JUNE 2020


Meeting held at City Park

Directors attending; Wayne Scott, Pres., Ron Miranda, Secy., Greg Bova, Info. Officer, Paul Fletcher VP., James Morris, Trea., Rob Tubbs, Sgt. At Arms.

Absent; Leonard Newman, RSO

Support Members; George Brown, Webmstr.,                   Mike Briggs, Chaplain, Roman Eble, Friends of HAWKS

Present 26 members and 5 guests

Pres. Wayne opened the meeting by asking Rob Tubbs to lead us in the U.S. and Texas pledges, followed by Mike Briggs offering prayers for Dennis Morey and any other members that may be hurting.  He followed with the invocation.

The pizza was delivered and we ate before moving forward.

Secy. Ron gave a short history of Dennis Bowman’s tenure with the HAWKS and invited Diane Bowman to draw the winning ticket for the Henry Golden Boy rifle and rack that was hand made by Al Andersen from exotic woods.  The winning ticket was purchased by Lee Moore of Tennessee and longtime HAWK’S member.  Danny O’Hara has a trip planned to visit Lee and Ann this summer, Covid – 19 willing.

Sheriff Tom Castloo was given the floor to promote early voting, June 29 through July 10th, with Election Day, July 14th.  He said the only race to be decided was that of Sheriff and in precinct one a commissioner’s race.

Wayne went on to comment on the times we live in and several members had questions and comments for the Sheriff. 

The winner of the first drawing which included a rifle with bayonet was Jimmy Miller.

Wayne explained that Officer Ryan Rockett of the Longview PD had to beg off as a speaker for this evening due to current conditions in the various cities. 

James Morris was asked for a Treasurer’s Report and said there was not too much activity to date, but did present a check for $1,000 to Mike Briggs, Treasurer for the FOTH in the name of Dennis Bowman.  A financial report will be sent to the members in the next few days. 

Wendall gave us an update on the culling and final selection of a student from Como-Pickton High School, who will be going to Welding School at Paris Junior College.  Wendall added that four other applications were received from Germany and Russia and were determined to be scams.

Secretary Ron read a card from Diane Bowman to the HAWKS shortly after Dennis’ passing.  Ron has a list of the range managers from last year and is encouraging them to continue but also needs additional managers to help Leonard.  Please email Ron at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  if you would like to participate and you will be added to the list.  We would like to consider having another F.A.S.T. (Familiarization and Safety Training) in firearms.  We would like to consider having this in the fall of 2020 or spring of 2021. We will need presenters, coaches and speakers to give a 30 minute class, so please be thinking about it.  If you have an abundance of ammo in necessary calibers, please consider bringing it and selling it to needy shooters at upcoming meetings.

Chuck Louttit was the second door prize winner and got to select ammo. 

Jimmy Chiles was asked to report on VIPs and said up to the present not much had been going on as Hooves and Halos and other events had been cancelled for 2020.  The Friends of NRA Banquet has been postponed twice and have a definite date, of November 3rd, however, Johnny Wetzel added that there would be a Fourth of July event and, possibly, a rodeo.

James Dugger was the third door prize winner.

Wayne said there is still no decision on when we will be able to utilize the community room at First Nat. Bank.

Ken Schwab was the winner of the fourth door prize drawing.

James Dugger asked if it was too early to plan a “HAWKS’ night out” at the Barrel House and most thought it was, so we will wait for a month or two, before trying to schedule one.

Ron announced we would try to reschedule poker night for the third Thursday in July, and will notify everyone by email.

Wayne closed the meetings

Ron Miranda


The May business meeting was canceled, due to the crona virus scare, so there are no minutes to publish.


The April business meeting was canceled, due to the crona virus scare, so there are no minutes to publish.


Minutes for HAWKS’ business meeting for March 5, 2020

Meeting held at First National Bank

Directors attending; Wayne Scott, Pres., Ron Miranda, Secy., Greg Bova, Info. Officer

Absent; Leonard Newman, RSO, Paul Fletcher VP.

Support Members; George Brown, Webmstr., Mike Briggs, Chaplain, Roman Eble, Friends of HAWKS

Attendance was 31 members and 1 guest

Wayne opened the meeting with the pledges, Mike followed with the Invocation and a prayer for Christi Tubbs, Dennis Morey, Jodi Cox and the Pescod Family.

The Pizza was delivered on time and we broke for dinner.

Ken Schwab reported on his meeting with Jay and Jan Gorman for our possible second dinner at Jan’s Grill in Quitman, however, it looks like they may not be able to get to our price point, thus eliminating them from this endeavor.

Billy Ray Jones gave a report on an event at the Gus Garrison Masonic Lodge for their 1st. Annual Five Stand and Trap Shoot.

Ken Watts replaced Leonard Newman as our featured speaker and relayed many of his experiences in law enforcement and security both domestically and abroad.

Treasurer’s Report, was given by Wayne who reported we had a balance in the black with shooter money separate. The Board has been working with the Hospitality Committee to increase attendance and recruit new members by offering incentives to attend. One is furnishing a light dinner before the business of the club is presented. In addition, a member has donated guns and ammunition to be given away at each meeting through a drawing. Wayne recognized the Hospitality Committee for their hard work by setting this in motion. The first winner is Rusdon Mills who was given the opportunity to select first.

Abby Lovier was next to offer her cake program to raise money to pay off debts for the WHS Band. She was offering four different types of cake.

Website Report, nothing new to report.

Secretaries Report, Ron began with a plea for someone to step up and do the Treasurer’s position. The donor of the guns and ammunition, specifically, said this was to be a give away and not to be used by anyone for fund raising. The purpose for this program is to increase attendance of members and prospective members. He finished with a description of the Ritter’s dogs and asking the members to pole their friends about taking these dogs.

No Range Report; RSO absent

Friends of HAWKS Report; Roman reported on their current fund situation, said they had two prospective recipients and asked for all HAWKS get involved in raising money for their scholarship program.

Wayne reported the Chamber’s gun show for this spring had been canceled until September.

VIP’s Report; Jimmie Chiles reported on the Hooves and Halo’s event for this year. He said the event planners have asked for 12 more volunteers for their event. This event will be Thursday, March 26th., and if for kids with special needs.

Wayne announced the Friends of NRA banquet and auction will be March 21st., and that it is reported that all the sponsor tables have been sold.

The four drawings winners, for this month, were Rusdon Mills, Chuck Louttit, Dale Rockett and Cleatus Brisco.

Hospitality Report; James Dugger asked if you have not registered to go with the group at “HAWKS Night Out” on March 21st., please contact James at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or any of the Hospitality Committee. This will be at the White Oak Buffet on Rt. 69 just north of I-30 at 5:30 to 6 pm. 21 have registered so far.

Ken Schwab reported that the prices they got, so far, from Jan’s in Quitman was too high to be considered for our second banquet.

Having no more business, Wayne closed the meeting.

Ron Miranda, Secretary for HAWKS


Minutes for HAWKS’ business meeting for February 6, 2020

Meeting held at First National Bank

Directors attending;  Wayne Scott, Pres., Rob Tubbs Sgt. At Arms, Ron Miranda, Secy., Paul Fletcher, VP.


Absent; Greg Bova, Info. Officer, Leonard Newman, RSO


Support Members; George Brown, Webmstr., Mike Briggs, Chaplain, Roman Eble, Friends of HAWKS


Attendance was 20 members and 1 guest


Rob Tubbs opened the meeting with both pledges, followed by Mike Briggs, giving the invocation and Prayer requests for Ken and Sandy Pescod, Rush Linbaugh, Dennis Morey, Jack Miranda, Jimmy Chiles and Ken Goodson and asked for prayers and support for our President who is constantly battling evil.

With the absence of our speaker, Jim Morgan and back-up Leonard Newman, Wayne filled in with a dissertation on where to and not to carry open or consealed.

Paul Fletcher followed with possibilities on how to use the $3 collected at the Wednesday shoots.  He explored the use of reducing the donation to $1 and using that monies for the purchase of targets, waving the fee’s altogether, having those who preferred just giving a direct donation to the FoH.  Discussion ensued on the subject.  Ron moved that this subject be tabled until next meeting, motion passed.

The Treasurer’s Report was presented by Wayne, who again asked, no begged for someone to step up and take this position.  He reported on our bank balance and expenditures.

The Website report, George  invited anyone who wishes to submit a story, article, monograph or pictures do so to him to be posted on the Newsletter page, as the Minutes of this and any following meetings will be on a separate page.  (No politics, please)

The Secretaries’ report followed and Ron began with Dennis Morey’s request for a Nine year service pin.  He asked for a motion for or against the nine year pin.  Ron said the pin would cost each member $3 per pin, then followed by saying Morey had contacted him and said he had it handled.  Paul moved that we do multiples of five, and use up the existing pins and not replace any other than a 5, 10 and 15 etc. etc.  Motion carried.

Ron announced Casino Night is this Saturday and he had tickets for sale.

Poker Night is scheduled for February 20th. at Miranda’s Man Cave, all are invited, shuffling and dealing begin about 5:30.

Thanks to James Dugger for making us aware of the wild game supper this past Monday night.  It was a great success,  If you see Don Hightower be sure to thank him for his efforts in making this event an annual favorite.

We are, currently, working on the sign up sheet by hand as my two computers are NOT compatible with each other.

He then read two thank you notes, one from Angela Albers, our current DA, for our involvement in the past Candidate Forum, the other from Jay McClendon for our members  watching their store and homes while they attended Jay’s wife’s funeral.  Steve Williams announced several forums would be held through out the area and advised we get as much information as we can on each candidate.

The FoH report was given by Roman Eble, announcing their bank balance and that Wendall is in charge of fund raising.  Another meeting is scheduled for this month.  A donation was received by Roman from the Chamber of Commerce for the Scholarship fund and Wayne turned over another amount from the proceeds from the sale of table space for member’s guns.

Thank Ricky for the purshase of the HAWKS’ mugs.  These can be personalized for $15 and you can keep the mug with the profits going to the Scholarship fund.  Ron asked if anyone had looked into applying for grant money.  Wendall opposed this as not reaping the benefits for the effort expended.

Wayne announced “Hooves and Halos” will need VIPs help for their upcoming event on Thursday March 26th., and he will have info sent on to Jimmy Chiles.

The Candidate Forum went very well  the City put on with approximately 195 people attended, and complimented Craig Lindholm for his involvement in running the event.

Roman announced that the Friends of HAWKS Foundation is now a member of the Winnsboro Chamber of Commerce.

James Dugger announced the Chamber will host a gun show on March 13, 14, and 15th. and  will need HAWKS’ involvement as in the past.  Jimmy Chiles will be asked to handle the sign up sheet.

Rob announced he has 2,5,7 and 8 year pins for anyone who qualifies for them.

A Night Out is planned for next month at the White Oak Buffet on Hwy. 69 north of I-30 for March 19th.  James will fill in any additional information.

Meeting was adjourned

Ron Miranda Secretary for HAWKS



Minutes for HAWKS’ business meeting for January 9, 2020

Meeting held at First National Bank

Directors attending;  Wayne Scott, Pres., Rob Tubbs Sgt. At Arms, Greg Bova Info Officer, Leonard Newman R.S.O.


Absent; Ron Miranda Secy., Paul Fletcher V.P. George Brown, Webmstr.


Support Members;  Billy Ray Jones acting Chaplain, Wendall Hildebrandt, Friends of HAWKS, Jimmy Chiles, V.I.P.s


Attendance was 25 members and 2 guests


Rob Tubbs opened the meeting with both pledges, followed by Billy Ray Jones giving the invocation and Prayer requests for Ron Miranda, Ken Pescod, Dennis Morey, Christi and Zerita Tubbs, the mother of Cleatus Brisco, and Victoria Fletcher in addition asked for prayers and support for our President who is constantly battling evil.

Wayne introduced member Leonard Newman who spoke on his gun collection and his carry preferences including his method of carry.  Leonard is a 40 year veteran of law enforcement and education in law enforcement.

Wayne, then announced no Treasurer report due to the abrupt resignation of Ron Smth, but that we had $5,436+ in the bank, less $650 to Richie’s for our annual Christmas dinner.  We still have a deposit or two for our Wednesday shoot to be added to the total.  He then explained how the $3 is used for prizes at the end of the shooting year, or can be donated to the scholarship fund at the shooter’s preference.

Wayne asked for suggestions for a start time for breakfast so we could all eat together.  James Morris added that consideration should be given to Richie’s by eating as a group instead of dribbling in all morning long.  Chuck injected that we could go to breakfast early then go to the range and be ready to shoot at 8 am.  This would mean eating from 6 am on.  James  added Ron Miranda suggested eating from 7:30am. And leave for the range when finished.  Additional comments were aired.

A motion was made by Chuck to assemble at the range at 7:30 am., however,  Wendal amended the motion to include an either or and asked for a vote.  Option one was eat early then be at  the range by 8am.  Option two was eating leisurely at that point pandemonium broke out.

Leonard called for a definitive vote on two options, that being eat at 7:30am. followed by shooting, the second being go to the range by 8am. followed by breakfast.  13 voted for option one, 7 voted for option two.

Bill Ray moved the treasurer’s report be accepted as read no second.

Wayne  went over the “Candidate Forum” for January 21st. At the City Auditorium at 5:30 pm. Craig Lindholm will moderate and work from pre-approved questions.  Please put this on Facebook, if you have it available.

Wayne reminded all that early voting begins Feburary 18th. thru the 28th. With the general election is March 3rd

Roman was asked for a Friend’s of HAWKS report and said we had a good year and have plans to increase funding.  We, currently have about $2,000 in the bank which is dedicated to scholarships.  Ken Watts had to resign as chairman due to health issues and Wendal Hildebrandt was appointed to fill Ken’s vacancy.  Johnny Wetzel remains as Vice Chair, George Brown is Secretary, and Mike Briggs is Treasurer.  Elections for board members will be held in November of 2020 for the year 2021, date to be determined.  The board is, currently, exploring ways to raise money.  He, then passed out certificates of appreciation.

The “feed the cops” program was funded by the FoH and passing the hat.  James Morris stated the “feed the cops” is NOT a charity.  $150 was given to Tino-V’s and no figure has come in from Richie’s.  This provided lunches from Thanksgiving to New Years.

James Dugger asked if we will be meeting monthly or bi-monthly.  Wendal moved that we have a meeting every month and if no speakers are available, someone from our ranks could volunteer to speak.  Motion passed unanimously.

Roman asked about a meeting/dinner at Richie’s and was referred to James Dugger, Chairman of the Hospitality Committee.  He said he had a dinner scheduled for Jan’s with date and time to be determined.

Wayne closed the meeting

Ron Miranda

Secretary for HAWKS