survey asking members to opine on what they liked and didn’t like about the club, and to suggest improvements. In future months you can use this format to express your opinion, or you can chose your own format and email the results to me. You can sign the letter or not as you chose, please just remember that your comments can be seen by anyone in the world who happens to log on to the page. So be careful not to write anything that can get you sued or arrested.

Letters to the Editor

We will start off the new section with a few responses that I received to the survey. Some were signed, and some were not, but I did not include any names. If you wanted your name included I apologies for not printing it, however this issue could be the subject of a future letter to the editor.

Letter 1

What do you like about the HAWKS?

What I like about the HAWKS is: This is a Social Club with men of similar interest and is community minded. The Organization has changed from the original start to a more democratic organization. Everyone has the right to voice their opinion to the group and if needed make a motion and have an open discussion of the subject and everyone can and does offer their opinion, a vote is then taken and the majority rules. Safety is also in the forefront. It is a group of men that is not looking for personal awards, but the knowledge that we have helped a student with their education or a family with personal needs and the community of Winnsboro with some of their needs.

What is it that you don’t like about the HAWKS?

What I don’t like about the HAWKS is: It is a Social Club with men of similar interest and community minded, that sometime forget what we stand for and sometimes go off in another direction. There is nothing wrong with that but I personally think we are all better than that. We are not a club to see how we can out do or look better than someone else or the betterment of our self, at least I hope we are not.

What could we do to improve the club?

What can we do to improve the club is: Remember our Creed

Committed To Civic Service

Support for Law Enforcement

Advocates of the 2nd Amendment

Providing Scholarship Help

Promoting Gun Safety

Encouraging Young Shooters

Respecting Fallen Hero’s

Letter 2

What do you like about the HAWKS?

So many things. The focus on God, Community our Nation and each other is important to me. I also like the aspect of giving to charitable causes and sharing our resources as well as providing important guidance to our youth. I have found friends among the hawks that I will be thankful for long into the future.

What is it that you don’t like about the HAWKS?

I think we spread ourselves to thin at times. I don’t know if my observation is true but it seems that a few hawks do the majority of volunteering. Perhaps we could get a head-count of people willing to participate in an event before we commit to helping. Just a thought

What could we do to improve the club?

I mentioned one idea above. I am really impressed that we are now enjoying fun shoots at the WGC after our breakfast as well as enjoying some poker at Ron’s. This adds a great deal to the positive experience that the hawks represent.

Letter 3

What do you like about the HAWKS?

I like the comradery shown between members in time of need and the unselfish attitude one member to another. I enjoy the knowledge shared concerning firearms as we have many individuals that have a lot of expertise with various guns that will teach others.

What is it that you don’t like about the HAWKS?

I would like to see our members take a more active role in leadership in activities in socializing. I don’t like the place we are meeting, presently. It lacks our personality, acoustics, and convenience.

What could we do to improve the club?

We seem to be gaining a purpose perusing our own building/range if this will galvanize us we need to move forward with most haste. Short-term would be to go back to the bank