Guidelines for 2018 season

Committee: Ron Smith chrm. Ron Miranda vice chrm. Wendall
Hildebrandt, Ken Pescod, Chuck Knox, Mike Briggs, Wayne Scott

Wednesday morning shoot will begin at 9:00 am., with practice time from 8:30 to
9:00 am.

The shoots will be conducted by a two man team for two weeks in a row.

Teams will consist of 4 pairs of Shooting Committee members selected at the
September 28th meeting. Beginning with the October 3rd
shoot, Mike Briggs and Chuck Knox ran the shoot, the October 18th
& 25th will be run by Miranda and Hildebrandt, then
Ken Pescod and Wayne Scott will follow and finally on November 1st
and 8th Paul Fletcher and Larry Murphy will lead. The
rotation starts over from there.

A donation of $3 per shooter will be collected by Ron Smith before the

The shooter’s name will be entered for record each week qualifying him
for the final tournament.

The prize list for 2018 will be in three (3) tiers, to be determined by
the committee at the end of the season, and may be adjusted as
necessary. The prizes will be determined by the committee and
distributed proportionately depending on what we are able to acquire.

This would be for the rewards program at the end of the season, (in September) you must
shoot a minimum of 10 breakfast shoots to qualify, however, all HAWKS are
welcome to shoot in the competition for the certificates, in August.  May 30th. will mark the final 10 Wednesday shoots, which will conclude on August 8th.,9th., and 11th.  Any new member, wishing to compete and joining HAWKS after the May 30th., shoot or which ever alternative date is selected, will be dealt with, by the Committee, on a case by case basis.

The winner of the weekly breakfast shoot will receive up to a $10
breakfast, if you do not eat breakfast you can give the win to
someone else or donate the $10 back to the fund.

Safety and improving are our primary concerns. Because of the number of
shooters on the line it is imperative that all safety rules be observed.

All guns to remain in case, holster, or rug and behind the line until the
command “Bring Guns to The Line” is given.

No loaded guns to be removed from vehicles unless concealed carry as per
WGC rules.

When the Range is called COLD:

Guns should be unloaded with action open, muzzle aimed down range,
magazines out or cylinders open.

Stay behind the yellow line unless you are going down range.

Do Not touch guns while the range is cold.

If you wish to load a magazine during a cold range, remove it prior to
stepping behind the yellow line and load it on the back bench.

Actively watch those around you and follow all WGC safety rules.

Before going down range wait for the command “Clear to go Down Range”.

Our object is to have fun, improve our shooting and gun handling, enjoy
each other’s company and maybe, just maybe win a free breakfast.

Encourage others to take part.

Your Shooting Committee

Ron Smith RSO chairman