BOD Meeting Minutes - 2022 January

Item 1: Sgt. At Arms, Verify Attendance: 10 people

Johnny Wetzel, Roman Eble, James Morris, Joseph Wahleithner, Jack Maranda, James Dugger, John Bordas, Wendall Hildebrant, Edward H, Dave Hollander


Item 2: Monthly Membership Meeting January 13, 2022.

  • Doors open at 5:00 pm, meeting starts 5:30 pm.  Presentation for the evening will be about M1 Carbines.  So, if you have one and have questions about it, or just want to show it off please feel free on bringing it. 
  • For those bringing their M1 Carbines, there will be a gun inspection at the door to ensure gun safety during meeting. 
  • Please do not bring a loaded M1 Carbine.

Item 3: Secretary Report, Joseph Wahleithner

  • Review Last BOD Minutes – Sep 2021
  • Review Last Business Meeting Minutes – Oct 2021
  • Hawk of the year plaque purchase – The plaque has not been updated since 2014. The board voted on looking into a price for getting the plaque up to date for the Hawk of the Year.  The board also will talk to Hope Restaurant to see if they would let us hang our plaque there.  More to come.
  • Stop sending info on Hawks Club till Dues are paid – for the few members that have not paid for their membership from 21/22 they will no longer receive notifications from the club.

Item 4: Range Officer/Safety Officer Report, James Dugger.

  • Weekly Wednesday Shoot have been a great success. James has introduced a weekly competition that has been a great hit.  People are having lots of fun.  James will talk about it at the monthly meeting for January. 

Item 5: Hospitality Committee Report, James Dugger.

  • Food for January Monthly Members Meeting - Subway

Item 6: Treasury Report, Cap and shirt sales status, James Morris.

  • Membership Dues Information – We have 52 paid members.
  • The Board of Directors voted to end Meals for Cops on December 29, 2021 the remainder of the money was redistributed back into the club accounts –$500 to the Hawks main account and $100 to the range fund.
  • Treasury Report
  • Money given to Hope for Thanksgiving Meal. Approved by BOD.

Item 7: Speakers for future meetings, Wayne Scott.

  • Speaker for January Members Meeting – Mike Gonyea, Topic – M1 Carbine

Item 8: Chair and Vice-Chair Report


Item 9: Membership drive, eligible and new members, Roman Eble VP

  • Club membership has dropped to 52 paid members

Item 10: Membership Prize drawing, Wayne Scott

Not present for the meeting

Item 11: Public Relations officer Report, Greg Bova

         Not present for the meeting

Item 12: Volunteers In Police Service (VIPs) Report, Jimmy Chiles / Doug Grantham – Not present for meeting

  • Purchase of new equipment
  • Status of I.D. Cards

Item 13: Webmaster Report, John Bordas.

  • Great success has happened with the club website. Dave Hollander has agreed and is now on the team working the web site.  They have will be able to give us a better update on our next meeting.

Item 14:  Friends of the HAWKS Report, Paul Fletcher Pres.

  • Status on the workings of applications for Scholarships in club scholarship for the gun raffle that ends in May
  • Does the club want to support the raffle to get money for scholarships? Bring this up to the body of the club and need more than 5 volunteers to help raise money. How do we get more people to volunteer to raise monies.

Item 15: Old Business, Roman Eble VP

  • Clarify Toys for TOT’s Money – voted by the BOD.    
  • Update bylaws
  • Membership approval process

Item 16: New Business, John Wetzel Pres

1) Officer Duties

2) Address policy on who can put out info procedures according to bylaws

3) introduce George Brown as an honorary Life Hawks Member

4) Calendar of Events to post all information on the HAWKS

5) Bod meetings moved to Thursday at 4:30pm



Minutes prior to 2020 can be found in the newsletters.