It has come to my attention that another of our brothers is, at least, on the mend after surgery.  Dave Koch, who has had his fill of down time, is recovering after prostate surgery.  I don't know to what extent this procedure entailed but any time they take a knife to you---it's serious.  

Ken Schwab made it through his back surgery, I spoke with him 5 minutes ago and he sounds like froggy the gremlin.  He is very uncomfortable.

I called to see if I could stop by and visit with my ole friend Ken Schwab after his back surgery.  Barb answered his cell and said he is still in a lot of pain and discomfort and would NOT be up to a visit.  He is very uncomfortable sitting or laying down and can't seem to find a comfort zone.  She was expecting a call from the doctor as we spoke.

Keep Schwabbie in your prayers and hope for a speedy and complete recovery

If you're not all prayed out I could use a few more.  Ron Miranda's grandson, Jack's son-in-law, Dustin Mathews, a police detective with an Atlanta, Ga. suburb was run down by a driver, who admitted he was not paying attention.  The accident happened as Dustin left the police station after his shift and was crossing the street to his car, when he was struck.  The driver was a young attorney from the DA's office and did stop and render aid.

Dustin was released from the hospital with no broken bones, but is very banged up and bruised, and in a lot of pain.  This will pass.

James Dugger just left me an email that he is requesting your prayers for our brother, Ken Pescod.  He said his condition is not improving and Sandi has gone to be with him in Houston.  It seems as though all the testing and trying new things has gone no where and Ken's condition is not improving.  Please keep Ken in your prayers as you go about your day and evening.  It sounds as though they are needed, desperately.

On a same note many of the older, and by older I mean in terms of longevity, members may remember John Massey, Horseshoe Bend  resident and former HAWKS member.  John recently came home from the hospital, diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  No prognosis has been released for John, but I understand he is in some discomfort.


Lets keep all our brothers in our thoughts and prayers and hopefully we will see all of you back with us very soon.