Minutes for HAWKS’ business meeting for June 03, 2021
Meeting held ABC Auto Community Room
Directors attending; Ron Miranda, Secy., Greg
Bova, Info. Officer, Roman Eble, VP., Jack Miranda, Sgt. At Arms.,
Absent; John Wetzel, Pres., James Morris, Trea., James Dugger, RSO.
Support Members; Paul Fletcher, Friends of HAWKS, John Bordas,
Webmaster., Mike Briggs, Chaplain
Guests were: none
Roman opened the meeting, the pledges were said, and Mike Briggs offered acknowledgments and a prayer for our shut-ins.
Our guest speaker was member Mike Gonyea, who brought us up to speed on Constitutional Carry and how the gun dealers will handle it.
New member, Joseph Wahleithner, a friend and neighbor of John Bordas was introduced to the members.
There was no Treasurer’s Report but it was announced that both, Roman and Ron sent out copies to the members.
The first door prize was won by Mike Briggs.
John Bordas gave the Website report and said he, Chuck Louttit and Greg Bova were working on it trying to make it usable. He indicated that George Brown was very ill and unable to help on it.
The Secretary’s Report: Ron asked three members if they received a financial report from him, which they hadn’t. Ron said he sent out the current roster. He, then checked a phone number and discussed, with the members, the possibility of offering June and July free for paying their dues early or giving 3 months free, with the pro rata program still available.
There was no Nominating Committee Report.
The second door Prize was won by Wendall.
There was no RSO report or Hospitality Committee Report.
Paul Fletcher gave the Friends of the HAWKS report. Wendall gave a report on the two recipients of scholarship money.
The third door prize winner was Mike Gonyea
There was no gun show update
There was no VIPs report.
The fourth door prize winner was Greg Bova
Under new business Roman said a vote to accept the TSRA as an option to join HAWKS would NOT eliminate the NRA as a requirement for membership. Some discussion followed, Wayne moved we reject the TSRA option, seconded by Paul, motion carried.
Roman made a plea for someone to step up and volunteer to run for the position of Secretary. He, also, asked us to consider becoming a member of Texas Law Shield.
A reminder that the prayer page has been eliminated from the Website and that Mike was announcing those who needed prayer, meeting by meeting.
Wayne was asked if we had plans to revive the “kid shoot”, he said he had all the paper work on it but no one has offered to take it and to date no effort was made to revive it.
The meeting was adjourned.
Ron Miranda secretary for HAWKS
Addendum #1 A proposal was offered to the members that the position of Past President/Vice Chairman be added, with voting privileges, and requiring a by-law change. This proposal was rejected.
Addendum #2 Additional options discussed were to remove the Information Officer, add Past President/Vice Chairman Officer and move Information Officer duties under the Vice President since there is little activity for this position. No action taken.