Dave Koch has begun  a journey with chemo for bladder cancer.  This cancer is treatable if caught in time.  We're all behind you, ole buddy.

"Flash",Gordon Glass will have surgery on August 20 to remove a blockage in his Carotid Artery. He will have to suspend flashing for a bit. 

Patrick John, my step son is having a Squamus Cell area removed from his head, this morning at Ohio State Medical Center in Columbus, Ohio. 

Rob Tubbs notified me today that his wife Zerita was taken to the heart hospital in Tyler last night with kidney stones.  He expects her to be confined there for several days.  I will up date you as soon as information is forth coming. Remember this fine lady in your prayers.

Roman Eble's Great Grandson Aydric is in hospital in Terre Haute Indiana with staff infection. We are praying for his quick recovery.

I was in the doctor's office for blood work and who walks in behind me but Johnny and Sharron Wetzel.  Johnny has been through  a hell-of-an ordeal, that, believe me, no one should have to go through.  

John is lucky to have a good wing man in Roman and I feel the club is in good hands with Roman until Johnny can, again take the reigns.  Sharron said the kids are doing just fine and very glad to have daddy back home.  Johnny still has a long way to go but with our help and support he'll be back.

Merry Christmas to the Wetzel Family, keep them in your prayers.

Lets keep all our brothers in our thoughts and prayers and hopefully we will see all of you back with us very soon.