Thursday October 7, 2021 Business Meeting Minutes

Start 5:30 PM
200 South Main Next to ABC Auto
Bring a Friend, Family Member or Guest
Drawings Continue Must Be Present To Win
Snacks will be Served
VISITORS WELCOME doors open 5:00 PM

Please silence ALL Phones

1) Pledge Of Allegiance For Our USA Flag And Texas Flag – Select Member

2) Prayer for HAWKS at 5:30 PM, Family and Meal - Mike Briggs

3) Meal Served - Pizza

4) Guest Speaker - Wyatt Henson

5) Treasurer Report - James Morris a. Membership Dues Information i. Hawks Annual Dues…$36 Due September ii. Check Is Best, Must Be Paid to Vote b. Cap and shirt sales status

6) Secretary Report – Joseph Wahleithner

a. Up Date Roster & 2, 5, 7, 8 Service Pins & Prospect Handouts
b. Member Applications received and dues collected
c. Privacy Act for the club was reviewed. A vote was performed with all but 1 person wanting to update the application so that only members were allowed to have a roster With Name, Wife name is a option, phone number and address. No names for pictures for newspaper, internet and/or face book anymore.

7) New Member Introduction and Membership Drive - Roman Eble

8) Door Prize Drawing #1 - Wayne Scott

9) NRA Dues on The Spot Recruiter Discount $35/Year – Wayne Scott

10) Website Report - John Bordas

11) Officer and Chairmen Duties Reports a. Nominating Committee Report - Ed Hoying The Following Officer Positions were filled during September Meeting:

i. Secretary – Joseph (Joe) Wahleithner
ii. Treasurer – James Morris
iii. Sgt. At Arms – Jack Miranda
iv. Public Relations officer – Greg Bova

12) Public Relations officer Report - Greg Bova Discussion on options for type of face Book page. Possibility of a donors button was talked about.

13) Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS) Report - Jimmy Chiles / Doug Grantham – Autumn Trails Report

14) Door Prize Drawing #2 - Wayne

15) Range Report - James Dugger

16) Hospitality Committee Report - James Dugger December 2nd at 4pm Christmas Party – Peredes buffet. A motion was passed to give $200.00 for door prize for meat for Christmas party.

17) Door Prize Drawing #3 - Wayne Scott

18) Friends of Hawks Report - Paul Fletcher Talked about the application section of working for Scholarship applications. Tabled the idea of allowing Mt. Vernon Schools to apply. A motion was passed to give $500.00 to Feed the Cops out of club funds.

19) Push to Get Additional Members for Texas Law Shield – Roman Eble N/A

20) Door Prize Drawing #4 - Wayne Scott

21) Old Business - Roman Eble

22) New Business - Johnny Wetzel

– HAWKS HAWK of the Year Nominee to be decided by BOD Meeting on October 27th- Discussion of finding a new meeting place for January Meeting
– Gun Show Status there was complaints about NO HAWKS were at the donated HAWKS table and the Gun Strapping Table had times where the door wasn’t monitored.
– Need FOTH to attend the October 14th Chamber Board Meeting to receive donated check for Eyes and Ears service for gun show.

23) A scope was one of the door prizes. It was given back and auctioned of for $100.00. Money was donated to Feed the Cops.

24) Adjourn. Clean Up Meeting Room before anyone leaves.

25) Turn Your Phones Back On Thank You