Newly Elected President, Greg Bova opened the meeting promptly at 6 pm. and reported on our members and loved ones still ailing or recovering.

Sgt. At Arms, Gary Garner led us in the pledge(s), followed by Information Officer Wayne Scott with the invocation.

RSO Ron Smith reminded us of Jeff Cooper's Rules of Gun Safety, followed by Greg introducing the new and returning Board of Directors for 2017.

The members, then, listened to a report from Cory Sanders on the Fall 2016 Gun Show and the proposals and ideas for the upcoming Spring Show. The meat of the presentation was that compared to the spring show which brought in $7200, the recent fall show only produced $1700. Cory went on to discuss the reasons for the failures and the changes necessary to correct them. He asked for the HAWKS to get involved as far as ideas and suggestions to make the show a better show.

Dave was called on for the financial report which has been emailed to all of you and there were no questions.

Ron was next with the Secretary's report and with no minutes from the previous month due to no meeting moved on to acknowledging Gary “Chef Garnier” Garner for his efforts at the October 6th cookout and shoot. He went on to report on the banquet which was a success and was attended by 56 of us and wives, which was a drop from last year's 81, however, it was scheduled on the Halloween night in Winnsboro, which couldn't be helped. The Texas Tea Room has been sold to it's neighboring church so we will not be going back next year, unless you want to go to a prayer meeting instead of eating. Ron announced that we would be able to go back to NTCC for an indoor shoot event on Wednesday Nov. 9th leaving from Richies after coffee and arriving about 10 am. with no ending time limit. I would advise bringing a sack lunch and take advantage of the break room provided. We still have 9 of Texas Law Shield's gun laws of Texas books at $15 until Dec. 6th. He announced the Christmas Party will be December 1st. in lieu of a December meeting and it was decided to use the large room at the Depot instead of the bank. Mack called and he has 10 each Medium and Large Navy Blue T-Shirts with pockets and logo/HAWKS for $10, several ordered.

Ron Smith was asked about the new shoot program and responded watch for a confirming email but it would be, basically, any gun, any caliber, any target. Shooters put $3 in the pot and half goes to funding prizes for our next tournament the other half buys as many breakfasts as we can, for the lucky winners as a result of drawing names instead of best shooters. So if you want you breakfast paid for you got to come and shoot on Wednesday after coffee.

Greg, then recapped our activities in October, including a very successful blood drive which netted 9 pints of blood, our fishing tournament which brought $60 to the Scholarship fund, our efforts at the Mt. Vernon car show brought in $800 and other things covered previously.

Wendall was introduced as our second speaker and covered his Law Enforcement life as a Mounted Patrol officer and began a mounted unit in Ventura County, Ca.

Greg added, there are 4 new resolutions clarifying the action to be used by the Scholarship Committee to use with new applications, posted on the website. In addition Greg wanted all members to be clear as to who is on what committee, Ron said he would email that out to the members.

Greg asked for ideas for increasing our membership and Ron reminded each that we had plenty of our hand-outs to give to prospective members.

Meeting was opened to the floor, Veteran's day will be observed at Autumn Winds retirement center starting at 2pm. for the aging Vets living there. Boy Scout Troop 180 will have a flag retreat on Saturday the 5th where the will leave Dr. Whorff's office and camp out. Winnsboro Middle School will have a program for Vets on Friday the 11th, all Vets are invited, Hometown Veteran's Salute at the Lone Republic Steak House patio from 4:30 to 5:30 also on the 11th .

The VIP's are on call for the Holliday Express Train to arrive in Winnsboro on Nov. 27th and the Christmas parade will need volunteers, per Doug.

Wayne went over the calendar of speakers for the coming months and those will be emailed out as the time draws nearer.

Greg adjourned the meeting.

 JIMMIE SMITH OBITUARY 10/22/16 Requested by Al Anderson

Jimmie Lee Smith, Waupaca, Wisconsin, 257K, has “slipped the surly bonds of earth” one final time. He was known to his classmates at the Air Force Academy as Smiley because he seldom smiled. He came to the Academy as a serious young man looking for his place in life. He had already tried college for a year and had wandered away from Wisconsin to work in the orange groves of Florida, which he did for a year.

He found out about the Air Force Academy, as many of us did, in late 1954 or early 1955. His mother called him to hurry home to take the exams to qualify for an appointment. He did win one of the few appointments from Wisconsin and reported for the opening of the Academy in Denver on July 11, 1955.

He was two years older than most college freshmen but that was not unusual because many of his classmates would have had a year or two of college before starting over as a fourth classman in the class of 1959. He must have known he wanted to fly because he already had a private pilot’s license when he came to the Academy.

He had left Wisconsin on a Harley. Four years later left Colorado Springs in a sleek new Austin-Healey sports car. On his way back to Florida for pilot training he stopped off in Kentucky to be best man in my wedding. He left Kentucky still very much a confirmed bachelor and remained so through six months of primary pilot training, but in basic pilot training in Texas he met Anne, an Air Force nurse, and in less than six months she changed his mind and his life. Jimmie Smith the bachelor was married. They were happily married for over 56 years.

Jimmie was quiet and serious, but also a true friend and great fun. He was not a great or loud talker, but he was a thinker and a philosopher. He was a competitive athlete in several sports, and he was a musician and a writer. He played the guitar and the piano. He would sit on the side of his bed before Taps at night, a camel cigarette in his mouth, and play for a few minutes. (He taught me about two things, Camels cigarettes and Budweiser beer.) When he needed to release pressure from the stress of doolie life he would find the piano in an empty room at Arnold Hall and sit alone and play for a couple of hours. He wrote great prose but unknown to most classmates he was also a poet. I saved some of his work he was going to throw away after graduation. I can’t find them this morning but I remember one line: “Anticipation I do delight in thee. Expectation I find the pleasingest part of me.”

He was a true renaissance man with many interests and skills. He loved to fly, to “slip the surly bonds,” but the true loves of his life were Anne and the children and grandchildren. They will all miss him. He was my roommate, my friend and best man at my wedding, and I will miss him too.

 (Ronald Todd Lanman, Lexington, Kentucky, 156K.)


excerpts from an article called Paper Lion which appeared in HAND GUNS magazine October/November 2016 by Richard Nance

“In many ways, shooting paper targets reminds me of the time I spent training in martial arts. For instance, when I trained in karate nearly every day for several years, I certainly had skills that were transferable to self-defense. However, looking back, I realize I was a little more confident than I should have been.

Although I beat just about anyone in the training hall in sparring, I knew next to nothing about real-world violence. Sparring matches begin with a bow, a sign of mutual respect that also serves as an agreement that both practitioners are “ready” to begin. Of course, this is in stark contrast to a real-world attack, in which the assailant will attack when he senses you are least expecting it and therefore most vulnerable.

In a way, I was play fighting. If you think being able to hit the X-ring of a paper target at 7 yards with zero pressure makes you prepared for a lethal encounter, you're play gun-fighting. As renowned firearms instructor, author, and trainer Massad Ayoob is fond of pointing out, the operative part of the word “gunfight” is “fight”.

Standard shooting drills conducted using stationary, non-reactive targets are predictable. By shooting these drills repetitively, you can improve your speed and accuracy. (Should improve the knowledge of the firearm you will depend on) This can leave you feeling pretty damn good about yourself and your ability to prevail in a lethal encounter.

The problem is, during an unscripted deadly force encounter, you won't know the drill. You won't know how many rounds you'll need to fire at each assailant to stop the imminent deadly threat they pose. You won't know how fast you'll need to shoot. You won't know at which point your gun might malfunction or when you'll need to reload.

Even the premise that your gun will be in hand when faced with a lethal threat may be unrealistic. Sure, depending on the situation you may be able to covertly draw your concealed handgun and bring it to bear on your adversary when his attention is focused elsewhere. In such a case, you may be able to neutralize the threat before he perceives any resistance. If the assailant is far enough away and you are either skilled or fortunate enough to deliver sufficiently accurate fire, you may win the day without ever having to go hands-on. Unfortunately, not all deadly force encounters are so cut-and-dried.

Have you considered that when confronted by an armed criminal, you're either going to have to comply initially or create an opportunity to draw your handgun? Compliance is a tempting proposition. It's easy to assume that if you do exactly what the criminal tells you to do, he won't harm you. Unfortunately, armed criminals aren't exactly trustworthy, and in many cases cooperating is the last mistake a victim ever makes.

Sometime compliance works. Just know that compliance does not ensure your safety. Sometimes, taking matters into your own hands makes more sense. But you better be capable of more than just shooting accurately.”

Richard suggests it might be time to stop messing around with slow-fire, accuracy based shooting at the seven yard line and start searching for books, videos, or better yet, live training opportunities with instructors qualified to guide you along the path to real-world self-defense.



HAWKS September Business Meeting Minutes by Ron Miranda

September 1, 2016 First National Bank Community Room

After the Pledges and the Invocation, Paul opened the meeting by recognizing our members hurting or healing, then introduced our newest member, Peter Thieme, owner of Bella Stella winery in Wood County off FM 852.

Ron was asked for the Secretary’s report, where he asked for a vote on whether to read the previous month’s minutes? It was voted to forgo the reading of the previous minutes and accept them as written in the newsletter. If you need shirts, caps or patches contact me. The banquet is October 29th at the Texas Tea Room and will be serving Swiss Chicken with sides.

The Texas Law Shield seminar on Active Shooter is Tuesday September 6th at 7 pm. in the Sharon Shrine Temple, Tyler, Texas; assemble at the Depot at 4:30 pm. I will have about 5 Texas gun law books left for sale at $15.00 for members, the balance will be offered at the gun show for $20. We have the get well cards and information cards ready for the members to use.

Dave apologized for the mix-up on the sending out of the Treasurer’s report and then explained why the charity fund is broke and the General fund has over another amount.

Ron Smith was called on the shooting tournament, to be held on September 14th, 9 am with a make-up date of September 25th. The divisions are Pistols Rimfire and Center fire at 7 yds and Rifle at two targets of 5 shots each at 100 yds, all calibers.

Wayne introduced Capt. Mike Briggs (ret.) for a slide presentation and critique on his flying experiences in the F-100 jet fighter.

Paul announced the Lady Hawks dissolved their corporation and donated $800 to the HAWKS, which will be added to our scholarship fund. In addition the HAWKS bought a $50 gift card to Leifies Restaurant and flowers for Sharon and Johnny Wetzel for all the work he has done on the HAWKS’ hand-outs, the greeting cards, and the raffle tickets, saving the HAWKS a ton of money.

The Blood Drive is scheduled for October 1st in the Brookshire’s parking lot and we will need 3 to 4 HAWKS as greeters and information people.

Wayne was called on for a Gun Show report and announced that the show was sold out for tables and we still have a few slots available for volunteers to help out.

Ron added that an additional feature at the Cruise-In was Ford will pay up to $1,000 for a scholarship if 300 drivers take a Ford vehicle for a test drive.

James announced the “A” team will be selling raffle tickets at the Cruise-In and then again on the 8th of October at the Mt. Vernon car show and in Gilmer at the Yamboree, more information to follow.

Paul announced the October meeting will be at the WGC range for a casual shoot, handguns, rifles and shotguns, a $3 range fee will be imposed and please DO NOT wear HAWKS caps or shirts as this is NOT a sponsored event. Be sure you have your WGC membership card, if you are a member, the rest will be guests. Skinny will be cooking for the group hot dogs and Skinny’s Hog burgers

Paul said after talking with Dennis Morey that he felt they had the vests covered and for us not to worry about it, since we are broke (referring to the charity fund) and that there was no need to pass the hat for the members to donate.

Paul thanked the members and Directors for making the last two years a great time leading the HAWKS.

President Paul Fletcher announced the election process was now open and the candidates who are seeking office was now open. A request was made to the members to see if there were any nominations from the floor, being none, so President Fletcher proceeded to the actual election by a motion that the slate of candidates, Greg Bova President, Wendall Hildebrandt Vice President, Wayne Scott Information Officer and Ron Smith Range Safety Officer, be elected by acclimation, seconded by Vice President John Bowling, members present approved, unanimously. The elected officers join the Directors already on staff, that of Ron Miranda Secretary, Gary Garner Sergeant at Arms, Dave Sanders Treasurer.

Before adjourning Greg thanked the members for the vote, and introduced Wendell as the VP, then opened the floor to new business.

Chuck Knox brought up the subject that the breakfast place was less than adequate and asked for discussion. Wayne explained that we were welcome back at Richie’s, laid out the ground rules to keep us happy, and offered a 15% discount on any item $5.99 and above, and to please bring any complaints to Richie’s staff immediately after or when it happens.

A motion was made by James Morris moved and Chuck Knox seconded that we move back to Richie’s, vote was unanimously approved. James Morris moved that we make the change the next Wednesday, Paul seconded that we move the next Wednesday if it was ok with Richie’s.

Gary introduced a second topic of having a fall fishing tournament to be announced.

Paul thanked Gary and James for their outstanding service to the club.

The meeting was closed.

Death of Gunfighter John Ringo in 1882 by Bill Rogers

Romanticized in both life and death, John Ringo was supposedly a Shakespeare-quoting gentleman whose wit was as quick as his gun. In truth, Ringo was not a formally educated man, and he came from a struggling working-class Indiana family that gave him few advantages. Yet, he does appear to have been better read than most of his associates, and he clearly cultivated an image as a refined gentleman.

By the time he was 12, Ringo was already a crack shot with either a pistol or rifle. He left home when he was 19, eventually ending up in Texas, where in 1875 he became involved in a local feud known as the “Hoodoo War.” He killed at least two men, but seems to have either escaped prosecution, or when arrested, escaped his jail cell. By 1878, he was described as “one of the most desperate men in the frontier counties” of Texas, and he decided it was time to leave the state.

In 1879, Ringo resurfaced in southeastern Arizona, where he joined the motley ranks of outlaws and gunslingers hanging around the booming mining town of Tombstone. Nicknamed “Dutch,” Ringo had a reputation for being a reserved loner who was dangerous with a gun. He haunted the saloons of Tombstone and was probably an alcoholic. Not long after he arrived, Ringo shot a man dead for refusing to join him in a drink. Somehow, he again managed to avoid imprisonment by temporarily leaving town. He was not involved in the infamous gunfight at the O.K. Corral in 1881, but he did later challenge Doc Holliday (one of the survivors of the O.K. Corral fight) to a shootout. Holliday declined and citizens disarmed both men.

The manner of Ringo’s demise remains something of a mystery. He seems to have become despondent in 1882, perhaps because his family had treated him coldly when he had earlier visited them in San Jose. Witnesses reported that he began drinking even more heavily than usual. In 1882, he was found dead in Turkey Creek Canyon outside of Tombstone. It looked as if Ringo had shot himself in the head and the official ruling was that he had committed suicide. Some believed, however, that he had been murdered.


The last few weeks in August there was a lively discussion among the members about whether or not to purchase tactical vests for the local police. As it turned out, we cannot do that now because we do not have enough money in the bank, however at some time in the future we may have the necessary funds. The following are some of the letters that I received on this subject.

I just read an article coupled with a video in my hometown newspaper, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that showed one of the FW suburbs, Euless was getting the new heavy armor vest. The battle kit, as it is called, also comes with a Kevlar battle helmet and appears to be too heavy for all day wear but for situational use such as raids or hostage situations. As we discussed at the range I've worn the Kevlar vest on duty and the situations that call for the new armored vest are few and far between, especially in rural areas like this. Officers whose lives are lost will be in ambush situations rather than pre-planned ones.  For a department without specialized raid units the vests won't be utilized due to the desire to get to a dangerous scene quickly and there won't be time to pull over and gear up before making the scene. Human nature and police officer nature also means the officers won't stop but will blaze a trail to get to a dangerous situation where people need help. The officers in Dallas, Baton Rouge and the traffic stop in New Mexico as well as many others got shot and killed by a surprise shooter who controlled the action and the officers were forced to react. A raid situation is different and they can gear up prior to leaving the office but that's not the situation where officers have been killed lately. I think having a few of these battle kits available for SWAT type situations wouldn't be a bad idea but one for every officer wouldn't be the best use of our money. This is just my opinion from having been in the middle of those situations.

Ken Watts

The WPD received a grant this year from the Friends of NRA for ammo. There is no reason why they can't apply for another grant for 2017 that would go towards vests. Grant applications are being turned in now for 2017.

Ray Hollingsworth

I personally do not want OUR Police Officers to ever after to put them on. Brenda made me install a storm shelter. I've been asked you ever used it? My answer," Nope and I hope the Hell I never will." Just some food for thought. Yes, the price has been renegotiated down to $399.00. 


There are two items that I would like to bring up.

  1.  I have mixed emotions about the financing of the vests. I think it would be a nice thing to do as a club, I also think that the city should be funding items such as this.
  2. Do not think, because this is a small town, nothing could ever happen here. For those of you who were around when I gave a talk on what had happened to my wife and me living in the middle of nowhere. Think about it. If things had not been stopped we probably would have made national news.

Those are my thoughts on this.


My thoughts.  We can debate if the police need the vests for 96 days, with 96 opinions. To me the bottom line is do we want to give the community the impression that we support the Police Officers or not support them?  A wrong decision reflects on the Hawks.

James Raffle man

There are many many good thoughts....that what we need.... Many say that nothing happens here....ever hear of barricaded person call; family violence with a barricaded person; a robbery gone bad with hostages and a barricaded person....there are uses for those vest beyond terrorist lurking.....on that subject some month back the news reported that there are numerous terrorists training in the good old U.S.A.  and guess what....some were in Texas and not one of them was in a large city. How about an active shooter in a school or a business..... Make no mistake these are a tactical vest.  Winnsboro does not have enough officers to have a tactical team....in most cases the officers will have to secure the scene and hold for John Wayne and the Calvary to arrive from Garland, Longview, or Tyler....get the idea? These vests are likely to not get a lot of use....but we see every day what bad things are going on around us.....and it is not all happening in big cities.....I spoke with Chief  Andy at breakfast and he does want the vests.....I do not have a crystal ball and cannot predict what will happen down the road, but the world is going bad and is going to get worse and if  the officers feel that they need them then I would agree that we need to consider it and then vote on it....44 I have worn those types of vests and you cannot fight in them....they are for a very limited use item but when SHTF and if the officers will use them then they are worth the money......IMHO.


Very well put. Paul you spent your whole life in law enforcement. I learned a long time ago get your advice from an expert. I want to give you Guys heads up I have just about all the vests covered. The folks in the community are just GREAT I had a time of my life meeting and talking with friends and made a lot of new ones today. I am meeting with Andy and Chris Monday for a photo shoot with the Winnsboro Gun Club Steve Herbert and the Board have been wanting to do something for the Police and they are donating (2) Two vests and a Honorary Membership for Andy. The photo shoot is Chris's idea. I would like to have the Hawks on board. But, time is not on my side. Shipping the vests may take 8 weeks or longer, orders are pouring in from around the country.



I have read a lot of great comments both pro and con on the vests. I believe it's a great thing if they are never needed and hope they won't. Dave says the charity fund is hurting. I think we should pass the hat at the monthly meeting. If we don't make enough, the Hawks could make up the difference for one vest. After all we are talking about 400$. Remember, we raised more than that for a guy who was a phony. Thanks.

Ron Smith




HAWKS Minutes from August 4, 2016 by Ron Miranda

August 04, 2016 HAWKS Business Meeting Minutes

Ron Miranda Secretary

37 Members and 1 Guest in attendance

Paul opened the meeting asking the membership applications to go to Secy. Miranda and dues go to Treasurer Sanders.

Sgt. at Arms Gary opened with the pledges followed by Info Officer Wayne with the Invocation

Paul asked Gary for a status report on shut-ins, Gary said he had no new notices, but Wayne announced that Cory Sanders, Pres. Of chamber of Commerce is having heart issues and undergoing tests. Gary asked if any of the members were aware of shut-ins let him know.

Paul recognized new member Larry Branton and he gave a short bio.

Paul reminded all of the Cooper rules of safe gun handling

Ed Hoying recognized John Bowling as fighting illness

Paul offered information on a two day fall Dove hunt and he asked for emails if anyone is interested. (Webfoot Connections in Rochester, Texas)

Paul asked Webmaster George if he had any updates which he did not.

Dave was called for Treasurer report, thanked all for checks, announced this was his last year.

Paul announced a blood drive on 10/1, possibly at Brookshire’s, needs 3 or 4 volunteers to greet folks

James from Raffle committee said next event is Yamboree, the Car Show in Mt. Vernon and the Winnsboro Cruise-In on Labor Day.

Paul waived the October meeting in lieu of a Community Shoot at the Range with Gary supplying burgers and dogs, possibly doing it twice a year.

Ron Smith announced that the tournament is Sept. 14, with a Make-up on the 25th

Paul announced that the Chamber gun show is a sell-out, and needs volunteers to hang signs on Tuesday Aug. 9th, at 8 am. If you can help, report to Greg for assignments. Show tear down is Sunday the 18th with the Boy Scouts helping.

Ron asked for a motion not to read the minutes from July and it was unanimously approved. Texas Law Shield is offering a book program on the “Texas Gun Laws” which we can buy in blocks of 10 for $15 each, which will include 90 day billing, a return on unsold books, and if the next Legislature revises any laws pertaining to firearms they will swap out the previous book. We can sell them at the gun show.

We are thinking about creating a welcome card to for members to hand out like travel brochures giving a brief thumb nail of who the HAWKS are and what we do.

I will revise the Roster after the first of September to see who is still on board, and the by-laws state we can nominate from the floor BUT only if the nominee agrees to run for the office.

Paul will have the 5 year pins to hand out at the September meeting, and in trying to update the membership forms I will contact the member by email for a revision and I will do the actual transforming of it. We are trying to get information on hosting a Texas Law Shield workshop, which is different than a seminar and David is trying to get the templet for that, which may be after the new year.

There is an Active Shooter Seminar on September 6th at Sharon Shrine Temple on Hwy 31 East; admission is free if you register through me.

James Morris was thanked for his efforts in the Lunch with Cops program which was started last month. James brought up the amount paid so far and that the program is appreciated. We discussed expanding the program to take in certain holidays during the year but not to make it an ongoing thing. Ladale suggested that it become a budget item. The program was put up for suggestions from the membership.

We have shirts on order and if anyone wants shirts, see me, along with caps.

I have revised the “welcome to HAWKS” letter that goes out to every new member and can email copies to you for your reading.

I spoke with James at Brewbaker’s and he is planning a complete renovation of the front dining room and he suggested we try the back room (bar) area. We’re still having difficulties with the checks flowing evenly and quickly. Some members would prefer to have the check delivered with the meal.

I spoke with George about revising the website and we can begin to work on that as he has time.

James clarified the nominations and where we are on that, with Greg Bova for Pres., Wendell Hildebrandt for V.P., Ron Smith remaining as RSO and Wayne Scott remaining at Information Officer. Dave still has another year before his term expires.

Ron was recalled for a banquet report, which Ron said would be at the T-Room in Quitman and he is waiting on a quote from the owner on the requested meal.

A question from the floor was asked, “What is going on with the VIPS”, Paul responded with a promise to contact Chief Chester to see if we can get back on track.

Dennis requested another $100 from the HAWKS for dog food. Dennis moved for an additional $100 for dog food, seconded by Ed Hoying, motion carried.

Wayne asked for suggestions for future speakers and introduced Johnathan Kennedy our speaker for the evening on rifle suppressors, which lasted about 25 minutes, Mr. Kennedy followed with a Q&A session. The program was very well received.

Mr. Cash was given a few minutes to make us aware of a Bar-BQ at the Masonic Temple during the Antique Car Parade both at the Lodge and one unit downtown and they will be serving breakfast every Saturday during October.

Paul closed the meeting.

5 August 1953 Texas Ranger Ira Aten dies by Bill Rogers

Texas Ranger Ira Aten, one of the last survivors of the days of the Wild West, died at his home in Burlingame, California. He was 89 years old.

Born in 1862, Aten was among the final generation of Americans who had a chance to come of age on a wilderness frontier. Aten was introduced to the frontier at the age of 13, when his family moved to a farm near the isolated central Texas town of Round Rock. Not long after, he learned about the hard justice of the frontier when his father, a minister, provided the last rites for a mortally wounded outlaw. Aten was determined to survive in a violent world–he honed his skills with a pistol and became a crack shot with a rifle.

At age 20, Aten joined the Texas Rangers, a band of law enforcement officers created during the Texas Revolution of 1835. He had the hazardous job of patrolling the Rio Grande River, where many bands of cattle thieves and other outlaws crossed to hide in Mexico. In May 1884, Aten and six other Rangers spotted two presumed cattle thieves near the Rio Grande. When the Rangers tried to apprehend the men, a gun battle broke out. Several of the Rangers were wounded, one fatally, but Aten was able to injure the two outlaws and take them prisoner.

Promoted to corporal, Aten was reassigned to west central Texas, a region that was no more peaceful. In 1887, Aten confronted an outlaw named Judd Roberts. Aten shot Roberts in the hand, but the outlaw managed to escape. Two months later, Aten again wounded Roberts, but the outlaw again lived to escape. Finally, Aten caught up with Roberts, this time shooting him dead.

In 1889, Aten left the Rangers to become sheriff of Fort Ben County, Texas. During six years as a sheriff, he continued to track down outlaws and fight more than a few gun battles. Aten always came out ahead, but eventually he began to yearn for a safer and more peaceful life. In 1895, he left law enforcement to become the superintendent of the Escarbada Division of the giant XIT Ranch. Nine years later, he finally left the wilds of Texas and settled in California with his wife and five children. He lived the remainder of his long life in relative peace and quiet. He died in 1953, one of the last survivors of a vanished era.

Letters to the editor

Active Shooter


In the last "Active Shooter Seminar" I attended, the two main points were:

  1. Help anyone willing to jump up and confront the shooter. Help put the shooter down if he (or she) appears to be willing to kill as many as possible. Sitting back is sure to get you hurt seriously. We had video of a little old lady beating an "active shooter" with her purse and no one came to her aid.....even though there were some healthy size lads standing there watching with their mouths open.
  2. Don't publicize the shooter's name in the media. Don't let the shooter become a "folk hero" to the public.

I don't see this happening in any of the latest "active shooter" events. Why is this? Are these two points not getting out?

Bob Williams


Well said and right on!!!  Why is the media continuing to identify these sadists?  Simple, it sells; the media is NOT concerned with a body count, just that there IS a body count to keep their agendas rolling.

Ron 1  

Texas Law Shield


I just got confirmation from David Isbell, that the Texas Law Shield Workshop will be TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 2016 at the Sharon Shrine Temple on Hwy. 31 East from loop 323 in Tyler.  The workshop is from 7 pm. to 9 pm. to allow time for dinner.  Many of us have been there before, however, I will still get a physical address at the time approaches.  We have three from the HAWKS committed to attend at this point and welcome any of you interested in surviving a mass shooting like is currently the trend in our country.

Email me if you want me to register you with David.

Ron 1

P.S. you don't have to be a HAWK, a TLS member or a LTC holder to attend.  These seminars are for non-shooters as well as those of us who are armed, legally.

WEB REPORT by George Brown

Ron Miranda has brought to my attention that much of the material on the HAWKS web page is out of date. Since I am not too busy with other things now, I am in the process of making these corrections. I hope to have all the necessary work done by the end of August. In the meantime, if anyone has suggestions, additions, or corrections that need to be made, please let me know.



JULY 2016

HAWKS Minutes from July 1, 2016 by Ron Miranda

Paul called the meeting to order and acknowledged those in ill health, followed by Gary with the pledges and Wayne lead the membership in prayer.

The meeting was turned over to Presidential Candidate Bova and VP Candidate Hildebrandt, who called on Wayne to introduce the evening's speaker HAWKS member Bert Edmondson who spoke on using correct lights for night identification and proper gun sights combat vs. target shooting. Jeff Cooper's training in handgun use was discussed, as well.

Greg said the Treasurer's report was sent to all and that Dave was out of town for two weeks.

George Brown gave his report on the website report and said he was considering posting local wanted posters to aid the police in apprehending bad guys, also, he will post the new picture of the Henry Golden Boy on the site.

In Mel's absence, former Secretary Ron asked that last month's minutes be accepted as written in the Newsletter, they were approved.

Ron Smith gave the shooting report stating the Gunslingers was all but disbanded due to lack of interest and that no targets had been submitted for over 3 months. The shooting committee had all but concluded its preparations for a tournament and the finishing touches would be finalized at the called meeting following the general meeting.

Paul asked that the October meeting be moved to the range for a fish fry and shooting event instead of the usual meeting and said Allen Tuell and Steve Herbert would be contacted for approval.

Ron Miranda reported that nothing had been done on the banquet as it was moved to end of October at the Texas Tea Room in Quitman and a menu would be forthcoming as we get closer.

Paul asked if the members would be interested in sponsoring a blood drive and if so he would contact Carter Blood Bank to set it up, the members approved.

Miranda proposed a handout pamphlet explaining who the HAWKS are and necessary information to become a member. Ron said he would follow up with info on the pamphlets.

Finally, Wayne said he was in contact with James Head, the new owner of Brubaker's and had discussed a deal with our own menus and flexibility on seating, to move to the restaurant for a trial basis on July 20th, the motion was approved.

With nothing further, Greg closed the meeting.

Mel Mellenberger Secretary/rm

Addendum to Minutes of July 7, 2016

HAWKS Gun Club of East Texas Inc.

July 14, 2016

An emergency meeting of the membership was called by President Paul Fletcher at an informal breakfast on Wednesday, July 13, 2016 for the purpose of filling the office vacated by an emergency resignation of the Secretary for HAWKS, Mel Mellenberger.

Placed for nomination, to fill the unexpired term of Mr. Mellenberger was the name of Ronald Miranda by Wayne Scott, Information Officer for HAWKS, seconded by James Morris, member in good standing. Discussion was called for on the motion, Mr. Miranda asked that it be understood the unfulfilled term is from the present to the general election of officers in August, 2017 when the office of Secretary for HAWKS would be voted on. With that discussion, the attending members voted unanimously to accept the candidate for the position. Mr. Miranda accepted the nomination and the vote.

1871 Satanta massacres teamsters by Bill Rogers

One of the leading chiefs of the Kiowa in the 1860s and 1870s, Satanta was a fearsome warrior but also a skilled orator and diplomat. He helped negotiate and signed treaties with the U.S. establishing a Kiowa reservation in Indian Territory (modern-day Oklahoma), but Satanta remained resistant to government efforts to force the Kiowa to abandon their nomadic ways. The 1867 treaty allowed the Kiowa periodically to leave the reservation to hunt buffalo, but for more than a year, Satanta and other Kiowa continued to hunt and never even set foot on reservation lands. Fearing the Kiowa hunters would never come to the reservation, in late 1868 General Philip Sheridan had them arrested and brought in by force.

From the start, Satanta detested reservation life. He did not intend to become a farmer, a chore he considered to be women’s work. The beef provided by the Indian agents was stringy and vastly inferior to fresh buffalo, and he hated the tasteless corn they received. In 1870, when the Indian agent finally agreed that they could leave on another of the hunts provided for by the treaty, Satanta and several Kiowa happily rode off to Texas in search of buffalo. Along the way, they raided several white settlers, but the Kiowa were not identified and later returned to the reservation.

The following spring, Satanta grew more aggressive. He joined a large party of other Kiowa and Comanche who bridled under the restrictions of the reservation and determined to leave. Heading south to Texas, the Indians eluded army patrols along the Red River and crossed into Texas. In 1871, they spotted a wagon train traveling along the Butterfield Trail. Hoping to steal guns and ammunition, the warriors attacked the 10 freight trains, killing seven teamsters. They let the remaining drivers escape while they looted the wagons.

Again, Satanta and the other warriors returned to the reservation. Informed of the Texas raid, the Indian agent asked if any of his charges had participated. Amazingly, Satanta announced that he had led the raid, and that their poor treatment on the reservation justified it. “I have repeatedly asked for arms and ammunition,” he explained, “which you have not furnished, and made many other requests, which have not been granted.”

Taken to Texas for trial, Satanta was sentenced to hang, but the penalty was later commuted to life in prison. Besieged with humanitarian requests, the Texas governor paroled Satanta back to the reservation in 1873. The following summer, Satanta again led war parties off the reservations, this time to participate in the Red River War from 1874 to 1875. By October 1875, Satanta and his allies were again forced to surrender.

Despite his vocal protests that he preferred execution to imprisonment, Satanta was returned to the Texas State Penitentiary in Huntsville. He fell into a deep depression, refused to eat, and slowly began to starve to death. Transferred to the prison hospital in 1878, he committed suicide by leaping headfirst from a second-story window.

In 1934 Police kill outlaws Bonnie and Clyde by Bill Rogers

In 1934, notorious criminals Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow are shot to death by Texas and Louisiana state police while driving a stolen car near Sailes, Louisiana.

Bonnie Parker met Clyde Barrow in Texas when she was 19 years old and her husband (she married when she was 16) was serving time in jail for murder. Shortly after they met, Barrow was imprisoned for robbery. Parker visited him every day, and smuggled a gun into prison to help him escape, but he was soon caught in Ohio and sent back to jail. When Barrow was paroled in 1932, he immediately hooked up with Parker, and the couple began a life of crime together.

After they stole a car and committed several robberies, Parker was caught by police and sent to jail for two months. Released in mid-1932, she rejoined Barrow. Over the next two years, the couple teamed with various accomplices to rob a string of banks and stores across five states–Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, New Mexico and Louisiana. The Barrow Gang included Barrow’s childhood friend, Raymond Hamilton, W.D. Jones, Henry Methvin, Barrow’s brother Buck and his wife Blanche, among others. They all were cold-blooded criminals who didn’t hesitate to kill anyone who got in their way, especially police or sheriff’s deputies. Their fame was increased by the fact that Bonnie was a woman and by the fact that the couple posed for playful photographs together, which were later found by police and released to the media. 

Police almost captured the famous duo twice in the spring of 1933, with surprise raids on their hideouts in Joplin and Platte City, Missouri. Buck Barrow was killed in the second raid, and Blanche was arrested, but Bonnie and Clyde escaped once again, and were known to hang out in the Winnsboro, Texas area. In January 1934, they attacked the Eastham Prison Farm in Texas to help Hamilton break out of jail, shooting several guards with machine guns and killing one.

Texan prison officials hired a retired Texas Ranger, Captain Frank Hamer, as a special investigator to track down Parker and Barrow. After a three-month search, Hamer traced the couple to Louisiana, where Henry Methvin’s family lived. Before dawn on May 23, Hamer and a group of Louisiana and Texas lawmen hid in the bushes along a country road outside Sailes. When Parker and Barrow appeared, the officers opened fire, killing the couple instantly in a hail of bullets.



JUNE 2016

HAWKS Minutes from June 2, 2016 by Ron Miranda

Paul called the meeting to order at 6:00pm. And prior to any business, introduced Jacob Frazier and Kacey Thomas both of Winnsboro High School and recipients of Scholarships, this year. Both thanked the membership for our support and gave a brief description of their college plans. In addition to the two seniors, Christian Hood, manager of McDonalds Winnsboro was introduced as our visitor.

Paul addressed the health concerns of VP. John Bowling and asked Gary Garner to lead the members in the pledges followed by the Invocation by Wayne Scott.

Dave was called on for a Treasurer Report, Roman Eble motioned it be accepted, seconded by Doug Grantham, passed by the members.

No website update due to the absence of George Brown

Secretary stand-in Ron Miranda asked for a motion to read or accept the minutes from the preceding minutes. Doug Grantham moved they be accepted as presented in the newsletter, seconded by Rob Tubbs, passed by the members.

RSO Ron Smith reported that the final rimfire was a success with 14 shooters but expressed concern for the ages of some of the participants opening a discussion towards limiting young shooters for safety reasons. Further discussion will be necessary on this. Ron continued with a request for a short meeting following the business meeting of the Shooting Committee concerning the finalizing of plans for the rifle and pistol competition. Ron asked the members to authorize up to $300 for prizes for the tournament in the form of a motion which was seconded by Doug Grantham, motion passed.

Ron Miranda gave a report on the progress towards the annual banquet and suggested the location be changed to the Texas Tea Room in Quitman, Doug Grantham moved the proposal be accepted, seconded by James Morris, motion carried. Ron continued with a report on the shelter garage sale with a total of $5300 net proceeds.

Wayne explained the proposed F.A.S.T. program for May of 2017 and asked for volunteers to coach.

Doug Grantham spoke on VIPs with a request and explanation, 9 volunteered.

James Morris asked for help putting up the canopy and selling raffle tickets for the Paris car show on June 11th.

Wayne Scott updated the info on the upcoming gun show in September 17 &18th.

James announced that Greg Bova and Wendell Hildebrandt will run for office along with Wayne Scott and Ron Smith.

Gary Garner updated the info on the upcoming Fishing Tournament scheduled for the 14th of June including a fish fry following the tournament.

The Scholarship Committee requested an additional $100 to increase the amount to $1,000 for Travis Brown to fund one more scholarship. Paul moved to move the money ($100) and allocate a $1000 to this student. This increased our scholarship commitment to 5 and an additional scholarship from Dave Koch, seconded by Roman Eble, motion passed.

Paul asked the members to think about helping with suggestions on speakers for our business meetings.

Formal Business meeting was closed to move to the show and tell on holsters.

GUN SAFETY by Wayne Scott

Negligent discharges have been making the news over the last couple of weeks.  Two of the most recent stories include a negligent discharge in a prohibited area (a public school sporting event) and now we have a story of a Milwaukee man dying after “posing with his gun” then re-holstering it, shooting himself in the femoral artery.  Enough is enough; let’s discuss how to avoid a negligent discharge. 

 Accidents don’t happen, negligence does.  Whether you are an armed professional or law abiding citizen, negligent discharges have and will continue to occur. The truth is that none of them are an accident.  A gun is a mechanical thing that requires a mechanical action to be fired.  By removing the word “accident” from “discharge” we place the liability squarely on the gun handler, which is where it rightfully belongs.  There are no “accidental discharges” only “negligent discharges.”  That means don’t get complacent, lazy, or neglectful when your actions concern the lives and safety of yourself and those around you.  

 Safety starts in your brain.  All the safety features in the world will not keep you safe when dealing with a firearm unless following safe firearm handling practices.  These practices may sound familiar, like “don’t point the muzzle at anything you are unwilling to destroy” or “treat all guns as if they are loaded."  Be aware of safe firearm handling practices and make them part of your daily routine.  

 Guns are not toys.  Being a gun owner requires maturity, self-discipline, and knowledge.  I get it; sometimes we get excited about buying something new.  We may even be sorely tempted to show it off to our friends and share images of it on Facebook, but owning and carrying a firearm is a massive responsibility where mistakes can have deadly consequences.  We are adults.  When dealing with firearms we need to act like adults and have the maturity and self-discipline to not treat our guns like the newest and neatest “toy” we have.  This includes but is not limited to:

  • Not posing with your gun for pictures.  Seriously, you want to take a picture of your gun?  Fine.  Safely unload it in a controlled environment (like your home), triple check that the gun is unloaded and the chamber is clear, and then while following all the other safety precautions take your precious picture.  This means if you are taking a picture with a loaded gun, you’re doing it wrong.  If you are taking a picture with a gun in an environment not under your control, you are doing it wrong.  If you take a picture with your finger on the trigger, you’re doing it wrong.  If you take a picture with the gun pointed in an unsafe direction, you’re doing it wrong.  Notice a pattern?  
  • Stop touching it.  People who wear a gun for the first time are constantly touching the thing.  This is true for new CHL holders, newly commissioned security officers, police rookies, police cadets, and probably newly armed military personnel.  There’s just something inherent in our human DNA to constantly be checking to make sure the weapon is where we left it, and even at times, resting our hand on it or otherwise be touching it.  This is where that “self-discipline” thing I was talking about earlier comes into play.  Just stop touching your weapon.  If you have a quality holster it’s not going anywhere.  If you are worried people can see you printing, don’t.  The general public will not notice your weapon, but by you touching it you are telegraphing to everyone around you that you are armed.  So just quit it.
  • Don’t show it off.  Just like when taking a picture of your gun, remember that there is a time and place.  Standing in a Chipotle with your buddies is not that time or place.  Sitting in the front seat of your car in a retail parking lot is not that time or place.  Sitting in a living room at your kid’s birthday party with 20 children running around is not the time or place.  In fact, just follow all the same rules for photographing the weapon as mentioned above, and you’re most of the way there.  Remember when showing it off, not only do you need to have the maturity, knowledge, and self-discipline to handle firearms, but so does everyone else who you may be showing it to.  

 Learn how to pick and use the appropriate holster for your gun.  Having a quality holster is vital to your safety.  Holsters are not fashion accessories; they are an essential part of any carry system.  A quality holster is:

  • One made specifically for your gun.  If you see the words “universal fit” or notice the packaging has a half dozen or more “fits” for that holster, skip it.  A quality holster will be one that is molded to your weapons dimensions.  This not only looks good, but also provides essential retention and fitment designed to keep you and those around you safe.  
  • Made from quality materials.  This means high grade stiff leather or kydex.  You can usually tell if the holster is made from quality materials by whether or not it will stay open and retain the shape after the gun is drawn.  This is the litmus test I use when selecting any holster.  Those collapsible synthetic cloth (I.E. Uncle Mikes) holsters you see at Academy Sports and Outdoors for $10 are not only uncomfortable, they are also dangerous.  
  • From a reputable manufacturer.It seems like everybody and their brother are making kydex holsters these days, so buyer beware.  Stick to a manufacturer you either know and trust, or one that is recommended by people you know and trust.  You want a company that has a reputation for quality and that will stand behind their workmanship.  
  • Is a holster that is appropriate for your environment? Unless you wear plate armour for a living and crawl in and out of armoured vehicles every day, a drop leg holster is not for you.  Do you primarily conceal a large framed handgun every day?  Perhaps a high ride pancake is best for you.  Are you a working professional who leaves his gun in the car while in the office?  Maybe a paddle, snap, or clip style holster is best for you (see explanation below).  The point is, don’t buy a holster because you think it looks cool, or because the marketing literature has a guy in a SWAT uniform wearing it.  Make sure you choose the holster suits your environment and is appropriate to your situation.  

 Don’t take it out of the holster.  Sometimes we have to run into an area that is posted, and legally we are not permitted to carry.  Try to think about your day to day environment.  Is this something you have to do frequently?  If so, buy a snap removal holster (like a Winthrop Dual Snap IWB) or a paddle holster (like a Safariland ALS).  The point is, if you must remove your gun from your person, do everything in your power to keep the gun holstered while you do it.  This is where the “knowledge” I was talking about earlier comes into play.  By removing the gun from the holster, you introduce an enormous risk of a negligent discharge.  It’s a bad habit to get into, and it’s risky behaviour even in a controlled and private setting.  Doing it in the front seat of your car is simply negligent, so don’t do it.  As a side note, many plain clothes police officers use paddle holsters specifically because of the problem that arises when they are going into and out of prohibited places (like a jail).  Leave the gun in the holster, and take the holster off.  

 Striker fired guns are not for beginners.  This statement will probably be the most controversial. The facts are as such, most striker fired guns have no external active safety mechanism that would prevent the gun from being fired if anything were to make contact with the trigger.  They usually have a short initial trigger stroke that is relatively light.  For example, the Sig Sauer P229 has a long, double action trigger stroke for the first pull of the trigger, weighing in at approximately 10-12lbs.  Compare that to a Glock 19 which has a fairly brief trigger pull of about 5.5lbs.  Both guns are excellent for self-defence, very popular with shooters, and have a proven track record.  However, of the two guns the Glock is much less forgiving if a mistake (negligent action) were made.  Does this mean that the Glock is inherently less safe?  Absolutely not!  What it does mean, is that Glock shooters should practice an extra measure of due diligence when using that particular firearm.  

Train like your life depends on it. Your life may very well depend on the training that you take.  Regardless of whether you use a Sig, Glock, or even a 1911, you as a shooter are responsible for knowing your handgun platform well enough to be able to bring the weapon into an engagement without having to think about it.  Part of this training should include drawing from the holster, and re-holstering the gun.  You should practice this religiously.  In fact, you don’t even need to go to the range.  Follow all safety protocols and practice this in the comfort of your home by performing dry fires.  

Don’t get hung up on the minutia.  Debates rage online about whether or not you should look to re-holster your weapon.  One side says “never look when you re-holster your weapon; keep your eyes on the threat.”  To which my reply question would be, if there is still a threat why would you re-holster?  I’ve heard others say that they want their gun “back in the holster when the police arrive.”  That’s all well and good, but if the police arrive while you still have the gun in hand the best thing you can do is to slowly and carefully lay it on the ground, raise your hands high, and await instructions.  Do what is comfortable and safest for you.  In fact if you are drawing from concealment, looking to ensure your holster is not obstructed before holstering sounds like a very logical piece of advice.  

1874 John B. Jones becomes major in Texas Rangers by Bill Rogers

John B. Jones begins his adventurous career as a lawman with an appointment as a major in the Texas Rangers. Born in Fairfield District, South Carolina, in 1834, Jones moved to Texas with his father when he was a small boy. After graduating from Mt. Zion College in South Carolina, he returned to his home in Winnsboro, Texas to enlist in the Confederate Army during the Civil War. Talented and ambitious, he eventually rose to the rank of adjutant general. Jones took the defeat of the Confederacy hard, and after the war, he spent some time traveling in Mexico and Brazil trying to establish a colony for other disgruntled former Confederates. After determining that the colonial schemes held little promise for success, he returned to Winnsboro, Texas where his military experience won him a major’s commission with the Texas Rangers on this day in 1874.

Jones commanded the Frontier Battalion, a force of about 500 men stationed along the Texas frontier from the Red River to the Rio Grande. His mission was two-fold: to keep hostile-border Indians out of Texas and control the outlaws within Texas.

His first Indian fight came less than six weeks later. While patrolling near Jacksboro, Texas, with 28 men, Jones spotted a band of more than 100 Indians that he thought were hostile Kiowa, Comanche, and Apache. Displaying more courage than wisdom, Jones directed his small band to attack the larger force of Indians. In the ensuing battle, two of the Rangers were killed and two wounded, but they were lucky to escape without more serious losses. Chastened, Jones acted with greater care in his subsequent battles with Indians, and his force eventually became highly effective in repulsing invasions.

Four years later, Jones took on one of the most notorious outlaws on the Texas frontier, Sam Bass. For some months, Bass and his gang had been staging train robberies in Texas. Although most of the robberies failed to net much money because Bass and his partners were incompetent amateurs, the people of Texas demanded that Bass be stopped. The Texas government turned to Jones, ordering him to use his Rangers to run Bass down. Seizing on the drama of the chase, the press dubbed the affair the “Bass War.”

For four months, Bass led Jones and his Rangers on a wild chase through Texas. In July 1878, Jones learned that Bass was planning to rob the bank in Round Rock, Texas. When Bass did hit the bank, Jones and his Rangers were waiting. Bass was badly wounded in the ensuing gun battle, and he died several days later. Strangely enough, Bass later became a legend, portrayed as good-natured Robin Hood, while Jones has largely been forgotten. Jones continued to command the Frontier Battalion until he died of natural causes in 1881 at the age of 46.

APOLOGY by George Brown

I am sorry the June newsletter is so late, but I was out of town the last half of May and the first week in June.


MAY 2016

Hawks minutes from 05/05/2106 byMel Mellenberger

The meeting was called to order at 1800 by President Paul.  There were 24 members present with 3 visitors and one visitor, Ruben became our newest member.

CC President Sanders reported there were 128 tables at gun show with 118 already signed up for Sept show.  CC Pres Sanders gave $1250.00 to the HAWKS Scholarship fund and $150.00 to Boy Scouts.

George reported we now have tighter security on the web page but the classified section is gone for now. However, it has been saved, and will return. 

The treasurer and the Secretary made their reports. The reports were approved with no questions.  

Ron Smith reported there is an upcoming RSO class May 20.  Contact Peggy York at 210-473-2185 or 903-473-2185 to register for the 8 hour class. The cost is $85.00. 

The HAWKS rifle and pistol tourney is still on. There will be more to come. Rim fire has had 2 events and all coaches are still alive with the last shoot scheduled May 28th.

John Bowling asked for those interested in Gunslingers to ponder what kind of shooting days/competition they wanted.

James reported the raffle committee was working leads with a scheduled event in Paris June 11.  Help if you can.

Please get in touch with the nominating committee if you plan to run for an office. The election is in September.  Wayne brought up the idea of starting a Jr. HAWKS.  He would like some input from the members on this issue. What do you think?

The animal shelter garage sale is next week. If you can help move items, please meet at storage units behind McDonalds at 07:30 with trucks and trailers.  There will be an afterglow at the Carter House Patio Sat after the garage sale starting at 6:00 P.M. If you plan to work at the show, you need to sign a waiver.

Winnsboro is having a general cleanup May 24 from 8:00 A.M. until 4:00 P.M.  They asked for our help so if you can help, wear your HAWKS shirt and COME ON DOWN.

The Friday before Memorial Day there is a “CARRY THE LOAD” celebration for Veterans and First responders in Mt Pleasant at noon and then in Mt. Vernon that evening.

Kaylin’s last day at Richie’s is this Wed so make it a day she will remember. 

TSRA life membership is still $300.00

21 April 1836 the Battle of San Jacinto by Bill Rogers

During the Texan War for Independence, the Texas militia under Sam Houston launches a surprise attack against the forces of Mexican General Santa Anna along the San Jacinto River. The Mexicans were thoroughly routed, and hundreds were taken prisoner, including General Santa Anna himself.

After gaining independence from Spain in the 1820s, Mexico welcomed foreign settlers to sparsely populated Texas, and a large group of Americans led by Stephen F. Austin settled along the Brazos River. The Americans soon outnumbered the resident Mexicans, and by the 1830s attempts by the Mexican government to regulate these semi-autonomous American communities led to rebellion. In March 1836, in the midst of armed conflict with the Mexican government, Texas declared its independence from Mexico.

The Texas volunteers initially suffered defeat against the forces of Santa Anna and Sam Houston’s troops were forced into an eastward retreat, and the Alamo fell. However, in late April, Houston’s army surprised a Mexican force at San Jacinto, and Santa Anna was captured, bringing an end to Mexico’s effort to subdue Texas. In exchange for his freedom, Santa Anna recognized Texas’s independence; although the treaty was later abrogated and tensions built up along the Texas-Mexico border.

The citizens of the so-called Lone Star Republic elected Sam Houston as president and endorsed the entrance of Texas into the United States. However, the likelihood of Texas joining the Union as a slave state delayed any formal action by the U.S. Congress for more than a decade.

WEB REPORTby George Brown

We have completed the upgrade of our web page software to the latest version of Joomla. The upgrade went smoothly, with the exception of the fact that the classified section could not be transferred to the new software. We were able to save all the classified ads to an Excel file, which will be restored as soon as I am able to get it done. Before I can accomplish that, I need to get my computer operating system upgraded because my current operating system, Vista, is not compatible with the new version of Joomla. I will be able to do the upgrade in the next few weeks, and when that happens, I will be able to start restoring the classified page.

Despite the inconvenience that the upgrade may have caused, it was well worth the effort. The added security alone makes it better web site. One new feature is that users will no longer be able to register a user name and password. In the future I will assign the usernames and passwords. This will prevent computer robots from singing on as users. All users who created a username and password in the past will still be able to log on using their existing information. Only new users will be affected by this change.

Another good feature is that from now on when you post an item for sale your email address will not be visible to the buyers. They will still be able to respond to your ad by email, but the computer will hide the actual address from the responder.

Overall, I think all the HAWKS will be pleased with the new website, and I will have the pictures and classified back in working order as soon as possible. If anyone has any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to let me know. You can contact me by email or phone.



APRIL 2016

Minutes from HAWKS Meeting of 04/07/2016by Mel Mellenberger

A change was made to the opening of the meeting with the addition of the pledge of allegiance to the Texas flag following the pledge of allegiance to the American flag. We will begin each future meeting this way. The minutes and treasures report were approved with no questions. 

According to Texas law raffles can only be held 2 times a year so the Hawks members voted unanimously to have 600 tickets per raffle and they must be dated.  Johnny Wetzel said he would print the tickets at no charge when we needed them.  Vince Hendricksmeyer gave a very interesting class on Article V of the U.S. Constitution. It would do us all good to investigate this on our own for additional knowledge.

There is a change coming in the HAWKS website. The changes are described in the Web Report below. The next Rimfire will be April 23. A larger crowd is expected so please everyone, let’s all help where we can.  We have about 30+ requests for scholarships as reported by the Scholarship committee. James will make about $400.00 on the sale of raffle tickets this week. This money will go into the scholarship fund.

There were 90 people present at the CR active shooter class sponsored by the HAWKS. Most of those present were HAWKS members. The video “THE BEST DEFENSE” was recommended at the presentation. This video can be found on the Outdoor Channel or by googling “THE BEST DEFENSE”.

The next gun show is Sept. 17-18, and we need to start making plans for it.

Secretary Mel Mellenberger gave out 1 new membership application at meeting.

WEB REPORT by George Brown

The upgrade of the web site is now complete and everything on the site was transferred to the new software intact except for the classified ads. Neal was able to save all the ads in a separate file, but I will have to transfer them to the new classified section manually. I have already started this task but it will take me some time to get it all done. Unfortunately, we were not able to save the pictures in the classified section. I would like all members who are interested to check the classified section, and other parts of the web, and let me know if anything else is missing. If you will resend the pictures of the items you want to sell to me, I will get them posted again. Please send all the other data along with the pictures, or I won’t have any way to match the picture to the correct ad.

Effective immediately there will be a new procedure for registering users of the classified section. New users will no longer be able to register for themselves. When someone not already registered wants to use the web site, I will create a user name and a password for them. This process is slower than having the users register for themselves, but we think it is necessary to prevent hackers from entering our web site.


One of the main functions of a police department is that of investigation. They do not decide guilt or innocence. They gather the facts without prejudice and present it to the City/County/District Attorney to determine if no charges are warranted or if enough doubt exists to have the issue go to the Grand Jury.

Follow the advice of Texas Law Shield. If the fecal hits the fan, call 911. Say you have been a victim of a crime and to send the police and an ambulance. Give your address and ask them to repeat it to clarify. Then, shut up and hang up. Hopefully you have joined Texas Law Shield. Call them just as soon as you hang up from the 911 call. They will guide you from there. Once the cops arrive and start bombarding you with questions, tell them you invoke the right to remain silent and speak to an Attorney. Don't say another word. I know this seems rude but it is essential to keep your mouth shut until you speak to your attorney. As for me, I don't know any local attorney to call to help. That means I may be carted off to jail for the time being. I'm forced to rely on Texas Law Shield to respond in a timely fashion, whatever that means.

I hope none of us ever have to go through a shooting experience. It would be a life changing event, and not for the better. And yet, we must do what is necessary to protect ourselves and our loved ones as best we can. I know many of you are far better qualified to offer advice than me. If I have said something wrong, jump right in and correct me. That is the only way I can learn.

Allen Gold



MARCH 2016

HAWKS MINUTES FROM 03/03/16 byMel Mellenberger

The prayer list on will be divided into many short term and long term folks in the near future. 

The Gunslinger targets are on web page and can be easily download. 

We are looking for a backup for the web master. If anyone is interested please contact George.

If you missed the meeting, you missed a great class on how to save up to 60% on ammo by reloading your own. Our own Ken Pescod did a great job.

The raffle committee will be at the SS market and the Paris car show in May.  All who can help out please contact James Morris. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

The spring gun show will be April 9th and 10th. We have 90 tables committed we need help working the show. Please see Greg for a signup sheet or email him if you can help.

Scholarship committee will meet next Wed after breakfast, and the nominating committee will meet Thursday. Please call James Morris if interested in an office.  

The garage sale to support the animal shelter will be May 12th to May 14th.

All who plan to work at city events need to sign a waiver. A copy has been emailed out to everyone.

The Civilian Response to an Active shooter class is scheduled for Mar 22, 6:30 at the Winnsboro High School Auditorium. This event is sponsored by the HAWKS, and is free for everyone who wants to attend. Please spread the word about this event.

The HAWKS were selected by the Winnsboro Chamber of Commerce as the Volunteer Org of the year.  We received a trophy for winning this event. Yeah for us.

Let’s fill up the tables for the FRIENDS OF THE NRA MARCH 19th.

The Cruise In will be next September and soon it will be time to start planning for that event.


After attending a recent ACTIVE SHOOTER PREVENTION SEMINAR in Tyler, Wayne Scott has actively tried to organize the same program for businesses, churches, schools, law enforcement and the general public in case one or more of these wack jobs go off the rails and decide to shoot up a gathering of folks, in our area. Since we are seeing more and more “gun free zones” which add to the risk ordinary people are taking, in these establishments, of being gunned down.

This is usually where the Bloomberg idiots start harping on so called “assault rifles” which is balderdash, and if given reasonable thought any sane person would realize it. Heck, a looney with a five shot revolver and a pocket full of rounds can take out a plethora of kids in a school if there is no one there to stop him or her. This goes right back to the question of “How do you stop a bad man with a gun”? You notice the quote says gun, not assault rifle?

But, the real problem lies in reaction, training, knowing what to do and when to do it, how, basically, to save your life and the lives of anyone around you, who may be threatened.

Richard Nance is a retired law officer and participant and sometimes straight man for James Tarr on many episodes of “Guns and Ammo TV” on the sportsman channel every Monday evening from 7pm. to way past our bed times. Richard is one of those guys I would want to hunker down beside in a fire fight. The following is an excerpt from an article he wrote in the February/March issue of HANDGUNS magazine entitled “Gaining The Edge”:

Mental preparation is critical to developing the “will fight” attitude that one must have to survive a life or death shoot out. This attitude is built upon the premise that you may be assaulted, and, if you are, an overwhelmingly violent response may be the only thing that keeps you safe.

You need to resolve yourself to the fact that driving your thumbs into an attacker's eye sockets or shooting his vital organs may be the only thing that prevents you from being abducted, sexually assaulted or killed. You must be willing to do whatever it takes to win.

All the marksmanship ability in the world won't compensate for any moral aversion to applying deadly force. The bottom line here is that if you aren't certain that you would pull the trigger to thwart an attacker who presents a deadly threat, you should not own a firearm for personal defense.

After coming to terms with the fact that defending yourself may require physical violence, it’s time to focus on being aware of potential threats and formulating appropriate responses. If you're not paying attention to what's going on around you because you are texting, listening to your iPod or daydreaming, you look a lot like prey to a criminal predator; criminals are far more apt to victimize someone who is perceived as an easy mark – someone who obviously isn't alert.

And if you're caught off guard because you are preoccupied, you will be way behind the eight ball. Being aware of your surroundings not only makes you a less desirable target for a criminal, it buys you precious time to implement an appropriate response if you're attacked.”

Don't believe the playing field will be level when you're attacked. Conditions will be most advantageous to your attacker, and you will be most vulnerable.” Kelly McCann firearms and combative instructor and favorite of Richard Nance write, Where's all this going? Well, Nance Continues from the February/March 2016 issue of HANDGUNS MAGAZINE entitled “IT'S THE WORST”:

Too often, we shoot on the well-lit “square” range at stationary targets, from the ideal stance, with little adversity. With practice, we learn to shoot well under such favorable conditions. While training in this type of environment is beneficial in anchoring basic marksmanship skills, it can provide a false sense of security if it's not combined with more challenging and realistic evolutions.”

If any of you have participated in one or many of Jim Butz's / Bill Rogers' Tactical Shoots besides being a kick it, also, came closest to a simulated real life situation where you must shoot. Unfortunately, the weather or other commitments have prevented the shoots from becoming a regular bi-weekly event. It seems like poker, Chamber meetings or our own HAWKS meeting have prevented many of us from participating. Jim, unfortunately for HAWKS has a job that prevents him from holding a day time Tactical Shoot. Wayne and I have kicked around starting one perhaps on another evening or a daytime shoot. This training becomes a move-n-shoot, from behind barricades, both eyes open, load and reload and don't hit the innocent all in a reasonable time frame.

While the target range shooting is excellent for becoming acquainted with your gun and what to expect when it goes “bang” even to the point where levers and buttons don't even require you’re looking at them anymore, it does not instill that survivor aspect of a shoot under duress.

If you're interested in this and are a WGC member in good standing, let's peruse it.

WEB REPORT by George Brown

A printable version of the gunslingers target is on the web page now; the target is located under the about us tab, in the gunslingers menu, target submenu. Just click on the click here link and print the target.

In the near future the HAWKS webpage may have the ability to do interactive processing of forms, such as the scholarship application and the sign up lists for various events. Since there will be no extra charge for this feature, I am going to recommend that we start using it. I should have more information by next month.

I want to remind everyone that the web site can be viewed by everyone and anyone can register to advertise in the classified section. Use good judgment in making sales and purchased, and be sure to comply with all State and Federal laws.






The meeting began at 1800 with health concerns. Dennis Morey did not make the cut for the heart procedure that might help his condition. Ron Smith had a successful surgery and President Paul Fletcher has a bad shoulder. There were 33 HAWKS present and 2 guests. They were Captain Chris Hill and the new Extension Agent Brian Ball. The Pledge led by Gary and invocation by Mel the Less.

Capt. Chris Hill of the WPD gave a talk on the new open carry law. In some areas the law itself is vague and open to various opinions. It is ‘a learning process’ for everyone involved. Chris answered some questions on signage. In all cases it will be a matter of INTENT. Did you intend to carry where you were not allowed or did you forget?

The treasurer’s report and the minutes from last month were approved with no changes. A dues change will be effective AUGUST 1. 2016. The GUNSLINGERS target in on the web site.

The Friends of NRA banquet is March 18 and tickets are going fast. Menu will consist of FAJITAS. Ray has the Poly Case ammo in stock for most calibers.

RIMFIRE is beginning the last Saturday in March.

The nomination committee has no names yet and all HAWKS are encouraging to participate by making suggestions to the committee. Paul is not going to run again.

Wayne stated that he and others have already expended 65 man hours on the gun show. The prices are $45 per table for vendors and $7 entrance fee for attendees. Several door prizes will be given away but you must be present to win.

Some members went to an ACTIVE SHOOTERS class and were very impressed and the membership voted to spend up to $200 to pay Smith County officers to put the class on again. We can sell raffle tickets at the event and have a donation jar for scholarship donations.

Look for the pistol and rifle tourney coming soon to a gun range near you.

The HAWKS got a letter From the STANDARD CLUB asking for HAWKS help but all the info was not available, so there was no vote.

The meeting ended at 1910.


In late January eight or nine HAWKS members attended an "Active Shooter Seminar" hosted by the Smith County Sheriff’s Office and open to the public.  We wanted to attend to learn enough to possibly be able to host this type of seminar in Winnsboro which we feel would benefit educators, bankers, insurance providers and health providers.  It also would benefit anyone from the public sector who might find themselves in a situation where an individual may take it upon themselves to open fire on a group of innocent civilians.

It is generally accepted that this individual is mentally deranged with a personal agenda, satisfied only by creating much harm and injury to those who he or she feels has wronged them, but anyone who might be in the sights of the firearm.  There is very little chance of reasoning with or talking the perpetrator out of his or her objective.  They have accepted the fact that they will be killed in the end and are really looking to have their story told to the world for acceptance, pity or vengeance.  Whatever their reason it must be conveyed to the perp that their story and their identity will not receive public light.  There will be NO fifteen minutes of fame for this whack job.

In a brief summation of the evening, the most important point to accept if you are in this situation and do nothing you will die!  To play dead, freeze in your tracks or try to conform to the perps wishes or try to appease the perp will, in all probability result in your death.  What then to do?  First objective is to try to escape by any means possible, through a window an interior wall or up the chimney if possible, but get the hell out of there, let the professionals handle it.  No escape possible?  Try to deny access to the area you are occupying by locking doors, strapping a door with your belt, barricading the door with heavy furniture and turn out all lights.  Try to make the shooter think the room is unoccupied.  If all else fails prepare to defend yourself with anything you can get your hands on, a piece of pipe, a coffee pot, a fork, a ball point pen, whatever you can lay your hands on.  Remember, you have the element of surprise.  When the shooter comes through the door which you are hiding behind, grab the barrel of the gun and with all your weight forcing him to the floor.  If by some stroke of luck you are armed with a hand gun, DON'T GO LOOKING FOR THE IDIOT, remain in your area ready to defend yourself by shooting this mad person as soon as you have identified him or her as the crazy.

If you have ended the fight by killing the assailant and you are sure he or she is dead or incapacitated and having disarmed him, put YOUR GUN AWAY!!!  The first LEO through the door won't know you from the crazy, all he knows is that a person with a gun is shooting people. 

Remember every action has a consequence and if your action is to jump up and down and wet yourself, the consequence is you may die.

Sgt. Darrell Coslin of the Smith County Sheriff’s office made many references to Columbine High School in Colorado and the two misfits who were doing the killing were a member of a group called the "Trench Coat Mafia" and got their ideas and plans from a video game called "Doom".  One of the shooter's father called in on a news report to say he felt one of the shooters was his son and he was a sicko.  Where in the hell was this so-called father during the rearing process or even the days leading up to this massacre, why didn't he contact authorities and get this psycho some help or at least, alert authorities so they could take him out prior to the shootings?  Better still, years ago a well-placed hickory switch might have prevented the whole damn thing.

WEB REPORT by George Brown

A printable version of the gunslingers target is now on the web page. Just go to the about us tab, click on gunslingers, click on target, and click on the button link that reads “Click HERE for a printable pdf version.” When the target pops up all you have to do is print it and you have your target. There is no password required, so this printable PDF is open to anyone who has a computer with a printer.


I read the article furnished by Wikipedia that Dave Sanders drew my attention to and found that Her disHonor Judge Jean Hudson Boyd, the Juvenal Judge that presided over the Eric Couch "Affluenza" travesty in Tarrant County in 2013 where this affluent snot-nosed spoiled brat killed four innocents and injured nine others in a drunk driving incident has a history of handing down long probated sentences instead if jail time, especially if the accused is white and rich.  After a petition containing 30,000 signatures was circulated and, I assume made Her disHonor aware of, Judge Boyd stepped down.  Way to go citizens!!!  I wonder how many other young killers this woman has left in society, after all do we really really think Eric Couch has learned his lesson, especially after mommy dearest whisked him off to sunny Mexico?  What the hell kind of example is that to set? Hey, your dishonor, how about you serving his sentence, since he won't? This is my opinion and I don't give a damn who disagrees with it. 


I was chastised for my comment regarding exposure of your concealed firearm in a confrontation to avoid having to shoot someone, needlessly.  This idea came to light at one of the Texas Law Shield seminars, where the point was made, that if accosted by one or two, unarmed, thugs threatening to beat the snot out of you and then raping your wife or daughter (or he may be brandishing a switchblade, and we all know not to bring a knife to a gun fight) this tact may pay off, positively for you.  I, certainly, would not like to try to convince a judge and jury that shooting someone unarmed, was self-defense.  If they saw I was armed with a gun, statistics tell us 2 out of three perps would give up the attack and run, after all, isn't that the idea behind open carry, in the first place, to neutralize a situation before it becomes violent?  If your attacker, on the other hand, has a gun-in-hand, you had better be prepared to shoot back.






Our secretary Mel Mellenberger could not be at the meeting so John Bowling took notes and sent them to me. I transcribed them and the result is shown below.

The meeting opened with a presentation from Cory Sanders. Cory spoke about improving the relationship between the HAWKS and the Winnsboro Chamber of Commerce. He presented the HAWKS with a check for $400 as compensation for helping out at past gun shows.

Next Allen Gold gave an excellent talk on Polycase ammunition. As a result of the talk Ray Hollingsworth became a distributor for Polycase ammo and will soon carry it in his stores.

Two meetings were scheduled to be held at Ritchie’s after Wednesday Breakfast (Nominating Committee and Scholarship Committee) but they have since been postponed due to unforeseen circumstances.

The club dues were discussed and Ed Hoying moved that we raise the annual club dues to $48.00. This motion was seconded by James Morris, and carried unanimously. The new dues will take effect at the end of the current fiscal year in September.

There was a discussion about where the money received from our work at the gun show should be placed. There was some thought that the HAWKS had an obligation to place it in the scholarship fund. It was decided that we, as members, will decide where the funds will be allocated. Ken Schwab moved that any money received from the chamber of Commerce be credited to the general fund. This was seconded by Wayne Scott, and passed unanimously.

Ron Miranda proposed a date for this year’s banquet of Friday, September 23rd. George Brown gave a report on the web page wherein he discussed President Obama’s unconstitutional action to inhibit private gun sales. We plan no action at this time but when necessary we will take any necessary steps to comply with any federal government directives.

There was a report from the Nominating Committee, which is beginning work on making nominations for next year’s slate of officers. They requested suggestions from all members. We will be choosing a president, vice president, and an information officer, so anyone interested in one of these positions should contact James Morris or one of the members of the nominating committee with your suggestion. The meeting was then closed.


Like it or not open carry becomes the law of our land and I think we need to give law enforcement all the help they can use.  We can start by being tolerant, when asked for our licenses.  Many of us have indicated we will not open carry, but, I like the idea, to avoid an obvious altercation you pull your over shirt or "shoot me first vest" aside and expose your holstered firearm.  You may still have to shoot, keeping in mind many of these bottom feeders are not the shiniest penny in the pack, but at least in your mind you gave someone the opportunity to walk away.  Now if it's a black clad, masked Arab - shoot the s.o.b.

Another advantage to open carry, the way the law is written, concerns carrying in your vehicle.  The law says your hand gun must be holstered in a belt holster or shoulder holster, and you must not be conducting yourself in a threatening or alarming manor, everything I've read, says nothing about having the holsters attached to your body.  If your holster is attached to your dash board, laying on your seat, anywhere you can get your hand on it immediately, you should not be in violation, but it might be good to check with lawyers.  Personally, I see no advantage in having your firearm in your glove box, the map pocket on your door, or under your seat.  You might as well leave it at home in your gun safe.  If push comes to shove, keep your gun on your body so you can get your hand on it, if you're about to be carjacked.  Even carrying in your pants pocket could come back to haunt you.  How easy is it to get change out of your pocket when you're rolling through the drive-thru at Dairy Queen or Mickey-D's.

The biggest advantage in open carry is the Texas Legislature and our Governor flipping the bird in the face of the gun grabbing Democrats, Michael Bloomberg, Clinton, and Obama and voting the way the NRA hoped they would.  If they really want to do some good for Texas and its law abiding citizenry, they could vote to get rid of the so called "Gun Free Zones", the 30.06 signs and soon the 30.07 signs.

And then we have this so called judge in Ft. Worth that gave the rich kid probation, for being drunk and killing four innocent people, what a travesty.  It smells like someone "got to" the judge with cash or threats, she, surely, couldn't be THAT liberal.  You could sense the disgust in Dee Anderson's voice the Tarrant County Sheriff when he was interviewed. It ain't a perfect world, but it can be a hell-of-a lot better than it is.

I really don't think there will be a big transition from concealed carry to open carry.  The reason is, of all the people, legally carrying open, 100% of them must have an LTC or a grandfathered CHL.  This means each and every one of us has passed a background check, is not a felon and is of legal age, a responsible law abiding citizen.  Everyone openly carrying a gun you would want to have a gun.  I really don't think anyone licensed to carry a firearm is going to do anything stupid to lose that privilege.  I have enough faith in law enforcement to weed out the weenies from the responsible citizen gun owner.

WEB REPORT by George Brown

President Obama’s directive on gun sales was discussed at the HAWKS board meeting, and it was decided that the HAWKS web page will comply with any directive we receive concerning our advertising of guns on this page. I am totally in agreement with this decision and will keep the membership informed of any future changes that must be made.

GUN CONTROL by George Brown

By now I am sure everyone knows that President Obama is seeking to outlaw gun ownership in America by executive action. Historically gun control has never been of any use in stopping violence, instead it has almost always been used by despots to facilitate a political takeover of a country. Indeed the United States Constitution clearly forbids what the president is attempting to do. In view of these facts it is difficult for me to think there is any rational reason for the president’s action other than a political ploy of some kind. If President Obama really wants to put an end to mass shootings in America he would adopt the plan of Sheriff Joe Arpaio and encourage gun ownership. Indeed I would take it one step further than Sheriff Joe and require that all able bodied Americans be required to own a firearm, and undergo extensive training on its use. Of course this training should emphasize safe gun handling, safe ways to carry, and safe means of storage. I am certain that if this plan is adopted we will see a dramatic decrease in the number of violent incidents precipitated by black clad, masked Arab s.o.b.’s as Ron so aptly described them. But what do the HAWKS think about this plan? Email your comments to me and I will print them in the next newsletter.